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So lockdown sucks! But ive got some recording equipment on the way and im putting together a bucket list for 2021, im going to be making some more manure videos for sure but Im wondering what other types of muck you want to see in videos? if you've got any suggestions put em bellow. Once lockdown ends ive got a few spots im going to try but if you want to see something else just let me know.

Pornhub and Xtube alternatives?

Does anyone know any good Pornhub and Xtube alternatives with lots of mud and rubber boots related content? The Pornhub purge meant that I lost most of my saved vids :(


Lets have a serious conversation about overalls/boilersuit/coveralls, (whatever you call them)

Xtube DMCA complaint (someone has reported my material as violating someone's copyright)

A week ago I shot 5 videos of myself getting my boilersuits filthy and uploaded them to xtube.

They cannot be seen by the public and apparently someone has reported them for violating copyright. The counterclaim procedure looks pretty complex, you have to write hard copy and jump through some hoops,

Has this happened to anyone else here?

Dickies Boiler Suits

Does  anybody wear dickies Boilersuits anymore (or blue castle)?  I don't see many about any chance of some photos (clean or dirty)? 

Profile pic problems

Not sure what’s going on, but everytime I try and update my profile picture it keeps bringing the old one back! I’ve tried deleting the old one and adding the new one but when I save it brings the old one up. Am I doing Something wrong?

Help required

Hi I’m a builder looking for a labourer/some help for a couple of weeks and wondering if anyone would be interested in spending a couple of weeks in full time gear 

Duties will be moving bricks/blocks, mixing cement, general cleaning up etc.  
Obviously cock will be on offer too


anyone who has an account on deepsinkingguyz.yooco.org/home.html and wants to invite me?


I know gear should really be left dirty but is putting muddy gear in the washing machine a good idea? I have done in the past and so far it's not broken it but I had to shake loads of wee stones off my boilersuit first! 

How the hell do I find a farm? ;)

Hello friends, I am struggling to find a real farm or stables where I can get messy without being arrested!


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