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UK Muddy Places

Muddy locations in the British Isles

Discreet English forest/woodland mud spots?

Hey lads
Looking to get a good discussion goin - I'm in Australia and hoping to travel back to England and Europe this time next year for a few months (obvious reasons permitting) and am desperate to find some good super discreet spots of sloppy dark forest/woodland mud, preferably around the midlands for ease, but would travel and Airbnb wherever it is for a few days for maximum play time.
Would anyone have any recommendations? Potential woodland areas near them that could be worth investigating? Similar to the stuff in the pics attached. Throw ideas at me!
Thanks boys

Mud locations, South East UK

Hi, I;ve been here for a while and never posted to ask if anyone knows any good muddy spots in the South East of the UK?

I'm happy to drive, I've had a quick look at the mud map and will travel to these, but i was to find more and hopefully something closer to me.

any help would be appreciated.

Southeast uk mud!

Hi, I've been here a while and just got around to going ot and hunting for mud, I'm not having much luck.

I live in the heart of the south east, happy to drive a little, does anyone know any muddy locations I should check out or can help me locate some?

Im getting a bit desperate here, not sure where to go next! Lol

Mud near Buxton/peak district

Hey guys!

I’m going away to Buxton for a few days next month and was wondering if anyone know any good mud spots, bogs or quarries in the area?


Newbie looking for mud and slurry locations

Hi guys,

I'm a newbie here - having been into WAM ever since my teens, I've spent the last decade or so mastering gunge... but now I find myself getting drawn more and more towards wanting to explore the adventurous, dirty world of mud ...and slurry.

One of my main reasons for coming here is that I would really like to make connections and ultimately find a location whereby I can experiment and experience outdoor mud and slurry on private property without the fear of being seen or getting into any trouble for indecent exposure, trespass etc.

Wellies in Salford

Any Lads in Salford, Maybe meet up, in Wellies, See if Can find Some Good Mud?

Slurry fun in Derbyshire/nottinghamshire

Hi guys!

Anybody know any good places to get dirty in some deep slurry in derby or nottingham? Always up for meeting like minded people!


Looking for cow poo fun

So a while back I posted a thread about manure experiences, and now I'm interested in playing around with cow poo at a farm in the next few weeks. I'm looking for cow poo that's both fairly thick and deep enough to dive and submerge myself into. If you know a place where I can do that and the owners are fine with that, please let me know.

Secluded muddy locations in the somerset

Hi everyone I'm looking for some good secluded mud to play in with my partner over the summer months . Clean up nearby would also be needed.

mud place in ireland

someone know a mud place or abandonend cow farm in ireland?i live close dublin....please help me

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