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Low Lane Farm Chapter 8a.

Low Lane Farm Chapter 8a.


  After almost a
month, all the excavating was finished and Ben’s infrastructure was in place.

  Lee had literally
worked his socks off, moving hundreds of barrows of soil , stones and rock. He
had proved to be a very hard worker, much to Dermot’s relief; after all  - it wasn’t that long since the lad had
started working for him, being reticent to get up in the morning or communicate
much. But Lee had thrown himself into the work, not caring how filthy he got in
the process. He was honest too. Dermot knew he could be left to get on, think
for himself and achieve which ever task 
he’d been set. Little did he know how much Lee loved the work !


  He would haul on his
borrowed waterproofs in the dirty, old van each day, not wanting to wreck all
his own clothes too badly; he now had an assortment of old tee shirts, jogging
bottoms and fleeces which were solely for work, all of which would never be
fully clean again. He wore seaboot socks permanently, loving the thick woollen
look and smell, especially the old ones he’d found on Ebay with size stamps on
them from a surplus store. The size 10 ½ socks suited him just fine ! After
all, he was permanently in oversized wellies all the time at work too – he
might as well try to fill them !


  He kept Dermot’s old
and increasingly worn-out steel toe capped Wellingtons in the mud caked
footwell of the van. He’d ease out of his riggers and plunged his socked feet
deep inside, hoping that his throbbing cock wouldn’t give him away. The van
churned its way carefully to the barn site, the lane was running with mud all
the time following the inclement weather. The tyres often got balled up and mud
splattered up the front and sides of the once-white vehicle. Dermot daren’t
park too close to the barn any more, so they jumped out of the van about 75m
away and slogged through the ever deepening mud to reach the site. In no time
Lee’s boots had picked up a fresh, thick layer of burbling clay. Each boot was
not only longer but wider – about a foot wide at times ! They looked about size
12s and seemed to weigh a ton each as the mud clung in heavy, wet lumps all
around his feet. Some innocent looking, almost dry, swathes of smooth clay hid
about 16 or 17 inches of glutinous sludge beneath ! Sometimes he’d ease his
wellie into them, sometimes he’d slam them in hard ! The same result occurred –
his battered old Wellingtons came up totally thick with clinging mud. He could
hardly lift them sometimes, or even walk properly.  In the same way candles were dipped, Lee would
toy with Dermot’s boots, making them completely unrecognisable as footwear !
They became dollops of thick, clinging clay and he loved them. He also knew he
needed some which were much bigger and taller...


  Lee was in a
permanent state of arousal, a situation which could only be eased when Dermot
had cleared off leaving him to it. He epitomized being “young, hung and full of
cum “! He would often find himself having five or six orgasms a day – simply
his viewing his mud empire could be enough sometimes.


   The entire place was like a battlefield; no
grass remained around the building only a sea of churned slop as far as he
could see. Immediately around the massive barn doors was about 12 inches deep –
a muddy gruel through which his wheelbarrow had trailed hundreds of times a
day, his booted feet scraping through too, sometimes not being lifted idly
scraping the old steel toe caps through the sludge. Just beyond had been
churned up by vehicles, mud tracks had made deep ruts, running through the
middle of all were mounds of seriously deep mud – way over the tops of his
wellies, which he had enjoyed exploring often. Only the week before , his left
boot got stuck perilously close to the top . As he continued to walk. His
seaboot socked foot appeared, all woolly and clean – he almost lost his balance
trying not to have to plunge his foot into the thick, wet mud. Floundering for
a moment, he regained his balance and landed correctly back in the gaping Wellington
boot. He had to reach down and haul with both hands to finally dislodge the big
boot, which appeared after a struggle looking like a massive blob of mud;
unrecognisable as footwear. By then his cock was throbbing so hard in his camo
trousers he couldn’t help but cum. The sight of the heavily plastered boot made
him explode in his pants resulting in him losing his balance , slamming the
Wellington into the wet rut and falling to his knees. He was filthy, wet and
sticky inside and out. It was then he realised he needed some waders to carry
on functioning. He staggered into the barn , past the enormous skip full of all
the excavated soil and the neighbouring mound of sodden mud which he hadn’t the
strength to place on top of the other, to sort himself out and set about more


  Jonny and Ben
arrived later on. They drove up in the Land Rover and waded across the site,
Ben in his extra high Armasols which always made Lee’s mouth go dry; Jonny in
some tall, dark, unfamiliar boots with a bird motif or something on them. They
seemed really tall on the shorter guy.


  “You’ve certainly
moved mountains here !” Jonny praised him ,”how many tons of earth is that ?!”

  Lee smiled, a bit
embarrassed at such positive comments. He’d never shone at school, or anywhere
else for that matter, but now he had found a type of niche. One he very much
enjoyed, not that he’d expect them to understand why he took such enjoyment in
such a disgusting looking job...

