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UK Muddy Places

Muddy locations in the British Isles

Mud fun

Anybody in wales 

Muddy bike ride

anybody up for a very muddy bike ride this weekend in Hertford area????

Wild & Woolly - Blizworth - 2016 - Pictures & Videos

Wild & Woolly - Blizworth - 2016 - Pictures & Videos

They are ready for uploading ..!

It was an AWESOME morning of muddy action ..!

Farms for slurry fun in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire

I love seeing photos of guys playing in slurry and farm muck.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any farms where I can play, especially near Lincolnshire, Humber and Yorkshire

Winter Mudding

Need to get out and get muddy :-) 

Who's available at wkends ?

Meet in lincolnshire ?

Looking to meet new people to get muddy with in lincolnshire :)

Kent / Sussex

Hey guys

Brand new to the site and never tried mud, but having done a lot of wet and messy stuff it's been on my list for ages. Time for action! If you know of any great mud spots around Kent/Sussex (I'm based in Tunbridge Wells) I'd love a recommendation. Comment here or message me!

White creamy mud

Ive just been to our local chalk pit and experienced the thickest creamiest white mud you can imagine.I wore black pvc boots, black pvc trousers a bomber jacket and black pvc gloves.WOWI just want someone to come and play with me soon whilst its so gorgeous!Matt


Can anyone tell me about a clay or gravel pit with good mud nr Birmingham? Have met a buddy there & we want a meet when its a bit warmer Thanks J

looking for sites around Swindon / Wiltshire

I'm looking for places to get down and dirty in my area, not come across anywhere suitable myself.

Nowhere is secluded enough for me. I want to get naked and get covered in mud, both solo and with a female friend.i had found one spot in the south Cotswolds which we were about to get messy at until a dog walker put us off.Any suggestions? 

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