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Muddy Stories

Mud and boot related stories


Has anyone ever filled up underwear/boots with mud or manure and then gone out and done normal stuff like supermarket shopping whilst squelching around full of shit? seems really messy and humiliating but also horny

Dangerous situations with mud.

(sorry for my poor english but I'm from eastern Europe)

Once, while in the countryside, I was walking along a small river to find some nice mud. I found some mud and started having fun. Suddenly I heard a hissing sound. It was a snake - grass snake or viper. Fortunately, I left the mud in time and walked away.

Do you also meet any dangerous animals or worms?

Describe your dangerous situations during muddy expeditions.

From N.Ireland

I often wonder why is it a lot of lads turn their wellies' down ! as I don't see the point in having high wellies just to turn them down at the tops. When we are heading out to muck about the taller the wellies the better as you can go deeper into the mud :) I would welcome comments on why turn down the tops of your wellies.

From N.Ireland.

A Strange Night on the Estuary Marshes

A while back now, when I
was in my teens, I had a strange incident down on the nearby
estuary marshes. I used to go there quite a lot, as they were nearby,
completely deserted at night - and if the tide
was out, there was good mud to be had further out. I was living at home
at the time, so I would try to wash most of the mud off in one of the
drainage dykes and then get home to shower, without my parents hopefully
noticing what I had been up to. Anyway, back

deep sinkers?

just wondering if there are any guys here into more extreme deep sinking and total submersion? if so be interesting to discuss adventures and chat 

feel free to message 

The Exercise

The exercise

Short Story rewritten, transcribed and translated by Mudhog ©2002 ©2008

After I left grammar school a time of great upheavals changed nearly everything in my life. I was 23 years already, had no formal profession and was only excelling in my scholarships. Not to mention I had planned otherwise, but you have to take destiny as it unfolds itself. To err is human but to err in specific terms might leave you with inhuman choices.


Hey I tried too upload one of my videos from YouTube on this but it wouldn't let me, so here's the link for it hope you's enjoy it

mud fun tnite

had a rare free night, so planned to get muddy, drove to car park, bike out back of car, cycled out to my spot, in my gear , pvc boiler suit and green thigh waders with trackies and hoodies over top , got to spot, just dark, took hoody and trackies off, hood up and off i went exploring . found perfect spot, little gully with clay like mud ,walked back n forth n churned it up was calf hight,  stomped about abit till it was liquid mud then dropped to knees , all this aboyt 100ft from a road! but in gully so unseen

Frist Mud

I am not quite an experienced mudder. But I realised I loved mud at an early age. It was when Shakira released the whenever wherever music video. I became aroused by the way she slides through the mud on her knees. When I played outside in the nearby woods, I think I was only 9 or 10 years old, I always went dressed in blue or red overalls and rubber boots in case I got dirty. As you may expect, I got dirty. Every time. I copied Shakira and slides through the mud on my knees. Back than I didn't search far away from home for good mud, I just played in whatever I could find.

Deep thick heavy mud event.

Went to the Huntspill estuary yesterday hoping the spring tides had bought in plenty of mud. Got there early, dawn just breaking hoping to get there before any dog walkers but 3 turned up while I was trying to get into gear. Firstly on went my rubber 1mm total enclosure drysuit with (penile sheath) then over the top a thin smoothskin wet suit with obvious cut for protrusion, to get the full pleasure and finally a pair of thick rubber socks for protection and protecting the rubber sock.

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