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The New Hand

The New Hand
A fictional fetish story
by deepmud

Niko entered the small construction site, feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension about starting his new role as a landscaper. Tall conifers lined the perimeter, creating an air of seclusion from the outside world. Tools, some of the broken, discarded bricks, and splintered wood lay strewn across the grounds, remnants of the ongoing landscaping project among abandoned equipment.

The crisp morning air carried the faint tang of sawdust mixed with earthy undertones of wet soil, melding together to form a unique aroma that was both invigorating and soothing all at once. As Niko took a few steps forward into the heart of the workspace, he couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of the place.

„Morning, mate,“ Mike greeted with a cheerful tone, using a grimy rag to wipe his hands clean before extending one toward Niko. Niko, absorbed in his surroundings, didn't notice his new boss approaching until he turned around.

„Welcome aboard! I hope you had a good night,“ Mike's voice resonated with a deep and inviting timbre, instantly calming Niko's initial nervousness. „Uh, yep, ready for everything,“ Niko replied with a hint of enthusiasm. Mike smiled warmly. „Good to know! So, you're a bricklayer, eh?“ He observed Niko closely. „Well, I hope you're eager to expand your skill set. As a landscape gardener, you'll be working with a wider range of materials. It'll definitely help you build some muscles, all in the right spots. Trust me, when you reach my age, you'll look just like me.“

„Uh, how old are you, Sir?“ Niko inquired.

„32,“ Mike replied casually. „And you?“

Niko hesitated momentarily, then responded, „I had mentioned my age in the CV. 24.“

Mike's demeanour shifted to a more serious tone as he stated, „You see, I didn't select you based on your CV, and I didn't even delve into it deeply. I've chosen you because you seem to be fit for the job.“ It was evident that the young man was physically capable of meeting the demands of the work.

Mike smiled again. „Well, let me introduce myself properly,“ he continued, extending a hand. „My name is Michael, though everyone calls me Mike. And yours?“

Niko replied, „Oh, I am Nikolaus,“ with a hint of determination. „But please call me Niko, I guess you can figure out why.“ Mike couldn't help but chuckle. „I agree, it is a bit early for this time of the year, too.“ Niko studied Mike more closely, curious about his new boss.

Niko found his eyes lingering on the expansive width of Mike's shoulders, an unspoken confirmation of the underlying strength and unwavering determination concealed beneath his rugged clothing and dependable rubber boots. Yet, it wasn't just Mike's physical presence that captured Niko's interest; there was an elusive quality that drew him in even deeper. An intangible, but undeniably compelling aura seemed to radiate from Mike's persona – perhaps the confidence of someone who knew precisely what he wanted in life, or maybe it was the subtle scent of hard-earned sweat that lingered in the air around him..

„So, what were your expectations, Niko?“ Mike inquired.

„I was looking for a fresh start in my career. I wasn't too thrilled with how my previous boss treated the work crew,“ Niko explained.

„Sebastian? ... He's a complete idiot,“ Mike commented.

„You know him?“ Niko asked.

„Sure, there aren't that many construction companies around. Plus, how else would I have known if you were a good fit for the job. Yeah, I somewhat read you CV,“ Mike replied.

„Yes, that's true. But won't Sebastian be upset that I joined your company?“ Niko questioned.

„Upset? He'll be furious! But hey, that's life. You wouldn't be here in front of me if he had treated you well, would you?“ Mike raised an eyebrow.

„No, you're probably right,“ Niko conceded.

„Besides,“ Mike continued, „I needed an extra pair of hands. I've got more demand than I can handle on my own.“

Niko scrutinized Mike's physique more closely, taking in the pronounced muscles that strained against his soiled shirt. It was evident that his body bore the marks of strenuous manual labor, sculpting him into a formidable figure. 'Clearly, Mike is no stranger to hitting the gym,' Niko mused, attributing his impressive posture to this dedication.

„In that case, what should I wear?“ Niko inquired. Mike's response was casual. „We don't have a specific uniform. Just go with something comfortable. However, if you'd like, I can arrange for some attire you can keep.“

„Fantastic!“ Niko exclaimed his enthusiasm palpable. „Where should I begin?“ he asked, eager to dive into his new role.

Mike nodded approvingly. „All right, let's get started. Today's task is working on this concrete walkway. Do you see those markings?“ Mike pointed to the designated area.

„Absolutely,“ Niko replied with a nod.

„We need to excavate about 15 inches of soil, right over there,“ Mike gestured to a spot nearby. He couldn't help but notice Niko's work boots, clearly unsuitable for the task at hand. „Well, you don't seem quite dressed for landscaping, especially with that wet soil,“ Mike remarked, his thoughts voiced aloud.

Niko looked down at his old sneakers and admitted, „I wear a size 10.“

Mike chuckled, „I'm an 11-11.5 myself. I do have another pair of boots in the shed, but they're even bigger, which won't do you any favours. How about this? I'll lend you my boots, which are size 11, and I'll take the size 12's. I'll also find some pants for you. Let me call a buddy. He can stop by a store later.”

Mike's suggestion made the situation more practical and comfortable for both, ensuring they could work efficiently on the concrete walkway project.

„Sure thing,“ Niko replied, falling into step behind Mike as they headed towards the shed.

As they entered the storage area, Mike explained, „This is where we keep our work clothes, boots, and helmets. If you'd like to store some of your stuff here, I can lock it up for you. The client's offered me this space while I work in his backyard.“

The shed was a treasure trove of work-related items: a sturdy wheelbarrow, neat stacks of sandbags, a roll of barbed wire, boxes brimming with various nails, ropes, gloves, paint buckets, and rows of reinforced plastic dust masks hanging neatly on hooks near the entrance. A couple of benches and a table with a thermos stood by the corner. Mike took a seat on one of the benches and began removing his boots.

„We can also have lunch here if the weather turns sour,“ Mike suggested, handing his boots over to Niko. „Take your time, Niko.“

Mike continued searching for the second pair of rubber boots, glancing over at a pile of clothes haphazardly strewn in a corner on the floor. He picked up a pair of military pants and handed them to Niko. „These should more or less fit, I think. They're almost too tight for me.“

Afterward, Mike left the shed in his socks, leaving Niko to get changed and prepared for their day of work.

As Mike exited the shed, Niko found himself fixated on the weighty, filthy rubber boot he clutched in his hand. Even from the exterior, they exuded a palpable warmth. When he slipped his hand inside, he could feel the dampness and sweat that clung to the inner lining. He took a sniff from the interior of the boot, and a pleasurable shiver coursed through him. A faint scent of sweat wafted from the rubber boots, adding a touch of rugged authenticity to the moment.

He was absentmindedly fondling his bulge while admiring the rubber footwear when Mike's face suddenly appeared at the entrance as he stuck his head through the door: „Hey, I wanted to let you know that I've got some brand-new wool socks in that box. They'll make the boots feel a lot more comfortable,“ Mike said with a sly grin. Then, he added playfully, „But you know what? You're more than welcome to borrow mine if you're interested.“ Niko was surprised by the unexpected return that he almost dropped the boot on the floor. Mike looked at Niko's hand, which was still resting on his fly and his grin grew even wider, „If it turns you on, then shoot your load into the boots. I don't care, but at some point, we should start digging.“ said Mike while his smile broadened.

„Offer accepted. I mean ... uh, the socks. Uh... The ones from the box, I suppose.“ Niko went over to the box where the socks were stored and took a pair, his hardon became obvious in his pants while he moved. Mike was facing the back of the young lad while he exchanged pants.
„What is this for a material?“ Mike asked when he saw Nikos underwear. Niko paused in embarrassment. „These are uh, rubber. Latex shorts“. „Cool, I have never imagined ... well, those look good on you, I have to admit.“ Mike responded.

Niko's cheeks turned a deep shade of red as embarrassment washed over him. He hurriedly slipped his feet into the socks, and then deftly pulled on his rubber boots. A soft moan escaped his lips and Mike needed to laugh. Without waiting another moment, Niko rushed back to where Mike stood, hoping to hide his embarrassment and discomfort. Mike smiled again, sensing the awkwardness. „Don't worry about it, kid. We all get aroused sometimes...“ he trailed off nonchalantly.

