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Muddy Stories

Mud and boot related stories

Late June's quick and dirty field muck heap wallow

It was late June and I found myself having an evening free to do as I pleased. But as it was just getting properly dark at 10:30pm, I reckoned I only had about two hours from leaving, to being back home and all cleaned up. Otherwise, it was a perfect night for wallowing, being a balmy 19 degrees C at 10pm. I decided on trying a couple of the nearby field muck heaps, which had appeared in the last few weeks. The heaps would only take about 10 mins to get to by bike.

The New Hand

The New Hand
A fictional fetish story
by deepmud

Niko entered the small construction site, feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension about starting his new role as a landscaper. Tall conifers lined the perimeter, creating an air of seclusion from the outside world. Tools, some of the broken, discarded bricks, and splintered wood lay strewn across the grounds, remnants of the ongoing landscaping project among abandoned equipment.

Mudslide, Part 1

Mudslide Part 1
A fictional fetish story
by Deepmud

Relentless rain poured down, shrouding the once-idyllic gorge in a gloomy cloak. A treacherous mudslide had blocked the essential highway, isolating the village from the outside world.

Felix, a handsome young local Austrian firefighter in his upper 20ies, had arrived on the scene with his team. As they laboured ceaselessly to remove the debris, the urgency of the situation intensified with each passing minute.

Buying Boots on eBay

Buying Boots on eBay
A fictional fetish story
by Deepmud

Ben had been eagerly anticipating this day ever since he first glimpsed the pictures of those well-worn rubber boots. And now, at long last, the moment had arrived for him to pay a visit to the farmer named Jon who had listed them for sale.

Since his teenage years, Ben had harboured a peculiar, almost magnetic fascination with bulky rubber boots. There was a primal quality to them that made him feel rugged and masculine whenever he put them on.

Sinking Desires

A fictional story of friends who share the same fetish.
by Deepmud

The morning sunlight casted a warm glow across the farm, when Jack arrived at Patrick's farmhouse after the night's torrential downpour. Despite the weather, both men couldn't help but notice the raw beauty of the place – the rolling hills dotted with cows and the sturdy barns housing the farm's cattle.

As Jack pulled up in his old dirty pickup truck, Patrick greeted him with a broad smile and a firm handshake.

A Mucky Night at the Pig Farms

A Mucky Night at the Pig Farms

A muddy discovery

Tonight I found an amazing mud spot. a place to clean up after as well so it was perfect! I had a decent secluded spot so I slipped into my wetsuit and pulled don my rubber riding boots and finally the arm length heavy rubber gloves.

What is your Backstory?

What age did you start playing in mud at, how did you get your gear if you were still underage, what age were you when you found out that this was a fetish and what are some of your best experiences?

The mid-evening darkness muck wallow that almost was

It's been a while since something like this happened.. I had an opportunity a few weeks ago to go out for a quick bit of muddy/mucky fun, in the early evening darkness. The weather was much milder then and was looking good for going out and not getting frozen. Unfortunately, my usual quick options were a bit limited. The tide was going to be up, so the marshes were out. There were no isolated field muck heaps that I had seen in the local area - except for one, but it was right next to a farm track, which was also open to the nearby road.

One of the all time greats!

I wasn't expecting a lot, I have to admit.

The recent dry weather had resulted in 2 pairs of knee holes with 2 humps in the middle of my mud pit. After some mud pit maintenance in July when I had deepened it, I thought that the little residual water wouldn't do much to soften the yellowish brown clay.


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