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Creating a personnel gallery

Does anyone no how to create a personnel gallery. I want put some pictures from my profile into a personnel gallery so my pictures can come up as random images. 

work experience

hi any Irish farmers out there or anyone no any who are looking for a farm hand part time (free labour) as I need the work experience please get bk to me am genuine and hard working prvt message R post on this fourm thanks

Dirty work

I'm looking for work, the filthier the better. Mechanics mate, quarry worker anything where I have an excuse to wear some filthy overalls and get propper messed up. Love mud, grease and oil. Give us a shout, cheers lads.

Mud mates in London?

Hi, I'm a young professional moving to London after Christmas and I'm looking for mud mates (and flat mates). I'm into various sneakers and boots, especially getting them flooded or filled with mud! Anybody interested to get in contact? Cheers!


Ok, New to Mudboy.. (live in Cambridge, can travel sort of up to 60 miles).

Looking for Gungers, those who like and enjoy fucking up others with food, custard pies, buckets etc. Sadist top guys very welcome. Reasonable shape tho, no morbidly obese, and no pensioners please! Always in gear. (See profile for details). Interested? Get back to me, cheers

Bikes, bikers & mud

Alright lads, lookin for biker lads or mx lads wiv bikes. I know mudboy ain't a biker site but figured if there were any mx riders out there (or if any of u fancied takin me fr a ride an then havin some gear fun) it'd be worth a go.

Got a 'things to do before I'm 30' list and one on th list is to ride pillion on th back of a motorbike/scrambler. Love bikes, th gear and th lads who ride em but never been in one and don't know any biker lads personally. If any lads can help or whatever, let us know :) 

Mud meet in July southeast or mids

Lads. Good Lookinlad needs some mud or slurry fun one weekend.  Can travel.  Anyone up for it?


Hi Guys,

I am having trouble trying to upload a video to the site - its probably me, as I'm not that techy minded, but could someone give me a few pointers please ?


Muddyfeet 1000

need some humiliating ideas

I need some humiliating dirty ideas as you can see on my profile, I am with everything:) so come with your ideas and photos or ffilmen come here

muddy tnight

lads i wana go out an get filthy tnight.  its a fri nt bt its freezin so shud be quiet around.

wot u reckon? any suggestions ill send pics

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