„Anyway, go ahead and grab that spade over there and come with me,“ Mike instructed, motioning towards the assortment of tools neatly arranged along the wall. He picked up a shovel that had been leaning by the door. Niko hesitated for just a moment as he felt the weight of the tool in his hand, then he followed Mike, keeping an eye on his departing figure.

With a fluid motion, he snagged a bag of quicklime powder and then followed Mike. Throughout the day, Niko absorbed not only the proper techniques for constructing pathways and formworks but also the delicate art of maintaining and caring for the tools themselves. Initially hesitant to delve into personal matters, Mike gradually opened up, sharing with Niko his deep affection for the solitude and tranquillity of the landscaping business. They toiled together, their bodies often touched, briefly parting only when either Mike or Niko had to manoeuvre the wheelbarrow to the excavation site.
„Are you married?“ Mike asked suddenly. „I mean, you could be, possibly even a father.“ Niko shook his head, a hint of sadness in his eyes. „Nope, not married, no girlfriend, and no kids,“ he replied after a brief pause.

Mike chuckled. „So you can work long hours during summer time then?“ Niko nodded. „Yeah, that's not a problem for me.“ „I understand,“ Mike said, his voice carrying a note of camaraderie. „I love working late too. It's so peaceful when most of the workers are gone. I can really enjoy myself then.“

Niko couldn't help but wonder what Mike meant by that last sentence, but as the hours passed, they both became increasingly engrossed in their work. The sounds of their combined efforts reverberated through the backyard, and time seemed to blur as they focused entirely on creating a solid foundation for the upcoming pathway.

„Are you working out?“ Niko inquired with interest, just before noon.

Mike responded, „Yes, but not at the gym, if that's what you're asking.“ I own a property located outside the village right by the railway line. It includes a house and a vehicle shed. Inside the shed, there's a multi-gym. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the place. To reach it, you need to take a turn about half a mile past the Rittersbach town sign, heading towards Barnsdorf. There, you'll find a dirt road. This dirt road passes through a small forest on the right-hand side. After about 200 meters, you'll end up on my property just before the railway line. Well, the tracks practically run through my living room, but I've grown used to the noise over time, even though the railway sees quite a bit of activity, as you probably know.“

„Hey, I think it's time for a break,“ Mike exclaimed, sounding surprised. „We almost overlooked the most important thing – eating! Do you have lunch with you?“ he inquired.

„Yep,“ Niko replied. „Well, before we dig in, I need to take a quick bathroom break.“

Mike gestured toward a path that led into the nearby forest. „It's a bit muddy there, but with your boots, it shouldn't be a bother. Your willingness to get your hands dirty really makes the job easier,“ Mike remarked. „Not a problem at all, Sir. I don't mind getting down and dirty,“ Niko replied with a smile. „I actually own some pairs of rubber boots myself. I would have worn a pair if I had known what today had in store,“ he added, chuckling.

„Ha, then get used to the idea that you'll often find me in rubber boots,“ Mike quipped.

„Sounds like a plan! I'll stick to it. You're the boss, after all!“ Niko said with a grin.

Niko ventured into the woods while Mike, still chuckling at Niko's remark, made his way back to the shed.

Shortly afterwards Nico opened the door and came in. The two men continued their conversation in the snug interior of the storage room, unravelling the depths of their most cherished convictions and life experiences. They discovered a shared passion for sturdy footwear and its distinct allure, along with a mutual affinity for military outfit, appreciating its comfort and durability. Niko touched Mike’s army pants that he had borrowed and absently rubbing his hands along his thighs, his hands finally came to a rest on his bulge that constantly grew bigger. Mike pretended not to notice Niko's excitement, but he knew well that the clothes - especially the rubber boots - were making Niko horny.

The tension between them was palpable, fuelled by the suppressed desires that simmered beneath the surface. Mike broke the silence first.

He raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing across his face. „Is this underwear of yours comfortable at all?“ he asked casually, taking note of Niko's sudden flush. Niko nodded, feeling the sweat trickling down his brow. He ran his fingers through his tousled hair, trying to gain control over his escalating desire. „Rubber is quite comfy actually. Especially in sweaty situations. But working in rubber boots all day… damn, this gets me excited beyond belief! I'm really into that... I hope that this ok with you... boss.“ Niko added nervously. His breath caught slightly, unable to look directly at Mike now. Sensing the shift in energy, Mike bent slightly over the table, the air thickening around them with anticipation. His gaze fell on Niko's member, hidden behind his buttoned fly, but still obviously rock solid in Mike's camouflage pants.

„Sure, that's fine,“ Mike said with a grin and sat back down. I can understand you quite well. I think I'll have to take a closer look at the cycling shorts - maybe they're available in my size too. Their conversation gradually drifted towards broader topics as they savoured their lunch. Niko broke the momentary silence, suggesting, „Shall we return to our task?“ Mike, snapping out of his thoughts, responded with gratitude, „Oh, you're absolutely right. I nearly lost track of time.“

They retrieved their tools and continued the ground-clearing task, persisting until late in the afternoon. Mike checked his watch and remarked, „It's getting rather late, and it's not worth starting on the formwork now.“ He turned to Niko and suggested, „Why don't you change and call it a day? We'll need to compact the excavated earth with the vibrator, but it's not the most thrilling job. Tomorrow, we can pick up with laying the gravel, and then we'll tackle the formwork.“

Niko, eager to be of assistance, inquired, „Are you sure I can't help anymore? I could operate the vibrator if you show it to me how it works, or I could transport the gravel while you handle the device. I don't mind either way. You could give me a lift, and I can load my bike onto your pickup truck,” Niko grinned. „Afterward, I can also clean your clothes and boots at home.“

Mike chuckled and nodded with amusement, remarking, „Cleaning, huh? What's the use in all that fuss? Is it possible that you simply want to take my clothes and rubber boots at home tonight... shall we say?“

Niko blushed. „Hey, I don't have a problem with that and it’s quite flattering, actually. If it excites you, then go for it,“ Mike replied with a teasing smile.

Mike flashed a mischievous grin and casually leaned against the railing near the door. Despite the approaching evening, neither of them seemed eager to call it a day.

„Alright, let’s begin the vibrating machine,” Mike announced. „Get two ear defenders out of the shed - they're hanging on the inside of the entrance door.“ He proceeded to instruct Niko on the proper handling of the machine, standing closely behind him to provide a hands-on-demonstration of its controls. „It’s surprisingly straightforward,” Niko exclaimed, raising his voice to overcome the machine’s deafening roar, and Mike nodded in wholehearted agreement. The young man shuddered when he felt Mike's member slightly pressing against his pelvis. The powerful machine shook the very ground beneath their feet.

They were drenched in sweat as they drudged away: Niko skilfully operated the compactor, compressing the soil, while Mike diligently shovelled gravel from the pile outside the garden gate into the wheelbarrow. The gravel was then carefully deposited into the area Niko had prepared. Exhausted but accomplished, they stepped back to admire their work.

„Phew!“ Mike exclaimed, peeling off his grimy, sweat-soaked t-shirt.

„Wow!“ Niko chimed in, his tone a mix of admiration, relief, and exhaustion. „How did you build a physique like that?“

„Hard work and consistent training,“ Mike replied with a friendly smile. „Do you want to give it a try?“

Niko swallowed nervously but stepped closer to Mike, intrigued by the idea. The proximity of Mike's body excited him as he hesitantly reached out and gently stroked Mike's well-defined six-pack abs, his cheeks turning a deep shade of red.

„Do you want to achieve something like this too?“ Mike asked, sensing Niko's curiosity.

„Absolutely,“ Niko replied dreamily, his eyes fixed on Mike's sculpted physique. „That would be amazing.“

„I can show you a few exercises,“ Mike offered, his voice encouraging. „If you stay committed like you did today, you'll start seeing those muscles develop in no time.“

As evening drew nearer, the two men began storing the equipment into the shed, removing their protective garments piece by piece.

