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Below is a summary of the MAJOR site updates by site admin (mudboy):

30/OCT/14 - site upgrade, new video player, launch of facebook fan page
22/APR/14 - launched muddy boot tumblr blog
08/MAR/14 - chat room added
01/AUG/11 - platform upgrade, new contact features, removal of 'social ads' and 'embedded images'
03/AUG/10 - launched our flickr muddy photos page flickr.com/photos/mudfetish new JCB sitemaster gallery
01/OCT/09 - New muddy walking boot series, boots and gaiters
09/JUL/09 - Added images to quarry mud 1
21/MAR/09 - New server, more than 2000 muddy photos, forum posts and videos uploaded by members.
01/JAN/09 - Site upgrades including muddy locations directory (preview)
12/OCT/08 - Muddy wellies and overalls gallery added
17/SEP/08 - 30 hole rangers
29/MAY/08 - Bookmarking added, you can now mark and revisit your favourite posts (more than 1000 of them!)
20/MAR/08 - New user search, profile pictures and upgrade after site problems.
03/MAR/07 - Barnsley Muddy Riggers Gallery Added
23/NOV/06 - Estuary Mud Fun Gallery added
22/SEP/06 - 2 Mudboys Gallery Added
18/SEP/06 - New Members are created / Forums / User galleries / new videos and pics
05/MAY/06 - New Muddy videos - skatesven. (Gallery 47)
08/MAR/06 - New Hosting - Members Galleries repaired.
04/JAN/06 - Riggers 5 (Gallery 45) and Paraboot videos (Gallery 46)
03/MAR/05 - Combat Boots (Gallery 43) and Riggers 3 (Gallery 44)
03/JAN/04 - Green wellies Getting dirty (Gallery 42)
23/JUL/02 - American Football Training (Gallery 41)
12/MAR/02 -Ansa Loggers (Gallery 40)
19/OCT/01 - Muddy Waders and Rubber Boots 4 Deep (Gallery 38-39)
24/JUN/01 - Cat Loggers Added (Gallery 37)
19/MAR/01 - Muddy Riggers 3 Added (Gallery 36)
04/JAN/01 - Added Rockports in Knee Deep Mud (Gallery 35)
21/NOV/00 - Added Alpinestars (Gallery 32+33) and Muddy Rockports (Gallery 34)
28/OCT/00 - Added Alpinestars Gallery (Gallery 31)
01/SEP/00 - Added clean DM gallery, new pics in misc / net pics gallery
10/AUG/00 - Added Ranger Gallery (Gallery 27-29)
01/JUN/00 - More Galleries Added to Cats1 (Galleries 24-26)
05/APR/00 - Wellies 3 Added (Gallery23)
31/MAR/00 - Riggers 2 Added (Gallery22)
06/MAR/00 - Wellies Gallery (Gallery21) Updated (8 new pics)
01/MAR/00 - Guestbook Added
10/FEB/00 - Muddy Wellies 2 (Gallery20) Added
17/SEP/99 - Motocross and Rugby Galleries Added
25/SEP/99 - Cats 2, Gallery of muddy black cat boots
22/AUG/99 - Added 'Muddy Contributions' Gallery
10/AUG/99 - Added 'German Paras' Gallery
08/AUG/99 - Added this page, Added ICQ# and indicator


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