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Muddy Stories

Mud and boot related stories

Breaking in a new mudding spot

I had discovered this locale by accident along the bike trail I frequented for mudding.The usual locale I used to get muddy was great, but exposed to vuew by passers by. And today the trail was busier than desired. And the other area was much further down the trail.So I wanted to find a secluded area that was closer.. As luck would have it, I remembered a side trail that was very secluded and prone to muddy spots. It was only about a 10 minute walk from the first locale where i currently was, so I decided to see if I was in luck.

Steve, the Builder 3

Steve had promised to come over the following day to quote me for the garden work but in the end it was 3 days later that he showed up (he had called me in the meantime to say something had come up so I wasn't too bothered, although my mud pit was nice and deep and aching for some 'action' - as was I!)

Steve, the Builder 2

It's a good thing my back garden is so secluded - lots of mature trees and shrubs hiding us from the neighbours! After I'd shot my load Steve withdrew his hand from down the front of my jeans and before I had the chance to return the favour he told me he'd already cum, hands-free, just by touching my cock.

Steve, the Builder

Where the hell was Steve? He said he'd be here between 2 and 2.30pm, but it was now nearly 3, and I needed to be out of here to get to an appointment later on. He's normally so reliable, so I was a little bit concerned. He was coming over to quote me for some garden work I needed, and as he'd already done work on my house I was happy for him to do other work.

Low Lane Farm 7.

Something for the weekend. lads ?


Sorry for the delay...............

Low Lane Farm, Chapter 7.




Drag behind a motorcycle

i'm wearing long johns, grungy coveralls, hard hat, and rubber hip boots. Would like to be chained (wrists and neck)behind a motorcycle and dragged through a muddy motocross course until i'm completely covered in mud. Then would like to have the rider spin his tires and splash mud all over me.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Lads

Have a good one

Thanks to Mudboy for another great year and great new pictures on this website



anyone else enjoy going in the mud barefoot?

La Brea Tar Pits Struggle in PVC (no death)

Its a blisteringly hot day today in southern California, me and my 400 pound wife Jenny decided that it would be a good day to go to the La Brea tar pits, no idea why on such a hot day when everyone else is inside enjoying the air conditioning. We always loved the hot weather, how our skin would get sticky with the sweat glistening on it. Today we had a very secret plan on our minds, a bit of an experiment, one that could possibly end up being fatal. But we were both so curious about this idea of ours that we had to try it out. We are going to go sinking in the La Brea tar pits.

Death By Belly In the Clay Pits (fantasy snuff)

Death by belly in the clay pits

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