„Throw your bike on pickup bed, will ya?” Mike requested as he hopped into the driver’s seat, still sporting the same attire, boots and bare chest. Once Niko settled into the passenger seat, Mike playfully tossed his sweaty t-shirt toward him. „Here, hold onto this!” he said with a playful grin, eliciting yet another blush from Niko.

During the journey, Niko couldn’t resist stealing glances at the distinct outline under Mike’s belt. He found it rather appealing and couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to touch Mike’s bulge. Mike, on the other hand, subtly observed Niko’s interest out of the corner of his eye.

As their journey slowed and they approached Rittersbach, Mike turned to Niko with a grin. „Welcome to my domain. Would you like to grab a beer after work, or shall I drop you off at home? Are you living on your own, or are you still with your parents?“ Mike asked, his interest evident.

Niko responded with a smile, „No, I left home a while ago. My parents reside in Hofstetten, and I've got my own place in Rittersbach. A beer sounds great!“ Niko exclaimed, in a cheerful mood.

With a hint of intrigue, Niko added, „Although my apartment isn't particularly spacious, there's something about it that might surprise you.“ Mike's curiosity was instantly piqued. „What do you mean?“ he probed.

Chuckling, Niko replied, „Well, maybe you might just discover it sooner than you think.“

Mike skilfully guided the pickup truck onto the rugged dirt road, embarking on a journey through the enchanting, shadowy forest. In the distance, the ground shook with the rumble of a massive freight train thundering past.

With a hint of amusement, Mike turned to Niko and said, „I told you, it feels like that train is on a direct course for my living room.“ Niko couldn't help but chuckle in response.

As they approached Mike's well-maintained property, it appeared neat and organized. A substantial warehouse stood on one side, housing a tractor and a front loader. The other part of the property was enclosed by a sturdy fence. In the gathering dusk, Niko could make out rows of cabinets, lockers, and shelves, their contents obscured from view. It was evident that these storage spaces held a plethora of tools essential for landscaping and gardening. There was a wooden lounger next to the tool shed.

Mike expertly parked the truck in front of the house, and they both stepped out into the warm evening air.

With a friendly offer, Mike suggested, „It's still warm out here. Want to relax on the bench? I'll grab us some beers from the fridge.“ Without waiting for Niko's response, he knocked the dirt off his boots and disappeared into the house. There was the distinct sound of a fridge door opening and closing as Mike retrieved the cold beverages.

As the distant rumble of another passing train filled the air, Niko strained to hear any other sounds, but the train's noise dominated everything.

Suddenly, Mike reappeared at the door, handing Niko an opened bottle. Without a word, he cracked open a second bottle and took a seat beside Niko. For a while, they sat in companionable silence, enjoying the refreshing drinks.

After a few minutes, the approaching train reached the stretch of track near Mike's house. Niko remarked, „Wow, there's quite a bit of activity around here.“

Mike nodded in agreement, adding, „Yeah, the train traffic tends to die down significantly at night.“

An air of expectancy enveloped them. It wasn't solely the prospect of enjoying a beer together; there was an unspoken yet tangible something else lingering in the atmosphere.

Niko's voice held a hint of shyness as he finally posed his question in a soft tone, „I remember you mentioning earlier that you enjoy wearing army outfits the most, but what are your other favourite clothes? What else do you have in your wardrobe?“

Mike pondered for a moment before responding, „Well, honestly, I have a strong preference for those army outfits. I do own a few pairs of combat boots, but when it comes to everyday wear, I find myself most comfortable in a pair of rubber boots. I think you of all people will understand that, right? Furthermore, this place is well-maintained and dry, including both the garage and the warehouse. However, once you venture into the meadows and head towards the forest, you encounter nothing but marshy ground. The Rummbach runs through this area, and you can witness the mud oozing from the wheel arches of vehicles. It's a sight to behold. I won't even mention what it looks like when it pours rain. I have to routinely clean the driveway and the courtyard pavement with a high-pressure steam jet, or they get completely covered in dirt.“

„You really think I am turned on by rubber boots, maybe I was only joking earlier?” Niko asked in awe once Mike had ended. „Sure, don't kid me, boy. I saw your sparkling eyes as you sank your legs into my boots. The moaning gave you away too, just in case you didn't notice.“

Niko had to swallow and couldn't say a word. He nodded silently. His gaze followed Mike's bare torso, lingered briefly on Mike's bulge and finally followed over the massive thighs down to the boots that Mike had been wearing all day.

The evening sun cast its warm, golden rays across the backyard, bestowing an enchanting radiance upon everything it touched. With a mischievous grin, Mike pivoted and playfully raised his now-empty bottle as a nonverbal invitation. „Shall we go for another round?“ he proposed.

Niko, his face lit up by the fading sun's ethereal hues, replied with enthusiasm, „Absolutely!“

With a subtle duck beneath the low lintel, Mike swiftly returned to the house, and the familiar sound of the refrigerator clinking open echoed once more.

When Mike came out with two open bottles, he stood close in front of Niko to hand him one of them. A masculine smell emanated from Mike's fly and the bulge seemed to have grown even larger.
Niko eyes were fixed on Mike's package. „Hey sweetheart! Stop dreaming,“ Mike said, grinning. „I'm just teasing you!“ „Oh, you're very good at it... Boss.“ said Niko still watching the massive tent.

The evening sun glittered softly on Mike's skin, reflecting beautifully from his tight torso to his broad shoulders, creating a captivating contrast between the light and shadow dancing upon his frame. It was hard for Niko to take his eyes away from the sight before him.

Desire burned hotter now within Niko. Niko's fingers brushing against Mike's thigh, inadvertently, yet intentionally, sending sparks of electricity racing throughout his entire body. Niko grew bolder when his boss didn't back down. He ran his rubber boots up and down Mike's boots. There was a squeaking noise, causing Mike to grunt softly.

Mike arched his body a little, stretched and yawned. Niko could feel the warmth of Mike's package on his face as he arched. Mike ran his right hand through Niko's hair, messing up his unruly hairstyle even more, before finally taking a step back and raising his new bottle of beer to his mouth with his other hand. „As I said, I'm just teasing you.“

The faint sound of a vehicle slowing down reached their ears, followed by the unmistakable crunch of tires as it made the turn onto the dusty dirt road leading to Mike's property.

Mike's gaze fixated with curiosity in the direction of an approaching Jeep Wrangler, making its way up the winding forest path. „That must be Stefan. I wasn't expecting him at all,“ Mike remarked, his surprise evident in his tone.

Turning to Niko, he added, „Niko, could you use the steam jet to clean the driveway? You'll find it by the water connection in the machine hall.“

„Sure thing, boss!“ Niko responded energetically, taking a final swig from his bottle before leaping up to carry out his new boss's request.

Meanwhile, the wide-wheeled black Wrangler pulled into the open space between Mike's pickup track and the vehicle shed.

Mike arched an eyebrow when Stefan emerged from the vehicle, his attire consisting of snug-fitting light blue jeans, an olive-green t-shirt, and sturdy black work boots. Niko only managed a fleeting glance at the guy. He gauged the newcomer's age to be in his early 30s, mirroring Mike's age bracket. The man sported a blond ultra-short haircut, with the sides trimmed so close that not even half their length remained, revealing the contours of his skull. Similar to Mike, he possessed the physique of a bodybuilder.

Mike was well aware that his friend had a knack for combining comfort with a distinctly appealing masculine style. Mike glanced at him with his broad stature, muscular arms, and powerful torso. Their gazes met, and for a moment, neither of them uttered a word.

Finally, Mike broke the silence. „Stefan, it's a pleasant surprise to see you today. I wasn't expecting you.“

„Oh, my apologies. I know we had planned to meet tomorrow afternoon, but I suddenly found myself with some free time,“ Stefan explained, his disappointment subtly colouring his tone. „Nonetheless, I'm delighted you dropped by,“ Mike continued warmly. „So, were you able to acquire those rubber boots I mentioned ... since you had some time to spare?“

Stefan hesitated briefly before responding, „Yes, absolutely. The gardening store has such an abundance of them that they’re practically giving them away!“ Mike couldn't help but chuckle.

