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Late June's quick and dirty field muck heap wallow

It was late June and I found myself having an evening free to do as I pleased. But as it was just getting properly dark at 10:30pm, I reckoned I only had about two hours from leaving, to being back home and all cleaned up. Otherwise, it was a perfect night for wallowing, being a balmy 19 degrees C at 10pm. I decided on trying a couple of the nearby field muck heaps, which had appeared in the last few weeks. The heaps would only take about 10 mins to get to by bike. The nearby estuary marshes were only 5 mins further along the road, but would have been another 15-20 mins on foot and I just did not have the time for that kind of trip.

The first muck heap was a little closer and a fair way down a farm track, off a small lane. It had been there a few weeks and looked quite big from the road, but I had not checked it out. The second one was a little further on, dumped on the edge of a barley field, with no proper track access, so a bit more secure in my view. A road ran past, about 50m from where the heap was dumped, but from a car, you could not really see it in the dark.

I left just after 10:30pm wearing just an old thin black jumper and some dark jogging bottoms. I had on some old plimsoles and socks - although I was not wearing my latex swim socks, which I normally use protect my feet from staining. I had the usual black rigger gloves in my pocket, to protect my hands from nettles and brambles. Pedalling with some enthusiasm, I headed down the lane out of the village and towards the track where the first muck heap was located. I only saw one car coming the other way. Now getting close, I killed my bike lights. As I turned left in to the entrance of the farm track, I saw the reversing lights and outline of a car about 100m down the track reversing towards me. Shit! I did a swerve and got back on to the road, continuing on down the lane. Bollocks - this was the problem with muck heaps next to farm tracks, there's always the chance someone will be lurking! I put the bike lights back on and continued on down the narrow lane, heading towards the other field muck heap. After a minute, or so, a car came up behind me. As the lane was very narrow, I pulled over to let the car past. As they did, it looked a lot like the car I'd seen reversing - a hot hatch, so probably a boy/girl racer looking for somewhere quiet to park up and not a farmer. I guessed he/she was not looking for some muckheap fun like me...

A bit further on, I joined a larger road and headed up towards where the field heap was located. Once there and finding a gap in the hedge, I stashed the bike in the large roadside ditch and jumped across in to the field. The barley was about knee height, so I crossed till I got to some tractor ruts. The heap was about 100m back down the field. About halfway along, I saw some headlights and ducking down, I watched a car come past. I didn't feel I was being lit up, so was fairly happy about not being spotted from a car. It was now a bit later and there was less light in the West and with some light cloud cover coming over on the wind, it was getting properly dark.

Walking on, I was soon at the heap and it was bigger than I had thought looking at it from the road. Around the edges there were dark puddles of runoff slurry which I had a slop through. I suppose if all else fails, I could have a wallow in these? Stepping up on to the heap, it was quite dry and crispy on top, and as I guess expected, if not what I really wanted. While pretty dry, it still had that wonderful smell of pig muck, that gets me excited. I explored the heap, looking for some spots that I might be able to make use of. I worked my way round and zig-zagged across, but didn't find much, until I got to an area the edge facing the road, where it was a bit squashy. Having a stomp around, there was certainly some soft stuff under there...

Kneeling down, I had a dig to remove the dry top layer of muck, and about 30cm down, I found some warm and very wet stuff. In fact, there was liquid down there! I assumed it was an area where some of the runoff water slurry was getting trapped? Digging away some more, so I had a small area to wallow in, I then trod around in it to make some shin deep sloppy muck. I had now made a little muck bath hollow in the heap. The bottom of my joggers were now saturated in sloppy straw muck and were smelling nice and stinky. I pulled them down and laid in the mucky hollow, feeling the warm slop ooze around my arse and balls. I now had a nice hard-on and scooped the sloppy muck up over my cock and middle. This was pretty good for such a poor start, as I stroked my cock, scooping up more warm sloppy muck. I pushed out my legs to stretch out in to the muck and wiggle lower in to the stinky hollow. I pulled up some sloppy muck to my nose so I could get a proper smell, while stroking my cock and imagining fucking in this filthy mucky slop. Within a few minutes I was shooting my load over my stomach and carried away on a wonderful orgasm.

As reality returned, I found myself half-buried in the stinking muck heap, covered in slop and my own cum. At that moment, only some company could really have made it any better... After a brief moment to recover, I hauled myself out and scooped some of the dry muck back in to the hollow I had made. Still with my joggers round my ankles, I scraped off of the straw-muck mix the best I could and had a roll around in an area of the barley that had been flattened by the wind. It was a bit scratchy, but I got most of the heavy muck deposits off. Pulling up my joggers, I made my way up the field to where I stashed my bike. Somewhat awkwardly stepping in to the ditch, I managed to get stung by some nettles that were hidden in the long grass. Hoisting my bike on to my shoulder, I struggled a little to get out of the deep ditch, but I was soon back on the road. It was now 11:20pm. Time to get home and cleaned up!

The slog uphill to home was short and uneventful. I put the bike away, stripped off my clothes in to a bin bag outside and got my feet in to some pedal bin liners, to protect the carpet, and was soon inside. After about 30 mins of serious scrubbing and plenty of shower gel I was clean enough to pass, if still slightly smelling of pig muck when given a close sniff. Slapping on some moisturiser to calm my nettle rash, I was ready for bed. Compared to the last time I tied to do one, this was a far more successful, quick and mucky evening trip out...


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