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My Hiviz gear needs some attention!

Can anyone recommend somewhere discreet with good mud in Essex and who would be up for joining me?

Am i gay for preferring to watch men in mud instead of women?

Im not sure if im gay but watching women in mud turns me off so im not sure why

Looking for someone to piss on me

Anyone near Essex that could help with this

Mud Vs OCD

Does anyone else like being really clean & tidy with things like - your house / car / regular clothes or anything else?
If you wish to share what it is please do so , id be interested to find out more about this contrast.

I LOVE mud - getting nearly any gear I own as muddy as possible , but I also LOVE a really neat tidy house - Car clean inside and out .

I don't quite understand the reasons why though.

OR if you love MUD and don't have this type of contrast - also interested in your thoughts as to why ?

Looking to get muddy


Not been on in a while, but want to get muddy with someone my age preferably (21-30). We go to a muddying spot help each other get unstuck, maybe more

Mud fun wanted

I will be working away based in Tenby South Wales next week,and have got a day free on Friday 23rd July 2021. Is there anyone free and up for some mud fun (in quicksand, peatbog or mud) I will be based in Tenby but sadly no transport (except for public transport) and desperate for some fun. I will have some gear with me (wetsuit,wellies,waterproofs etc) I will be free for fun either/and Thursday eve and all day Friday. Be great to hear from anyone interested in some man sinking fun. Andrew.xx.

Mud session

Hey, so I wrote something a while ago about starting out - I’d love to find someone close to my age to help me explore and get muddy I’m in the process of ordering some Hunter wellies really wanna get stuck in some mud any young lads wanna help me out?

Looking For Buddy In Ontario

Looking for buddy in Ontario

Getting started


I’m a young guy who is very new to the scene, I’ve only ever gotten mucky once and when I did I lost both of my boots in the mud. I don’t drive, so there aren’t any real places for me to go and explore what really gets me going. I enjoyed the struggle of trying to get out. Was wondering if anyone could help be out at all? If you can please get in contact, I have no gear but I’m willing to pay for some if someone shows me into the right direction. I’m Suffolk, UK based.

Thanks & hope to get exploring soon

Trade Videos

Would anyone like to trade videos? Msg me :)


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