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Muddy Stories

Mud and boot related stories

Low Lane Farm 7.

Something for the weekend. lads ?


Sorry for the delay...............

Low Lane Farm, Chapter 7.




Drag behind a motorcycle

i'm wearing long johns, grungy coveralls, hard hat, and rubber hip boots. Would like to be chained (wrists and neck)behind a motorcycle and dragged through a muddy motocross course until i'm completely covered in mud. Then would like to have the rider spin his tires and splash mud all over me.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Lads

Have a good one

Thanks to Mudboy for another great year and great new pictures on this website



anyone else enjoy going in the mud barefoot?

La Brea Tar Pits Struggle in PVC (no death)

Its a blisteringly hot day today in southern California, me and my 400 pound wife Jenny decided that it would be a good day to go to the La Brea tar pits, no idea why on such a hot day when everyone else is inside enjoying the air conditioning. We always loved the hot weather, how our skin would get sticky with the sweat glistening on it. Today we had a very secret plan on our minds, a bit of an experiment, one that could possibly end up being fatal. But we were both so curious about this idea of ours that we had to try it out. We are going to go sinking in the La Brea tar pits.

Death By Belly In the Clay Pits (fantasy snuff)

Death by belly in the clay pits

Low Farm Chapter 6

A few days later, Jonny was awoken by a large fist grasping at his
solid cock. The fist gripped it so fiercely he was initially frightened
until he heard Ben’s voice announcing that the first builder was coming
in 20 minutes to give his quotation.

He blearily came to properly, aware of gentle Malian kora music
playing somewhere, and the smell of warm croissants. Coffee was nearby
too; a kiss followed, but still his cock was ensnared ! A sublime, yet
slightly painful start to the day.

Century chestwaders in mud and muck

just been out in my century 3000 black rubber chestwaders for a long rubber estuary mud walk.

managed to sink past my waste in the mud got a nice thick covering and had a damn good play if you know what i mean

on the way back i passed through a cow pasture and managed to get
my waders well covered in lovely fresh co muck as well.  
the smell and look of my rubber was amazing.

Anyone else into this

Muddy canal fun

Myself and a mate went for a muddy session in a canal in Manchester a couple of days ago, he's the first fellow mudder I've met and he had scouted out a mud filled sluice gate on the Huddersfield canal, unfortunately it wasn't the most secluded of spots (right next to a road bridge, albeit a quiet back road)!!

He went in first and was happily enjoying himself, smearing mud everywhere (including his face) when I spotted somebody on the towpath. He jumped out and hid behind the support pillar of the bridge over the spillway, I was using this bridge as my vantage point for filming him. No sooner was the towpath clear than an Environment Agency van pulled up with some butch bull-dyke at the wheel, she then got a load of gear out of the van and came to the canal to take some water samples, of all the days to turn up!! It was nearly half an hour before she finally buggered off, by which time my mate was starting to get quite cold.

Muddy Stories

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