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Events and Meets

Use this forum to post muddy / fetish meetings and events, a day out playing in the mud etc.

Tixover quarry pay and play Sunday 15th May

Hi guys! I’m going to be attending tixover’s pay and play on Sunday as a spectator so I can get proper muddy! Anyone up for joining? Let me know and I’ll send you a message!

North East England Meet


Anyone in North East England fancy a meet soon?


Tixover pay and play

Looking at the Tixover off Road Days , Facebook , looks like they also allow spectators and have great mud.

Any one been there and tried it ?

Also who just love to have been sitting in the vechical ?


Mouldsworth Hill n Ditch

Would anybody be up for a meet at Mouldworth Hill n Ditch near Chester on one of their open days? Entry is £5 per spectator, there are 2 big water ponds where you could get splashed/trashed, plus there are numerous muddy routes around the site. The next open day is Sun 23rd Jan. http://www.hillnditch4x4.com/

Wild and woolly 2021

Anyone planing to go there, i volunteer as a marshal


Photographer and deep sticky mud hole wanted (uk)

So it's been a couple of years since I've made a video, and I wanna change that.

What I'm looking for is someone to film me as I get muddy. My vids give an idea of my kinda fun, but the twist is I wanna be filmed in the filthiest, sludgiest deepest mud I can find.

North East England Session?

Anyone in the North East of England fancy a meet? More the merrier!

Filthy girl for rent

My girlfriend of almost 3 years has finally decided she's ready for some proper filth!
So, with that in mind: -
2 hours of mud play session in a very secluded, very muddy (waist deep) location in Teesside, £500. And, literally, anything goes incl. watersports.

Lockdown mud

Has anyone in the UK been out for a muddy adventure since the easing of the lockdown conditions?

new forest

I am hoping to have a few days in the New forest in June-virus permitting- Can anyone point me towards some muddy places there. I like deep mud but happy in anything muddy A meet would be great but not essential jeans & tee to get muddy in

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