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Euro Mud

Muddy locations in Europe (UK has a separate forum)

Birmingham area clay mines

Hello everyone!

I like discover the muddy possibilityes around BIRMINGHAM, like take a visit in UK and visit the Birmingham's area claymines, quarryes. Also intresting for me the other claymines, quarry locations in UK, because like search good locations for muddy fetish moovies. The planned visit time 2023 summer in Birmingham area. Thanks for the informations, maybe for GPS coordinatas to find the best muddy place of UK.

Personal mail adress: grof2miklos@gmail.com

MudmanHU Budapest Hungary

Somogybabod Off-Road Festival 2022 (Hungary)

In a few days I will be at Somogybabod.

My plan is to be there from Wednesday 8th till Sunday 12th June

There may be small changes in program since I'll be traveling by car without a fixed itinerary or timing

I will definitely stay at the camping with my small tent (and maybe have the chance to share my space with a muddy lad)...

Any of you joining?

Mud in Poland

Hey, do You know any polish groups on facebook or forums where there are mud locations?

German muddy locations

I found this link, which lists muddy locations in Germany, posted on a Facebook group.



So who else is missing out on Somogybabod this year due to travel restrictions? As the event is still going ahead, if any of you are going, don't forget to post plenty of pictures and videos

Polish! How to find the best mud? /Polacy! Jak szukacie najlepszego błota?

How to find the best mud? I want to jumping into, cravling in to. And wallowing.

Mud in Poland


I'm looking for some mudbuddies in Poland. It's hard to find someone who would like to meet and get muddy together. If you think the same please leave me a message!

Lab oratory

Hey guys... not mud related but i saw on the Lab Oratory website the Snax party wil be held on November 9... do u know if the club gonna be closed in October ?

Mud in The Netherlands

Hey Guys!

Ive been after this for years now, and want to do it sometime now.. Going in the mud completely, in some nice gear (MX, Rubber, Lycra, Sportswear etc.)
Does anyone know some good spots in The Netherlands? And maybe would like to join?
Thanks for letting me know!
Kind regards,Sneaker

Difficulty trying to find good places

Hey everyone,

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