He turned his head, looked over his shoulders and glanced over at Niko, who was busy operating the steam jet. Stefan had to raise his voice to be heard over the noise of the passing freight train, but not loud enough to be understood by the new hand. „Is this your new assistant?“

„Yes, that's Niko,“ Mike confirmed with a smile, gesturing towards the young man working diligently with the steam jet. „It's his first day, and as you can see, he's quite eager to please.“

Stefan raised an eyebrow, intrigued. „Interesting.“ He turned his attention back to Niko, closely observing his actions. The young man appeared to excel at his tasks, handling the equipment with efficiency. „How did you come to hire him?“ Mike shrugged casually.

„Well, Stefan, I was in search of someone capable of efficiently aiding me in project completion, requiring minimal supervision,“ he said, leaning in closer and lowering his voice to a whisper. „And,“ he continued, „he also shares our passion for rubber boots and army outfit.“

A brief pause ensued during which Stefan appeared both curious and slightly impressed. „Is that so? Quite intriguing,“ Stefan remarked, folding his arms and still looking over his shoulders towards Niko fixing an intense gaze on him, who expertly guided the steam jet across the sidewalk. Even as water splashed onto his face, forming rivulets that streamed down his forehead and neck, Niko remained unfazed. Mike couldn't help but observe the undeniable interest of Stefan into Niko. It had the potential to complicate matters, but also to add an element of excitement.

Mike approached Stefan from behind, placing a friendly arm around his shoulder and gently turning him toward Niko.

„Take a look for yourself, buddy. Otherwise you'll twist your neck.” Mike continued after a second, ” I haven't witnessed such dedication since...“ Mike deliberately left his sentence unfinished, inviting speculation about their shared past experiences. Niko glanced up, catching the subtle exchange between his employer and friend. The intensity of Stefan's scrutiny appeared to intensify as their eyes locked. With a sudden surge of boldness, Niko returned the stare with defiance.

An electric silence hung in the air, charged with an unmistakable undercurrent of attraction. Then, suddenly, Mike broke the tension. „Hey Niko, meet Stefan!“ Niko raised his hand in greeting, and Stefan reciprocated with a wave. „One more?“ Mike inquired. „Nay, I still have some beer left in the bottle. Let me finish it quickly, and then I'll join you,“ the young bricklayer responded as the next regional express train was already approaching.

In the meantime, Mike got Stefan a beer and they found places to sit. Mike settled onto the bench, while Stefan pulled up a garden chair. They stretched their legs, and Stefan propped his work boots onto Mike's feet, which were still clad in his sweaty size 12’s rubber boots.

After some time, the steady hum of the jet stream trailing behind the vehicles gradually subsided. Shortly thereafter, Niko emerged from the vehicle hall, making his way toward the two friends. His pants, tee, and boots where somewhat wet. As Niko's gaze met Stefan's countenance, he beheld a meticulously groomed circle-style beard that accentuated Stefan's luscious, full lips. It was only in that moment that he noticed Stefan's captivating steel blue eyes, brimming with unmistakable interest, fixed upon him again. He became visibly nervous when Stefan looked at him intently. „Hey Mike,“ Niko suggested, „I can hop on my bike and cover the final mile, if you want your privacy; not a big deal, it is anyway late, isn’t it?“

Mike raised an eyebrow and replied, „Nay, take a seat, will you? Unless you've got some urgent business to attend to, of course.“ Mike handed Niko the bottle of beer, which he picked up from the floor next to the bench.

„No, nothing pressing,“ Niko responded and sat on the bench next to Mike. „By the way, since you were talking about landscaping uniforms, I reached out to Stefan by phone earlier to see if he could recommend some durable rubber boots, and he managed to snag a couple of pairs for us. One in size 10 and the other in 11 plus an extra one in 11.5,“ Mike explained. „Wanna give them a try?“

„Absolutely!“ Niko exclaimed, his curiosity piqued. „What kind are they?“

Stefan stood up and walked over to the jeep. „They're Husqvarna Functional 28’s,“ he announced.

Niko's eyes widened. „Wow, these are fuckin wild and must have cost a pretty penny!“ he remarked.

Stefan chuckled as he retrieved the boots from the trunk and closed it with a loud thud.

Niko's cheeks turned a faint shade of pink. „I appreciate that you are looking after me, Mike. And Stefan being your friend does make me feel better. I should keep my mouth shut and not immediately reveal that I like rubber boots. I mean, it is a... my, uh... our secret after all, it's safe with him, right?“ Niko asked, seeking reassurance, his concerns still lingering. With a comforting smile, Mike responded, „Absolutely, Niko. Stefan and I go way back, all the way to our school days. Trust is the cornerstone of our friendship.“ He paused, emphasizing the significance of trust.

Niko nodded, a sense of gratitude washing over him. He hadn't fully considered how trust, which was vital in their friendship, could also make things complicated when mixed with desire – especially given the close bond between Mike and Stefan. The thought only served to stoke the fire within him even further.

„Here are the boots, fresh out of the box,“ Stefan announced with a smile. „They're slightly heftier because of the added cut protection, but I'm guessing you're into that, right?“ he teased, a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Upon laying eyes on the boots, Niko felt a surge of excitement welling up inside him. They were everything he had hoped for – masculine, practical, and exuding a rugged appeal. As Niko stole a glance at Mike, he couldn't help but notice the approving look on his face. It was evident that Mike was genuinely pleased with the choice, fuelling the already simmering anticipation that lingered beneath the surface.

In that moment, Niko's imagination ran wild, painting vivid mental images of himself proudly wearing those chunky rubber boots alongside Mike and Stefan, ready for whatever adventure lay ahead. Imagining the two men admiring him in the boots fuelled his arousal, causing his erection to harden in the army pants that he got from Mike.

Niko and Mike began the process of exchanging their worn rubber boots for the new Husqvarna ones. A pungent odor wafted from the boots they had been in all day, assaulting their senses.

„Ugh,“ Stefan exclaimed, wrinkling his nose. „That's almost unbearable.“

Mike chuckled and replied, „Come on, don't be such a wimp. It's all part of the job.“

Stefan grinned wryly. „You've got a point there,“ he admitted. „But still, it's like a punishment for my nose.“

Mike laughed and teased, „Well, you're usually the one who can't get your head out of your shaft anymore!“ Stefan couldn't help but chuckle at that remark. „Fair enough,“ he conceded. „But you know what? You should give these boots a proper christening. It's basically a stress test,“ he suggested, a mischievous glint in his eye. „If your cocks get hard, then these are probably the right boots for fetish pigs,” Stefan added laughing.

Mike and Niko first looked each other in the eyes. Then Mike looked at Niko's crotch. „Tell me, I know that these pants are a size too big for you, but your latex pants underneath are probably very tight. Fuck!“ Mike said, recognition evident in his tone.

„Shit! The young fucker has been wearing rubber shorts? All day long?“ Stefan said. „And you knew?“ Stefan looked puzzled and excited. „Cool down. Niko changed in a shed. These are my camo pants! You should know them. You've worn them often enough yourself when I needed your assistance at a job.“

Stefan got up and went to Niko, leaned over him and checked the fit of the camouflage pants on Niko's buttocks. „Get up!“

„Hey,” Niko said, but stood up from the bench and allowed the examination to take place. Stefan stepped behind the young man and bluntly grabbed Niko's ass and massaged the younger man's butt with his large hands. „Firm ass cheeks. Have you ever been fucked?“ „Huh, what? No!“ „But you're gay, aren't you?“ Stefan asked the bricklayer. „What? Uh... Well...“ „So you are! At least you didn't deny it. But no one knows, from the sound of your stammering.“

Stefan stopped massaging Niko's ass and circled him again until he was standing in front of him and looked straight at his crotch. „Fuck, yeah!” he said lustfully. There's definitely a stiff member in his pants. May I?“ Stefan and Niko's eyes met. Stefan moved even closer to Niko without breaking his gaze. Niko swallowed, but held the muscular guy's gaze. Stefan continued to look deeply into Niko's eyes and touched Niko's fly with his large hands. Stefan pulled his lips into a pout. „Uhh!“ he breathed. At first the touch on Niko’s crotch was gentle, but as soon as he felt the contours of Niko's erect member, he gripped harder. Niko needed to grunt. Stefan's steel blue gaze remained glued to the boy.

