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Muddy Stories

Mud and boot related stories

Billy's adventure

IT had been a terrible day for Billy, he was on his way to work and was walking over a bridge where underneath was a big pool of mud completley hidden from view the perfect place to play. He looked it and thought. Last night hed just broken up with his boilerall friend who sounded great  and was a friendly guy but ended up getting annoyed at Billy because he was said to be "too obsessed" He stopped for a minute and imagined him and Murdo playing together rubbing mud all over them and ensuring that there bodies were completley covered before diving into the ruiver and cleaning off.

New spring, new mud

Hi everybody, spring is coming! That means that the ground is thawing and we'll start getting nice puddles of mud all over the northern hemisphere. It's been a particularly warm winter in the north and we already had some nice +6C weather in the end of February! Unfortunately, it's gone back to around zero and the ground didn't get to thaw after all.

Wellies sucked off by sticky mud in Idaho

I was walking along a trail one day and noticed a mud hole. I stepped in, and my wellies sank in almost all of the way. I knew my wellies would have to come off for me to get out. So, I called a friend I met on Experience Project to help me. He came in his Hunter wellies (I came in CLCs) and he did way better than me with the mud. We both pulled and pulled on my wellies, until they came out with a squelch so loud I think it could be heard in London. They were completely covered in clay mud, and I recorded the entire time I was sinking and stuck until I called my friend.

Muddy bin diving

This might appeal to some of the gungers:
Going back a few years now...
We played rugby every Saturday morning at the local school. This particular morning had been mild and mainly dry, but it had rained heavily earlier in the week.  We were all pretty muddy, and I was completely plastered down one side of my body and face.
They'd been some punching and kicking, and tempers were a little frayed. 

Finding a friend

Thomas felt alone.  He was happy with what he had but wanted company.  He worked as the boos of a council yard all day and had to wear his favorite gear of all times, (hivis boilersuits, riggers/wellies waterproofs and the occasional hard hat)  There a massive area of grass at the back hidden from view which used to get really bogged down  after wet weather which was really good for mud.  and behind it was a wee wall with trees behind it and then behind that the open moor which was also a great for getting dirty in almost all the time.

Mudboy gets more publicity, with.....

(Fictional) Welling's Best Day Of The Year

This is not a true story.

forest mud

summer is here, and the weather has finally started to warm up.

Being a nice evening, I decided to go for a run around some local woodland.
its been a dry couple of weeks, so I expected it to be pretty dry out, and for the first part of my run, I was right.

the ground was pretty firm, and dry until I ventured a bit further into
the woodland and suddenly had to unexpectedly had to dodge a reasonably
sized patch of wet ground.

Awesome Afternoon

Had some old black work shoes that i decided were in need of a final killing off in the mud and boy they shore did. 

old lido

When I was younger an old lido remained from the mining days in my area,this was ripe for investigation and has been explored on numerous occasions.
Not only did it have a concrete floor this was now a bit overgrown with trees,bushes,and such.
At the time the cold black water came halfway up the shallow end was full of detritus,leaf litter,rotten vegetable matter.
As i walked the soft silt started to give way the water covering my feet.


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