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Muddy bin diving

This might appeal to some of the gungers:
Going back a few years now...
We played rugby every Saturday morning at the local school. This particular morning had been mild and mainly dry, but it had rained heavily earlier in the week.  We were all pretty muddy, and I was completely plastered down one side of my body and face.
They'd been some punching and kicking, and tempers were a little frayed. 
I think we'd lost marginally in the end, so everyone was a little subdued as we traipsed off the pitch. There was a bit of the usual joshing going on.
I was lagging at the back of the pack as we walked towards the building.  Still enjoying the mudbath that I'd managed to give my shorts during the second half.
Up ahead, the lads had reached the service road, and we're taking of their boots next to the school bins.  Big tall round metal things.  Boots being bashed on the ground.  Mud flying off. 
Dan, the captain, was having a go at one of the lads, Mark, who'd let the last try slip through.  He had Mark pinned up against a bin by the throat, and was balling him out.
It wasn't fair, it was a little slip like most of us had made before.
Dan finished shouting, grabbed Mark's boots out of his hands and threw one into the far bin.  Next, he walked to the other end of the bins, jumped up, and pushed the other boot in.   Then, he marched off around the corner towards the changing rooms.
I walked up to check on Mark, who looked forlorn.  I put my less muddy arm round him and offered to help.
Mark gave me a lift up to see into the first bin. It was only two-thirds full, but I couldn't see his boot.  I climbed in, thinking it had probably fallen down the side of a black sack.
Mark went to retrieve the other boot.
The rubbish crinkled under my weights, and my boots punctured the bag I was standing on. 
I knelt down to steady myself, and as I leant to one side to my damp muddy arm clung the blackened inside of the filthy metal bin.
I started to root around and the smell was intoxicating.  Loose rubbish from the litter bins was distributed around bulging black plastic sacks of kitchen scraps and slop.  No sign of the boot.
I reached into the obvious gaps with my arm, but just felt more rubbish.  I shuffled round 180 degrees.  
I was already caked in mud, hot and sweaty from the game.  Now I was getting covered in crap inside the bin. It felt fucking horny.


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