Mike watched the scene with amusement. „I could have told you that, Stefan,“ he said calmly. „I had the boy almost ready. Imagine, this on the first day of work!“. „But he definitely wasn't expecting that,“ remarked Stefan, a glint of mischief in his eye. Both men shared a knowing smile before returning their focus to Niko. His eyes darted between them nervously, taking in every word and action as the conversation unfolded.

„Look, there isn't anything wrong with liking rubber boots, right?“ Mike and Stefan exchanged amused looks. „That depends,“ Stefan replied cryptically „Isn't this why you applied for this job?“ He smirked knowingly. „To indulge your fixation with rubber boots?“

Niko flushed with embarrassment, though a hint of pride coloured his response. „Something like that,“ he admitted sheepishly. Mike chimed in, placing a comforting hand on Niko's shoulder. „Trust me, man, you picked the perfect place. Mike … and I may just satisfy those needs for you.“

The trio fell silent for a moment, basking in the heavy atmosphere of possibility surrounding them.
Finally, Niko broke the silence, tentatively asking Stefan, „Do you ... I mean, do you like rubber boots, too?“ Stefan gave him another piercing look, expressions unreadable. After a beat, Stefan spoke up, his voice low and measured. „Well, let's say Mike and I appreciate their functional nature... and maybe certain aspects of their appearance, as well.“

Stefan's statement sent a ripple through Niko, whose heart quickened with anticipation. Intrigued, he pressed further. „How much do you enjoy them?“ Stefan raised an eyebrow and replied teasingly, „Well, there's nothing better than keeping your sweaty work clothes and damp and incredible filthy rubber boots on after a hard day's work. And even play in them.”

To demonstrate his commitment, Stefan grabbed the grimy boots that Niko had donned throughout the day, settled on the front porch bench, and began removing his own sturdy black work boots just as the next southbound freight train rumbled past the property line.

As Stefan prepared to slip his foot into the rubber boot, he momentarily halted, raising it to his nose and taking a deep, contemplative breath. „Not too shabby,“ he mused, „but it could use a bit more intensity. Mike, you went easy on him today, yeah?“

„Not at all,“ Mike replied, standing beside Niko and giving him an appreciative pat on the shoulder. „The boy's making excellent progress, and,“ he added with a playful rub of his new rubber boots against Niko's, producing a loud squeak, „that's definitely a bonus.“ Niko's boss said with a grunt.

The boner under the rubber skin was now so painfully stiff that Niko tried to shift it through his pants into a more comfortable position, which turned out to be quite difficult. „Let me,“ said Mike, watching Niko's action with excitement. Mike stood up and went in front of his new guy, opened his belt and his fly and pulled at the rubber underwear. A musky smell emanated from the heavily sweaty cycling shorts. „Fuck!“ Mike said surprised, „I didn't expect something like that. Hey, Stefan! We urgently need those kind of fuckin shorts. Fuck, that's awesome!“ While he held the rubber pants open with one hand, he stuck the other in and adjusted Niko's wet boner so that it stood straight up. Once he was satisfied, he backed away. „Shit man! The boy is standing in his own juice in those rubber pants. They're probably also available as rubber jeans, right?“ „Sure,” said Niko, who seemed much more confident now.

„Hm... and then would I be able to get to your butt?“ Stefan wanted to know, while he was still inhaling the content of the filthy rubber boot. „Do I have to laboriously pull down your rubber pants?” „If you don’t configure them correctly, then yes.“ Niko said cheekily. „I suppose tonight will be an opportunity to discover some intriguing techniques and delve into the art of customizing rubber uniforms, won't it?“ He gave a crooked grin. Niko smiled, clearly enjoying Stefan's enthusiasm. „I think the three of us need to find out about possible options,“ Stefan said thoughtfully.

„So, it seems your cut-resistant boots are now officially christened,“ Stefan remarked as he finally slipped his feet into Mike's rubber boots. He stood up and confidently strode toward the forest. „Mike gave you the heads up about the muddy terrain?“ Stefan inquired.

„Yeah, he mentioned something like that,“ Niko replied with a grin, exchanging a cheeky smile with Mike. They all followed Stefan toward the swampy meadow, wincing as he purposefully dragged his boots on the pavement. „Damn!“ he exclaimed loudly. „I absolutely love that sound!“. He took off his army shirt and carelessly dropped it on the pavement and thrust his arms into the air, gave the swampy landscape his fingers and shouted, „I'm going in! Mudhole, here I come!“

When he arrived at the meadow and heard the wet squelch of his boot entering the boggy ground. „Oh yeah, just like that,“ he murmured contentedly, his body visibly relaxing. As he stepped deeper into the marshland, the sludge rose higher up the sides of his boots, making their previously crisp crease lines become distorted and stretched. Each step resulted in the distinct sucking sound of sloshing mud.

Behind him, Niko observed closely how the boots deformed on their leader's legs.

'There’s a lot more to rubber boots than meets the eye,' he thought to himself. He couldn't help but feel aroused by their passionate interactions and their clear attraction toward the material. Watching Stefan lead the way, his ass flexing rhythmically beneath the fabric of his jeans with his muscles bulging on his bare back, drove desire coursing through Niko's veins. Niko felt increasingly aroused and couldn't help but cast a curious look over his shoulder at Mike, who was wearing his blue jeans and his gorgeous orange-grey bulky rubber boots with pride.

Noticing Niko's attention, Mike flashed him a playful wink before continuing their walk through the soggy field. Despite the autumn wind blowing across the treetops above, Niko felt oddly warm due to the thrill of observing these two powerful figures engage in their passionate obsession.

As they ventured through the meadow, the earth seemed to whisper beneath her new rubber boots, while Niko couldn't help but sense the anticipation radiating from Mike. Their arms occasionally brushed against each other, and it was evident that Mike's skin had erupted into goosebumps, mirroring the palpable thrill of their adventure.

„Yeah, man,” Mike groaned softly looking down at his boots. „I'm... I... This really turns me on, but you can still... I mean, if this is too much...“ Mike groaned with his mouth open and full of lust as he dreamily looked over at Niko.

„Mike,“ Niko began reassuringly, „I think you've given me a choice several times and I'm still here, right? If this wasn't good for me, I would have backed out long ago, right?“

Mike looked at Niko embarrassed. „Shit, I admit, I like hunky guys in dirty rubber boots! ... Niko, I might have to... let of steam on the construction site every now and then. That's why I usually have two pairs of rubber boots there. I have to jerk off somewhere.“ „Hence the smell!“ chuckled Niko. „Hm... I had no idea you'd stick your nose in my boots,“ Mike said with an enchanted smile.

Niko held Mike back so that they both stood there and watched Stefan sink deeper into the mud with every step he took. His voice was loud enough that also Stefan was able to hear what he wanted to say. „I wanted to work for you, Mike. I've seen Stefan before too, I... I wanted to be a part of this. Crap. I thought it would take a lot longer, but...“

„But now you're here!“ Stefan called over his shoulder, concentrating on the ground in front of him, „everything else is water under the bridge!”

„Yeah, Niko!“ Mike added softly. „Now you are here.“

Niko recalled with a chuckle, „ Sebastian once drove us past one of your construction sites.“

„He does that all the time,“ Mike responded wryly. „He has nothing to do but stare.“

„That particular one was in Niedermauk, not too far back in time,“ Niko added. „You both were hard at work, paving the courtyard entrance in the blistering 30°C heat, clad in rubber boots. I'll never forget that scene.“

Stefan chuckled at the memory. „Ah, yes, I remember that day. It was scorching hot, and those rubber boots felt like they were glued to my feet.“

„My boss said you were faggots.“, Niko admitted.

„Fuck! He's actually right about one thing!“ Stefan laughed. „Because we're already talking about the topic... Uh, do you also know then that Mike has to be milked every day?“ laughed Stefan. „And not just once. My boyfriend actually has a permanent hard-on. He may even want to ride you and I'm telling you... he's pretty good at it,“ grunted Stefan, who was now making slow progress through the mud.

