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UK Muddy Places

Muddy locations in the British Isles

new forest

hoping to get a few days away in the New Forest in June-nothing fixed yet-& would love some info about possible mud sites-I like deep mud & enjoy getting stuck but any help to find some muddy places would be great

March Mud

Lighter evenings are approaching , 

Warmer temperatures , Lots of rain we've had , Who is heading out this month in search of MUD ... !!! ;-)

Mud Buggies and off-road Karts in uk

Visited Hover Force at Frodsham today and tried there Mud Buggies 

They were fun I’m a bit of slow driver so did not get muddy , but the group in front all got quite covered. Did a mud dive and role to ensure I well muddied. Staff really pleasant and no problem me getting muddy.
The karts were also getting people well covered today. I’ve got some pictures I’ll post tomorrow.
Good place to go and if any else knows other centres worth a visit why not post on here. 

Mud in Croydon (South London)

Any good muddy parks in Croydon? Or in the nearby area in South London?

I saw some comments online that the Park Run route in Lloyd Park gets muddy so was going to explore that area by running it myself during the week.

Mud and manure in the north east

So I know of 3 manure spots to play in and if anyone would like to join me they are more than welcome. One is churned up deep mud and shit around where cows feed, one is a 4ft deep pig manure pit and the other a giant cow slurry lagoon. Who’s wants to play? 

Xmas MUD

Who would prefer to be muddy on Xmas Day ? 

Just a thought as an alternative to the tradition ? 

Central Belt

Anybody in the central belt able to meet up in hivis and riggers/wellies to go for a day out in gear and splash about? 

North Wales

Any suggestions for North Wales?

There must be some great places in Anglesey and Snowdonia, but there’s nothing on the muddy places map!

Cowshit fun in UK

Anyone know any dairy farmers that would be up for letting me get *proper* dirty on their farm, or better still, Gayfarmers! :)

The user then looks at his clenched fist and his eyes follow this up his forearm, and up to his shoulder... ;)



Is anyone other than me based in Kent?

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