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Events and Meets

Use this forum to post muddy / fetish meetings and events, a day out playing in the mud etc.

Maldon Mud Race

Did anybody go yesterday? Some good pcs on the net. Better date now - it must have ben very uncomfortable when held on New Year's Day formerly.

Somogybabod 2024

Is anyone else looking to go to Somogybabod this year, from 11th to 16th June? I'm hoping to go, but haven't finalised my plans yet.

I went 7 years ago and it was great fun, I spent some time taking pics and vids, then spent the rest of the time wallowing in the big mudpit. I could even be interested in camping over for a couple of evenings, meaning more time spent covered in mud. You're welcome to message me if you don't want to reply publicly


Heya guys. Anyone who had snap chat post your names here and I’ll add. Good to share muddy pics on !

Lab mud party June 2024

Lab have their mud party dates up

15.06.2024 22:00
no dresscode, mud and fuck doors 22:00 to 24:00

16.06.2024 16:00
the after-mud-dirthole-piss-fuck no dresscode
doors 16:00 to 18:00


Mudbillys 2024

Just seen on Facebook that looks to have had lots of mud to play in. Just taken place in Devon
Any one been.
One to lookout for next year

Bolton/Greater Mancs muddy meets

Got some time free in a couple of weeks if any guys around Bolton know good spots and want to meet

Looking to pay for farm access

Hi all,

A couple of mates and I are looking to play on a farm. We'd just like to roll around in mud and manure etc for a day in rubber gear. I'm not happy with the idea of sneaking in anywhere. I would like the farmer's permission.

We would like to pay a farmer to accomadate us and turn a blind eye. I think it's only fair given the inconvenience to them.

We're willing to pay a considerable amount if the place is appropriate, say £1k (negotiable) if there is a decent amount of manure to play in. Hopefully this will be a bit of low-effort additional cash for the farmer too.


I was wondering if anybody shared a fantasy of being initiated that I have. If anyone has stories of a messy Initiation do comment below. Anyway; I have a serious fantasy of a mixed mud/wam/manure initiation, where I am in waterproof gear and trashed as a sort of ritual to begin my adult muddy life.I saw online that SLOSH society offer something like this but that doesn’t quite fit with my mud fetish. Do PM me if you want to chat, ideally if I organised something like this it would be with someone similar age to me.

Mud and manure fun in Scotland

I’m in the highlands these days and have a great supply of mud and manure most of the year round. Always looking to have fun with others in the slop if anyone is near this way some time

Lab Berlin Mud Party June 17th 2023

Anyone up for joining me in Berlin for the legendary Mud Party at Laboratory? It’s been ages since they last hosted one so this is bound to be well attended - and never disappoints. It’s on the 17th June and there’s an afternoon after party of sorts on the Sunday from 1600 just in case your wellies and waders still need some attention!


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