„Actually, I quite admire how flexible you guys seem to be. I envy that,“ confessed Niko, impressed by the couple's attraction. With a mixture of curiosity and nerves, he continued observing the friends.

„Hey, why not? But ... shit!” Stefan reached a particularly dense patch of mud and stopped. „Hey, guys! I'm feeling like I slipped into a tough spot here. Could really use a hand to pull me out!“ Mike and Niko followed the muscleman. He must have been stuck by now because his rubber boots were no longer visible from here. „Mike! Help me!“ Stefan shouted, pretending to be pleading. Mike grinned as he looked over at Niko and Niko still could hardly believe that he was trudging across the muddy ground in rubber boots with two horny stallions at his side.

„And what now?“ Niko asked. „Now?“ Mike asked innocently as he stood behind Stefan, who was already up to his knees in mud. „Now you see how deep it goes down here.” With the words he grabbed Stefan by the shoulder and pushed him downwards.

They fought for a few seconds until Mike managed to push Stefan's massive thighs completely into the mud. Stefan playfully fought back as he ended up with his balls stuck in the mud.

„Well,“ said Mike. I think his face could use some cream. „If you want to play along, you'll shoot your load right into his face. He may also suck your cock if you get too close... Stefan has strong arms with which he can grab you at any time.”

„However...“ Mike said conspiratorially and clearly quieter while Niko and Stefan excitedly listened to Mike's role play suggestion, „It could be that Stefan will get a little angry with you if you shoot your cream into his face. Once he has freed himself, then he might catch you and... fuck you.“

Stefan's cries echoed through the air, a desperate mixture of yells and roars as he sank deeper into the unforgiving quagmire. His colossal frame, now trapped in the thick mud, seemed even more massive in its futile struggle. „Help me, damn it!“ he implored, but his pleas fell on deaf ears as both Mike and Niko couldn't help but grin at his predicament.

At last, defeated by the relentless grip of the mire, Stefan reluctantly acknowledged his surrender. With a menacing growl, he began to contort and squirm, desperately attempting to break free from the unyielding morass. Despite his unwavering efforts, only minuscule portions of his big bulge managed to emerge from the clinging, viscous muck.

Niko briefly closed his eyes, contemplating Mike's suggestion. The sheer excitement in the air made it impossible for him to decline the offer. With deliberate care, he advanced toward the colossal figure ensnared in the mud, positioning himself directly in front of Stefan. A low grunt escaped Stefan's lips as Niko's boots sank partially into the unforgiving mire, yet, owing to his lighter stature compared to Mike and Stefan, he managed to maintain his ground against the treacherous terrain.

As Mike had mentioned, Stefan possessed incredibly powerful arms. With astonishing strength, he seized the young man by the groin and effortlessly hoisted him upward, closing the distance between them. Niko fought valiantly, attempting to break free from Stefan's grasp, but he found himself powerless against Stefan's overwhelming might.

Desperation fuelled Niko's struggle, and he clenched Stefan's shoulders tightly, his fingers digging into the supple skin, desperately searching for any leverage.

Even though Stefan held him with an iron grip, Niko wasn't going to give up without a fight. Frustrated, he strained harder to gain leverage, causing him to moan deeply in the process.

His bulge grew larger under the pressure, threatening to burst forth. Niko noticed Stefan's gaze shift to his crotch, a smirk curling onto his lips. „No one escapes my grasp, least of all a tempting lad such as yourself.“ His voice oozed confidence, laced with dark undertones. „Better surrender now, otherwise you risk me dragging you down until your pretty face submerges into the mud.”

Breathless and trembling, Niko acquiesced to Stefan's demands. „Good boy!”, Stefan released his arms from Niko and excitedly began to open his fly. When he finally pulled the rubber cycling shorts down and the strong musky scent coupled with sweat wafted towards him, he had to grunt. Niko's hard member bobbed against his nose. „Fuck! This is fuckin awesome!“ He ran his tongue across the sensitive area and Niko had to moan loudly. Stefan's paws grabbed Nico's ass and kneaded his firm cheeks. „You are aware that I'm going to tear your ass afterwards?“ Stefan said full of lust.

„Yes...“ Niko said excitedly. „Yes what?“ said Stefan, pausing briefly. „Yes, Stefan. I know what you want to do to me. I know the deal.“ Stefan grunted. That’s better, boy. „’Yes, Sir’, that would have been sufficient, but I'm satisfied. It's only your first day.“

Stefan turned to Mike, who was still sucking Niko's cock. The boy moaned constantly as Stefan treated the 24-year-old with his experienced tongue. "Fuck, Mike! We really need rubber skins like that. Shit, they're damn hot!" he said, smacking his lips.

„I told you,” said Mike, who also fished his hard cock out of his jeans, and moved next to Niko in front of Stefan and started to jerk off. „Crap! I'll definitely fuck you both as soon as I get out of the mudhole!“ „Maybe, but Niko is first.“ Mike laughed.

„Okay,“ Stefan groaned. „Then let's see how well you can hit me with your cream! Now cum in my face!“ Niko and Mike pumped their cocks in front of Stefan's face. Stefan massaged the boy's butt with one hand and held onto Mike's torso with the other, so that the landscaper slowly sank into the mud. Niko and Mike looked into each other's eyes, their mouths wide open with excitement. „Fuck! That's hot,“ Niko shouted. „I've never felt so...free.“ „Yeah, feels really good!“ said Mike. A freight train rumbled past. Maybe the train driver happened to look over at them, maybe he even realized what was going on, but that didn't bother any of the three. Its distant whistle echoed through the quiet countryside and gave some evidence, maybe he even wanted to encourage the trio.

Nightfall approached. Muted sunlight illuminated steam rising from the wet fields surrounding the trio. In response, Mike glanced at his watch and nodded solemnly. This evening was meant to bring closure to their intense experiences thus far. The air hung heavy with sexual energy as Niko, Mike, and Stefan shared tender moments amid the gathering darkness.

„Argh. Huh! I'm coming!“ Niko shouted in ecstasy. „Fuck!“ A hard jet hit Stefan in the face, making him grunt. Niko reared up and once again shot a load onto Stefan's nose and into his open mouth. Stefan moaned in excitement. Mike grunted as he reached his climax. However, he was already up to his knees in mud and poured his hot load onto Stefan's chest. The hunk slowly unhooked himself from Niko's butt, releasing the younger man from his powerful grasp. Stefan spread the white slime on his face and upper body.

Niko and Mike snorted hard as they recovered from their ejaculation. Their faces dripping with sweat, adrenalin coursing through their veins. Niko's rubber cycling shorts slapped his sweaty body as he stuck his penis back into it, his breathing was heavy.

As a united team, they aided Stefan in liberating himself from the clutches of the voracious swamp pit. „Shit, those were incredible orgasms, weren't they?“ asked Mike breathlessly. With considerable effort, they hauled him back onto solid ground. Slowly, Stefan regained control of his legs, feeling his muscles protesting the sudden movement after spending some time locked in the slimy abyss.

„Thanks, guys!“ His jeans were entirely saturated in the pitch-black, gooey mess, and even parts of his upper body glistened with the same dark hue. Stefan couldn't help but flash a wry grin. „Well, you've certainly given your new rubber boots a proper welcome. Returning them to the store may now be a nearly impossible task.“

Mike and Niko shared a laugh, but Stefan's tone turned more earnest. „Guys, I'm glad you had your fun, but what about me?“ He fixed a serious gaze on Niko. „You know, you really don't have to do this. Honestly, Mike here would be more than willing to step in for you, wouldn't you, Mike?“

„Absolutely,“ Mike chimed in without hesitation.

„Stefan, I'm determined about this,“ he paused briefly, swallowing hard, „I want one of you to take me. I really need to be taken ... to be fucked. This is my first time and want it! ... Stefan, I'd prefer it to be you, since we made a deal. But, of course, only if Mike is on board with it.“ He shot a quick glance at his boss, who responded with a calm nod, giving his tacit approval.

„I do have one request,“ he continued.

„Go on,“ Stefan urged.

