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New spring, new mud

Hi everybody, spring is coming! That means that the ground is thawing and we'll start getting nice puddles of mud all over the northern hemisphere. It's been a particularly warm winter in the north and we already had some nice +6C weather in the end of February! Unfortunately, it's gone back to around zero and the ground didn't get to thaw after all.

Today was a pretty cold day with only +1-2C and some light wet snow falling. I decided to go for just an innocent ride with my bike, check out this coastal forest a few kilometers from my home as I hadn't ever gone there before. I knew that there was a small campsite there that I wanted to check out. I was wearing my baggy Adidas three-stripe trackpants, a black Puma hoodie, a black Adidas hooded windbreaker with three-stripe on the chest, woolie and blue trainers. Just to paint a better picture, I'm in my early 20's, pretty thin and ~170cm. I wasn't planning on anything muddy, but I was sure geared up the right way if I got lucky and found something! 

The forest was mostly covered in snow and there weren't any puddles to be seen. I knew to expect that, but I thought I'd do some terrain analysis for the future. The forest itself didn't look particularly great for mud, even though I suppose closer to the coast there is bound to be some mud. Forest mud tends to be a bit different, not like the good farm stuff. Anyway, I knew there to be a campsite at the furthest corner of the forest by the coast. I knew there was a main path through the forest that would lead there, but I didn't find the entrypoint, so I went through a slightly longer and tougher path. It was good exercise!

The campsite was nice. I left my bike by the wood shed and went to take a look around. The coast was absolutely gorgeous, I was stunned to find such a beautiful place near my home that I'd never been to before. At the edge of terrain I looked upon the sea: it was still completely frozen over and covered with white snow despite the warm weather we've been experiencing for a while now. The white sea combined with the light, wet snowfall gave me a view of absolute, almost blinding whiteness. It was nice to just be there for a second.

I went back to the campsite and looked around. It was a pretty good place, all the snow had melted away from the main area. I thought I'd go there with some friends perhaps during the weekend. Then I noticed something else. There was a little open hut for eating and such that had a roof over it. The wet snow was melting on the roof and dripping to the ground below it. I felt a little tug in my pants. I shouldn't bother, there isn't even a puddle and there is no way I can get properly muddy or anything. Besides, +1-2C is not exactly warm and being wet won't make it any warmer. Still, the last time I got muddy or ANYTHING was last NOVEMBER. And early November too, I think. The winter is hard that way.

I moved closer to the wet spot and tapped it with my shoe. Yeah, damn, the ground is still hard and frozen. Getting any mud will be next to impossible. And there is just the tiniest bit of visible water in the slight dent where the water was dripping. But I already had a thought stuck to my head and my bulging trackies reflected it. Baggy and shiny, they were sagging and beckoning towards the wet ground. Then I spotted something: a piece of rain gutter had broken off the roof of the open hut and it had collected a bit of water in the bend. I took the gutter and emptied it in my prospective puddle. And there I had it! An actual puddle formed; very small, but it was better than the nothing that I'd been facing for the last four months!

I knew the consequences: if I got wet, it'd be a cold ride home and it was 5km. But I also grabbed my cock and felt it hard. A little massaging sealed my fate: I wouldn't be able to help myself. And the thought of riding through the town in my wet trackies was really sexy in its own right. I was hoping to get some mud out of the puddle, so I smacked it with a rock a little bit, but the ground was too hard-frozen to get any mud out of it, unfortunately. Well, best make do with what you have!

I dipped my knee in to the cold puddle. Damn, it felt good. I put my hand down my trackies and started jerking off. I thought I'd just dip my knees a little, maybe, and just jerk off the thought that soon the ground will thaw. But the puddle was big enough for me to fall on my left side and get my left thigh all wet. I jerked off even harder and slammed my left thigh several times against the puddle and got all dirty with forest grub, old leaves and dirt. My foot was all mucky despite the lack of mud and it was a great feeling after such a long time. I got back up on my knees and let my trackies get wet below the knees too. Then I had the sweet orgams and threw my cum all over the frozen ground. There I was on my knees in a puddle with my wet Adidas trackies and dick in my hands. Finally! I didn't get completely soaked though, just my left leg entirely and my butt. But it was nice rubbing my hands against the dirt-covered pants while sitting on a bench. I was wet and dirty and it felt great.

I brushed the dirt off my clothes and I was looking pretty decent. You'd have to be really close to me to even notice I was wet, so it was going to be a safe return.

I know, not a big, splashy, mudsoaked story this one. But it's only early March and the first story of the year! The snow will melt soon and the ground will thaw. With all the snow melting, there should be some great, wet, sloppy mud all over the place! Can't wait.

How about we all share some muddy stories from this new spring and enjoy the warming weather and increasing mud puddles? I had a good time writing this story with a little boner.


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