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Muddy Stories

Mud and boot related stories

old lido

When I was younger an old lido remained from the mining days in my area,this was ripe for investigation and has been explored on numerous occasions.
Not only did it have a concrete floor this was now a bit overgrown with trees,bushes,and such.
At the time the cold black water came halfway up the shallow end was full of detritus,leaf litter,rotten vegetable matter.
As i walked the soft silt started to give way the water covering my feet.

I was finally caught in the sand pit

I was paying one of my favorite mud spots a visit the other day; in fact, it is almost a lake of clay. The area is an active sand pit about 30 kilometers south of my hometown. It was already 7 PM and all of the workers had left by then. I was wearing an olive jumpsuit and black Bekina waders. The mud was not soft and creamy near to the bank so I was required to move more to the center where it was deep and … well … horny. The spot in the middle of the dried up lake really turned me on and I was slowly sinking up to my thighs into the greedy hole.

Night-time mud

I'm planning in a night-time muddy session, but I've got to wait nearly 2 weeks for a full moon. Anyone else tried using moon light for a nocturnal mud session??

Mudders caught by farmer 01

aaa pulled over onto the raised part of the verge, leaving the better
parking spot for the other car. Being slightly early there was no
cause for concern that the others had not arrived, the website stated
the co-ordinates that presumably could be programmed into a GPS
satnav, but would the others have one? aaa had never used one and
there was no reason for supposing they would. The breeze caused
the trees to move slightly and from time to time a flurry of leaves
would descend through the tracery of branches and join the random but

cow muck

wow, that was amazing, just been for a walk in my military boots and jeans, saw a muddy gate way so thought id go and have a closer look. climbed over the gate and jumped down onto the mud not thinking it would be that deep.... woops came up to my knees, oosing through my boots and around my feet, i was kinda stuck. I struggled for a while until i became free, it just kept getting deeper , until i was in up to my thighs. the smell was amazing, cow shit and mud... wow..

Alternative Olympic events

OK, The Olympics are on their way. They could do with brightening things up by adding some events, like 'MudPit belly flop' with Tom Daley leading the field, I'd be straight in there with him...

Any other suggestions??

Muddy Christmas and New Year

Hi Everyone

I wish to All of you Happy  and Very Merry Muddy Christmas Time.

In New Year I hope the all of your dreams come true and you will find the deepest mud where you will have the greatest fun of your life


early morning mud session

this is a true story and in fact took place only a few hours before writing.

saturday morning and i woke up early, i was determined to go and get muddy in my favourite spot and figured this time of day it would be nice and quiet. i got myself prepared, towells, poppers and i set out at 7.45am.


Went paintballing on Saturday to Brailsford nr Derby, was good fun and managed to get muddy - don't think any pictures were taken unfortunately :( Wish we'd had a go on the quad bike course aswell cos there was a hot instructor in red and black motox gear with a blond mowhawk - don't suppose you're on here by any chance ;-)

Doug's last day of summer

Doug’s last day of summer.
He heard the howk, and then saw the gob of spit land on the ground just to the
right of his wellies. He’d been – well not really dozing. His eyes were closed
and he had been enjoying the feeling of the sun on his eyelids, the warmth of
the sun on his bare arms and through the overalls he was wearing and the gentle
heat building up in his wellies. It was a great September afternoon. Great
after the summer they’d had as well: all rain and no sun. Now though, it was an
Indian summer and he had come out here to make the most of the afternoon. He

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