„I'd like to continue the game as Mike explained it,“ he replied.

Curious, Mike chimed in, „And what exactly does that entail?“ Stefan too appeared intrigued.

„Catch me.”, Niko started, „Lure me into a bog where I will get stuck. I want you to fuck me in the mud. I want to feel raw lust, that animal in you when you punish me for humiliating you, because I squirted in your face.“ Niko’s voice trailing off into a nervous whisper.

Stefan looked behind him. „You mean I should get back into that stinking shit with you?“ „Do you mind?“, asked Niko shyly. „Hell, I certainly don't mind,“ Stefan grinned, though you do end up with that shit in your rubber boots afterward.“

Niko asked innocently, „Aren't boots supposed to get a little roughed up?“ Mike chimed in with a laugh, „Mike here ended up with muddy boots too.“

„Okay, then let’s do it like this. That will be fun! I'll give you a 50 yard lead. You'd better be quick. You see my package?“ Stefan asked, touching the big bulge that was dripping with mud with his previously clean hands. „Let me make one thing absolutely clear to you: there's no clean way out of this.“

Without uttering a single word, Niko bolted across the treacherous grassy terrain, aware that the muscle-bound pursuer was hot on his heels. Despite the challenge of keeping pace due to his adversary's bulk, Niko suspected that the man had a superior understanding of the terrain. Avoiding the forest, the road, or the tracks left him with no option but to head towards the Rimmbach.

Glancing back again, Niko realized that Stefan had vanished momentarily, only to reappear later, skilfully cutting off his path and herding him closer to the brook. Niko seized a moment to gather his resolve and took a running start, leaping gracefully over the stream. Moments later, he sensed a muted thud behind him – Stefan had successfully replicated his manoeuvre.

Swiftly veering to the left, Niko maintained a cautious distance from the stream, all the while aware of Stefan's relentless pursuit. It was then that Niko comprehended the gravity of the situation. The muscle man was running on solid ground and was quickly catching up! Niko accelerated too, with the dim twilight revealing an unexpected precipice looming ahead. Panic surged as he realized he couldn't brake in time. Niko skidded over a short, slimy ledge, helplessly plunging into a murky bog hole, sinking up to his thighs.

He remained motionless, his rubber boot probing the ground in vain, for there was no sensation of solid earth beneath his feet.

Behind him, Niko heard Stefan's laboured breaths as he gradually decelerated. Turning to face him, Stefan quipped, „Looks like we've got ourselves caught on the flypaper! ... You've stumbled upon our little hideaway,“ Stefan remarked with a grin. „Mike and I visit this spot from time to time. I have a feeling you'll take a liking to it as well.“

Niko appeared as startled as a deer ensnared in a trap, his unease evident in his eyes.

Stefan grabbed the zipper of the bulging jeans and slowly pulled it down revealing his impressively large penis. Niko looked over his shoulder. „Don't worry, boy. I won't break anything“, Stefan whispered softly, but full of lust. He swiftly embarked on a brisk run, then purposefully leaped into the mud, ensuring that he descended until the sludge reached halfway up his thighs, just behind Niko. His warm breath tickled the younger man's neck. „I promise to protect you, Niko.“ With every movement, Niko's booted feet sank deeper into the sludge, hence he tried to remain as calm as possible. Niko found solace in the knowledge that he was taken by someone who understood the thrill of submission and dominance.

Stefan pressed his erected penis against Niko's camouflage pants.

„Is it okay if I play a tougher line?“ Stefan asked.

„Yes, Sir.“ said Niko. „Please, teach me how to submit to you completely, Sir.“ His voice merely a whisper.

The late evening sky loomed overhead, casting long shadows across the muddy expanse. Stefan's hand drifted lower along Niko's butt, stopping at the hem of his army pants. With gentle precision, he traced the outline of the fabric with his thumb, raising anticipation within the younger man.
Niko allowed Stefan to take charge of their situation. In this treacherous bog hole, they formed a unique bond based on trust, curiosity and desire.

„Spread your legs, boy!” Stefan ordered. Laboriously tried to comply with the order. He grabbed the buttons on Niko's fly and opened them mercilessly. The rubber skin over Niko's penis was pleasantly warm and when Stefan's paw stroked the contours of Niko's cock, it was already stiff again.

But Stefan didn't bother with it any longer and instead tore the 24-year-old bricklayer's pants down so far that they sank into the mud and the warm rubberized ass cheeks came to light. „ Pull down your rubber pants. After all, I want to fuck your sweaty ass!” Niko quickly obeyed.

There was silence for a second. Then Stefan's hand slid over the wet bottom and finally came to rest on Niko's ass crease. A finger felt its way to his anus.

„Bend over!“

Niko slowly shifted his weight forward trying not to sink deeper into the ooze.

„Good boy! Now that could hurt a bit... I enter at the count of three... One...“ „Argh!“ Niko blurted out. „Did you really think I would go easy on that?” He withdrew his finger from Nikos rectum, only for two of them to enter his hole. „Shit!“ grunted Niko. „What was that?“ Stefan asked. „Sorry, Sir. I wasn't prepared for this, Sir.“

„You won’t be prepared for what’s about to happen!” grunted Stefan viciously. When he was finally satisfied with his preparations, he pulled his fingers out of Niko's ass again.

Niko heard the muscular carpenter's urgent breathing behind him. Stefan corrected his position slightly and placed his warm member on Niko's soggy ass.

He slowly pushed his penis forward and let it slide into Niko's asshole. The tension in Niko's gluteal muscles gripped his member like an iron vice and made him pause for a moment. But Stefan remained persistent – determined to claim full ownership of this young submissive.

In the meantime, the sound of Mike splashing into the nearby stream echoed through the surroundings as he energetically traversed its waters. His noisy crossing continued until he reached a spot roughly where he had previously glimpsed Stefan's upper body emerging from the muddy pit.

„Hey, Mike!“ Stefan called out urgently, „I'm right here! Your new team member got disoriented in the marsh and ended up in this mud pit. I tried to assist, but now I'm caught in two ways,“ Stefan exclaimed in joy. He arched his back and rammed his member further into Niko's rectum. When he heard a resounding whimper from the boy, he jerked his head up and hooted with pleasure.

„Is there anything I can do?“ Mike finally offered, peering down from above with his orange rubber boots, freshly cleansed in the stream and damp jeans clinging to his legs. His fly was still open and Mike's cock was already semi-hard again. „Hold on to the front of the guy before his handsome face completely disappears into the mud. It'll take a few more powerful pushes for me to explode in him.“

Mike remained silent, but, mirroring Stefan's actions, he carefully gauged the situation before plunging into the murky abyss of the swamp hole. As his booted legs disappeared into the mud, a cascade of inky black mud erupted, drenching Niko's face and enveloping his upper body. Niko's face and bended upper body were only half a hand's width away from the black surface. It took Mike some time before he eventually reached Niko, with his waist already immersed in the slimy, fetid morass.

„I won't say much right now, Niko. This is your game,“ Mike murmured in a deliberately neutral tone. „Just grab onto me if you need to, alright?“

„Appreciate it, Mike,“ Niko replied, his voice tinged with discomfort. Niko sat up a little and grabbed Mike by the sides of his chest.

Each thrust of Stefan caused Niko to moan in pain or ... pure pleasure. His face was contorted with pure sensuality and vulnerability, leaving no doubt as to the intensity of the experience.

Mike watched intently, taking in every erotic detail that unfolded before him.

As Stefan pushed his stiff member further into Niko's ass, the moor groaned under the combined weight of the men. Stefan flashed a mischievous grin in Mike's direction. His lips formed the word „Awesome!“ but without saying it out loud, instead he groaned. Their bodies sank into the ground inch by inch. The mud finally began to swallow Stefan's testicles and penis while he penetrated the young bricklayer deeper and harder. A smacking noise could be heard as Stefan's mud-covered balls slapped against Niko's ass.

It was getting cooler, but the heat generated by their passion kept them warm even though their bodies drenched with sludge from the splashes of their movements.

This wasn't just sex, there was something raw, animalistic about it. As Niko's and Stefan’s abdomen sank deeper into the inky abyss, they managed to discover a more stable foothold, gradually arresting their descent into the darkness.

