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Finding a friend

Thomas felt alone.  He was happy with what he had but wanted company.  He worked as the boos of a council yard all day and had to wear his favorite gear of all times, (hivis boilersuits, riggers/wellies waterproofs and the occasional hard hat)  There a massive area of grass at the back hidden from view which used to get really bogged down  after wet weather which was really good for mud.  and behind it was a wee wall with trees behind it and then behind that the open moor which was also a great for getting dirty in almost all the time.  Thomas would  sometimes sneak round there for a bit of fun after his work but he couldn't do it often in case somebody noticed him heading off.  But when he did get down there he had the time of his life rolling about and getting plastered while rock hard.  The only thing he missed was the company. He loved it in the summer time when it would be bright after work so he could nip into the changing rooms and try on the other workers gear and go and do whatever he liked in it.  but wanted somebody to wear his gear.   

Then there was the time where he ended up unwell so was off work for a couple of weeks.   He missed his gear and the mud but fortunately he recovered quickly. 

He was on a phased return so on his first day back he packed his boilersuit, waterproofs, riggers and wellies (which had been cleaned) and headed of to his work. Once there he met his temporary replacement Callum he was a young hansom guy of about 27 (roughly the same age as Thomas)  and was very tall and kinda thin.  They spent the day working together but didn't get out of the office in their gear much. 

 As the day ended Thomas had to head home (he wished he could go muddying and really wished he could ask Callum to join him. All that needed to be done was for Thomas to put his work gear back into the changing room. He pt his boots on the shelf and hung his boilersuit up next to a very dirty one, on close inspection he noticed the name Callum on the label. It was absolutely plastered with mud especially around the crotch area. Thomas couldn't resist having a wee feel at it, the suit was still wet and the mud seemed still fairly new to the suit.   He went rock hard in an instant imagining Callum in the suit rubbing him in fresh gooey mud from the boggs. Thomas then became more aware of callums's presence and turned round instantly and looked at him standing with a key in his hand ready to lock up.  Thomas tried not to let his boner show which was slightly tricky. A bit nervous he walked past Callum saying goodnight and headed for his car hoping his secret wasn't out. Callum was smiling but looked slightly suspicious. 

The next morning Thomas arrived back at his work, wondering if Callum was going to say anything.  The two guys met and went straight to the changing rooms because this morning it was yard work (gear fun) cleaning the mucky trucks first. Thomas went and sat between his and Callums gear, a hivis jacket was covering each of the guys boilersuits so Thomas moved it out of the way and noticed his pristine boilersuit which had had a complete cleaning was all dirty especially around the crotch area an the bum. As sooon as the jacket had been moved the toilet door opened and he noticed Callum rushing into the toilet. looking slightly embarrassed.    Thomas stare at the now manky boilersuit (and his wellies too) wondering "how did that happen" "Have i got an equal working right alongside me, sharing my job?" Callum then felt the inside of Callums boilersuit.  The inside of the crotch felt like an explosion of dried cum.  Then the toilet door opened and Callum came out rather anxious looking. The two stared at each other but said nothing and started getting dressed into their hivis gear. Thomas clocked eyes on callums crotch area and could tell he had a semi which made Thomas hard instantly but he wasn't about to say anything........


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