  “The hole is 10 foot
by 10 foot and 6 foot deep. D’you wanna see it ?” he muttered.

  They did, and
followed the lad through the lake of ooze to the hole within the barn. Ben
nudged Jonny as they made eye contact noting the state of Lee’s boots. Ben’s
discreet wink spoke volumes.

  “Bloody brilliant !”
Ben announced loudly . “You’ve even got the membrane in – that must’ve taken
some doing.”

  An enormous roll of
black material had been dropped off shortly after Lee had finished the final
smoothing touches to the hole, after the digger had gone. The last of the pieces
of rock had been lifted out and any jagged edges smoothed. Dermot had assisted
and guided him in measuring correct distances, allowing for a big edging . They
worked until the sun went down for four days placing and smoothing the material;
complete waterproofing wasn’t essential for this specific purpose, but the
danger of too many large splits or gashes would ultimately wreck the whole
project in time. Large rocks acted as anchors every couple of feet around the

  The three A-frames
were in situ too, next to the hole; angled so that the acute slope faced
straight onto the edge of the pit. The new slide would be incredible, they all
knew. The wooden structures had been anchored to the ground and secured
together, all that remained there was for Lee to backfill the inner space with
rocks to give extra ballast. Thick wire would hold them in place.


  “I can see it won’t
be too long before this is done,” Jonny announced happily,”before Easter I

  “Five weeks away ?”
muttered Ben,”that’s doable. I’d better get on with some advertising and viral
marketing !”

  Lee listened open
mouthed, unsure whether he could achieve all they wanted. Moving the rocks from
the back of the barn wasn’t too long a job, nor was tidying up inside the barn;
but the shifting of 600 cubic feet of soil – wet soil at that – would demand a
Herculean effort.

  “I...I’ll do my
best...” he stammered, “but....”

  “Don’t worry, Jonny
can come and help whilst I’m online organising things !”

  “Fuck off ! You’re
bigger and stronger than me – you can get your hands dirty !” Jonny snarled

  Ben was just about
to kick at him with his mighty orange toe cap, when Jonny reminded him that
they were actually dressed and ready to go to the city for a couple of days.

Lee looked up for the guys’ big boots, desperately praying
that his cock wasn’t visible. He leant down to pick up some cable ties which
happened to be near Jonny’s foot. His tall boots read “Seeland”. He knew he had
to try them on too. Surely they’d be changing into shoes before hitting
the  bright  lights ?

  “Right, let’s get
going. The accountant’s meeting is at three and we might catch a film later.
Besides your essential shopping needs to be fitted in; hasn’t Cher got a new CD
out ?...” Ben let this float across the barn before he got a slap.

  “ Your session in
the nail studio is imminent too !” Jonny quipped back. Lee laughed  as they headed out, wishing him well. “You
know where everything is in the stable block if you need a coffee or a shower
or anything. Cheers !”


  The Land Rover
sloshed and splattered back up the lane, disappearing from view. Lee was alone
again, with his imagination running wild. He had to get into those massive
Armasols – and he needed waders , not only for the deepening mud, but also
because he’d never worn any and he knew he’d love the sensation. Patting his
thick cock into a more comfortable position, he headed to the back of the barn
to start shifting the rocks. Just as he pulled his work gloves on , the rain
started to pound on the barn roof again. Quietly he smiled to himself.


  Dermot reappeared
from God knew where at about lunchtime. He ate his sandwiches with Lee. They
shared a flask of soup too and then proceeded to work in tandem on the rocks.
In 2 hours they had all but filled the A-frame structure, allowing Dermot to
secure the netting and wire to the sides. He tried shaking the construction and
found it totally secure, deeply cemented into the ground and weighted down.

  “Well, this is what
they wanted !” he proudly announced,” now all you’ve got to do is fill the mud
hole, and job’s a good-un !!”


  “All ?” Lee thought,
but didn’t have the confidence to say. “Cheeky fucker !” His face must have
given something away, as Dermot hit his shoulder smiling as he departed too.

  “I’m not sure what
time I’ll be back to pick you up, might be late-ish” Dermot sounded sheepish.

  “Don’t worry about
me, Ben said I could use the stable block to stop over in....” he lied. “I’ll
call me Mum to let her know. It’ll be fine.” He was quiet again. With a
seriously dry mouth.

  “Well, if you’re
sure,” Dermot seemed unconcerned – or uncaring. “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow
then. Good luck sieving that soil . You’ll need your waterproofs on ! “

  With that, he
slouched off through the mud, kicked the loose stuff off his Wellingtons as he
got into the van and very slowly drove up, over the brow of the hill.


  Lee’s heart was


  He knew the layout
of the farm, where the stable block keys were hidden. He knew the place would
be empty.

  He knew he shouldn’t
be there. But he wouldn’t do any harm.

  Nobody would even





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