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Frist Mud

I am not quite an experienced mudder. But I realised I loved mud at an early age. It was when Shakira released the whenever wherever music video. I became aroused by the way she slides through the mud on her knees. When I played outside in the nearby woods, I think I was only 9 or 10 years old, I always went dressed in blue or red overalls and rubber boots in case I got dirty. As you may expect, I got dirty. Every time. I copied Shakira and slides through the mud on my knees. Back than I didn't search far away from home for good mud, I just played in whatever I could find. God knows what my mom must have been thinking. Washing all those muddy overalls every week.

Around that time I started to discover I really loved mud. Aside from the mud I discovered I also had an sock fetish, especially for dirty socks. What a thing to combine!
When I got older I didn't played outside any more. It took a couple of years for me to become curious again. Finally when I was fifteen I took another chance. 
All of my overalls I used when I was younger were too small. So I went to the local farm shop and bought myself a brand new blue zupper overalls. I also bought a new pair of cheap rubber boots and white sport socks. I had a moped at that age and I used it to find some good mud spots. I didn't had a clue where to look for good mud spots so I just went a little out of town to a farm field. There were some trees at a corner just across a backroad which wasn't used very much by the local traffic. In the shadow of the trees I undressed. First my jacket en t shirt. Than my trousers shoes and socks. I felt my sick getting hard in my underwear. I clearly still loved getting muddy. Enough of that, it was time to dress up. First I put on my still white sport socks. After that I opened the package with the overall. God I've missed them for all those years. I put on the overall and zipped them. I stuffed the legs inside my socks,  incase I would run into deep mud and my legs would get dirty. To finish it off I put on my new rubber boots. They were slightly bigger than I expected, but I felt comfortable in them. I checked if my moped was locked, my clothes stuffed beneath the saddle and than it was time to go.
Around the farm field was a barber wired fence. I looked for ways to climb over it for several minutes, walking along the slightly wet soil beside it. After a little while I realised I couldn't climb over it without tearing my overalls apart. It was than I realised I could go under it. What did it matter if I got a really dirty from crawling under the fence? It was the whole purpose of the evening anyway. So I crawled under the fence, feeling my knees get wet from the grass and soil. I got up and looked around me. Miles of thick brown mud in front of me. The limes from the wheels were still visible. It had rained for about a week so the mud was nice and thick. I walked for like hundred meters, creating thick lumps of clay sticking to my boots. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I fell to my knees in the mud, sinking in a few inches. I first copied Shakira again, dragging my knees through the mud. I stood up and looked at what I've just done. The lower side of my legs covered in thick mud. I jumped onto my belly in the mud, crawling around like a soldier in the mud. I turned a few times from my front to my back, making sure every inch of my overalls were covered in mud. Than I got a brilliant idea. I took of on of my boots. My white sock almost blinded me against the dark background of the sticky mud. I dug a hole and I took the mud that came out of it and put it inside my boot. Than I stuck my socked foot back into the boots, squeezing the mud over the edges. I did the same thing with my other boot and walked around like that for a while, enjoying the feeling of the mud in my boots. I decided to take my boots of and walk around further in my socks. After a couple of steps I lifted my feet to see the result. Not a single patch of white was still visible. Instead the sock hang lose around my foot by the weight of the mud clinging onto it. I couldn't take anymore so I zipped open my overalls from the bottom. I grabbed a boot and started masturbating. It took my under a minute to blow my load inside of my boots  and over my legs. I zipped the overalls and crawled around a little longer. After about ten minutes I wanked again and than it was done. 
I rushed back to my moped, undressed and almost shat myself. My legs and arms still got dirty through my overalls. I tried to wipe it off, but it was already dried up.  I put on my clothes again and left the overall by the trees alongside the muddy socks and boots. 
When I got home, I said I didn't feel well and was going to take shower immediately to feel better. I cleaned my body in the shower en went to bed. Knowing that this clearly wasn't the last time in my life I would go out and get muddy.
Yours sincerely,

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