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Any coalmen out there?

I know this isn't strictly speaking a mud issue but I'm desperate to spend a day (or maybe longer!) being a coalman.  The thought of lugging dirty great 50kg sacks of coal about really turns me on!  I like mud too!!!  I've been out in my riggers today (which got a bit muddy on canal towpaths) and a filthy hi-viz jacket, as well as getting through 20 fags (so far!).  Must get my hair cropped this week!

Pictures Help - Mods advice please

I have tried so many times to upload pictures to this site

Im literally gonna give up

I added a profile gallery with pics on which i uploaded on saturday 24th jan

Log on today and there not there

Can one of the mods or admins help me





when I go mudding I usually start fully clothed with boots, jeans, shirt and jacket, and get slowly more and more dirty. I love to see and feel first my boots, then clean pants little by little and shirt get the right colour and nicely wet and slippery, until I am covered with mud. A have posted a few pictures about this process.

I do not, however, stop there. I want mud also on my bare skin, inside my pants, to rub it all over my body, all parts.

Those some what adult pictures, however, cannot be published here, for reasons I quite understand. Never the less, I would like to share some of them.

Before and after...............

I love gettin muddy in footie kit and stuff, but once u r done its a nightmare to get changed into clean-ish clothes to get home in!!! especially when u r generally outside!

can anyone offer any adive or tips on how to get changed without gettin caked in mud all over again????????

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