Niko suspected that Stefan's loud, ponderous grunts would have drowned out the roar of a train. They were lucky that Mike's property was so remote. Stefan visibly had difficulty moving his body in the tough mass.

Finally the carpenter reared up and grunted. „Fuuuuuuuuck!” With a powerful violent thrust that almost knocked Niko and Mike over, combined with a wave of viscous mud that washed over Niko's bent over body, Stefan's balls slapped hard against the muddy butt one last time. Niko felt Stefan's hot seed spreading inside him. Stefan let his cock slide back a little and then thrust strong again, but his leaked goo prevented him from thrusting just as hard. „Shit!“ Stefan said with a long groan that showed his exhaustion.

Stefan lay half bent over the young man's body, his member still inside Niko. Some more sperm was oozing into Niko’s rectum.

Both appeared to be immersed in a cloud of ecstasy, with steam rising from their bodies due to their intense exertion. Their hearts were still racing when Niko and Stefan regained their clarity of thought. The muscular hunk slowly backed away and let his limp cock slide out of Niko. Stefan tried to put his penis back into his jeans under the viscous surface along with a large load of mud, but gave up.

„Respect, Niko,“ Mike stated. „If you enjoyed that, I'd like you to do the same to me sometime. You're not the only one who enjoys being taken in the mud. Stefan isn't always around when I need him.“ „And if I want you to take me?“ Niko said with a snort as he straightened his body and pulled up his rubber cycling shorts, which were full of black mud.

„Careful, Niko,” Stefan sighed, „Your asshole is pretty tight. You'll be surprised at how tall Mike is. He’s got a cock like a horse. Didn’t you see that monster, Niko?”

„Now, don't exaggerate,“ Mike chuckled.

„Exaggerate? That's putting it mildly,“ Stefan quipped, his exhaustion evident as he hauled himself out of the bog hole.

„We're proceeding at a measured pace. I mentioned to Niko that we can train together to help him reach our level of body mass. However, I didn't say anything about less conspicuous muscles,“ Mike grinned mischievously at Niko. „But first, give me your hand,“ Mike instructed Niko, „so I can help you out of this shithole.“ Niko was grinning ear to ear as he pushed himself out of the black mud with Mike's help. „Shit! Thanks guys. That was always my dream! One rubber boot stallion would have been enough for me, but now I've found two!“

After Niko had successfully wrestled his cut-resistant boots free from the clinging mud, Mike effortlessly guided him towards the moor's edge. With Stefan lending a hand, Niko successfully conquered the challenging terrain and found himself beside Stefan on the dewy grass. Stefan inquired, „And what about you, Mike? Are you inclined to establish roots in that hole, or shall we lend a hand, or do you reckon you can extricate yourself?“

With impressive strength, Mike executed a gradual, deliberate rotation on the spot and began the painstaking journey toward the bog's edge. Stefan and Niko observed with amusement as the landscape gardener's robust physique gradually emancipated itself from the clinging mud, ultimately hoisting him onto the edge of the swamp meadow.

When he finally stood up and the mud slowly slid from his body, Stefan said dryly „Fuck! I'm telling you, Niko - the guy is fuckin horny again! Do you want to have this cock in your ass voluntarily?!“ Mike had to grin sheepishly. „Fuck, Stefan! It's not my fault that I'm constantly horny!“ He added with a pout. „Wow, that's a serious tool! If I make a mistake on the construction site, I might have to face the consequences. I’ll probably get fucked.“ The three men couldn't help but chuckle.

Stefan put his muddy arm around Niko's neck and looked up at Mike. „I think he's a good fit for us? What do you think?“ Stefan asked. „Sure, otherwise I wouldn't have kept an eye on him. It's a good thing Sebastian treated him so badly!“

„Well, on closer inspection, that wasn't courteous treatment either,“ Niko murmured quietly. „Huh?” said Stefan. „My ass is going to burn at least for a week,” Niko complained playfully. „You wanted it that way!” Stefan exclaimed, „and besides that, I fucked you! In rubber boots! In the bog! ...which you can't say about Sebastian,“ Stefan reminded him with a smirk, „This was a welcome greeting!”.

Exhausted, Mike sank onto the grass beside Niko, taking a moment to rest. They sat there for a while, absorbing the distant rush of an ICE train as it approached.

„Hmm... considering our current appearance, the steam jet will be our first encounter. Niko, you will also require fresh clothing and spare boots for tomorrow, it’s too late for you to go home. I doubt the Husqvarna boots will be ready for tomorrow,“ Mike explained.

„Shall we head back? I believe we also could all benefit from a relaxing hot shower. Luckily, mine is quite spacious,“ Mike added with a grin. „Niko, you're more than welcome to spend the night here. There's still some room in the bed between Stefan and me. Does that work for you?“

Niko nodded in agreement.

Stefan pondered, „I had originally planned to spend tomorrow night at home, but I can stay here if needed. Nothing critical awaits me there.“ He surveyed the group, recognizing that they wouldn't be turning in for the night anytime soon.

„No need to fret; we can address the remaining tasks in the morning. For now, let's concentrate on getting dry and tidying up the immediate chaos,“ Mike proposed.

Niko carefully grasped the steam jet, meticulously cleansing the muscle packs caked in mud. As he diligently worked to liberate them from their muck-covered state, he couldn't help but wonder aloud, „Could it be that the two of you are twins?“

This inquiry left the pair in awe, both of them equally curious. „Why do you ask?“ they inquired, genuinely puzzled. Niko continued, a twinkle of observation in his eye, „Well, you share strikingly similar body types, sport matching blue jeans - though you prefer them unbuttoned with your manhood’s hanging out. There's only a subtle distinction: one of you dons vibrant orange rubber boots, while the other opts for bulky black ones. Apart from that, you're nearly indistinguishable.“

Mike and Stefan exchanged glances, their laughter bubbling up uncontrollably. „Well, boy, now it's your turn,“ Mike quipped with a grin. As he playfully directed the steam jet towards the 24-year-old, he added, „First, you teach them the ropes, and then they start getting cheeky.“

Outside the house, the trio systematically shed their soaked and clingy clothing, casting them onto the pavement. Niko couldn't help but admire the beautiful forms revealed by their disrobing. Each curve, scar, and callus spoke volumes about the lives led by these two men – powerful, rugged, yet deliciously sensitive creatures.

He marvelled at the smoothness of Mike's skin despite the weathered texture of his hands, at the strength evident in his broad shoulders, and at the hint of vulnerability hidden beneath his striking emerald gaze. Stefan had an irresistible charm with his equally muscular physique, military-like hairstyle, and hypnotizing baby blues. Even when wet and nude, he carried an undeniable allure that captivated those around him.

Upon stepping into Mike's house, a rich medley of aromas enveloped them – a potent blend of coffee's invigorating fragrance, the earthy scent of recently employed outdoor gear, and the lingering hint of wood smoke. These scents intermingled with the mud-smeared garments scattered outside.

Mike guided them through the spacious living room, passing a grand fireplace before reaching the bathroom.

„Anyone want to have a beer before I take one of you in the shower?” Mike asked, amused.

Steam filled the room as they showered together, rinsing off the remnants of the wild late afternoon.
Mike turned off the water, grabbed a towel, and proceeded to wrap it around Niko's waist, leaving his lower half exposed.

With utmost tenderness, he started to glide the plush terrycloth over Niko's damp skin, delicately blotting away any lingering moisture. As he reached Niko's shoulder blade, he momentarily halted, running his fingers gently over the recent bruises, a silent acknowledgment of the complexities of their power dynamic and the importance of consent. A warm smile graced Niko's lips as he took hold of Mike's hand, guiding their touch over the tender spots, again. It was a comforting reassurance that Mike and Stefan shared genuine and pure intentions.

„We should head to bed; tomorrow brings a fresh start,“ Mike whispered wearily as he stretched, his voice carrying a subtle promise of another workday ahead.

„Niko shall show us the configurator tomorrow – first thing! After all, we need uniforms and underwear made of rubber!“ Stefan said dreamily.


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