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Rest of the world mud

muddy locations outside of europe and north america

Muddy West Sydney

A guy I know found a few good spots to go out here.

Some are working quarries so I can't mess around there, but just off Wiltshire rd, Agnes Banks, is a fire trail and off-road track with plenty of mud and some places to clean up. Anyone interested? 

warm mud this winter... mangroves, tropical swamp?

I am from germany, and the naked mudding season is over now....:(
Were can i go this winter in tropical mud, Mangroove swamp or so on? 1-2 weeks holyday in end of oktober...then next in 2018
am really not afraid in snakes, crokodils, spiders and so on, but i
need a local person who knows the area verry good...show me the good
in best case , also as fuck buddy..
sorry for  bad englisch...
i like verry deep an slippery mud, diving in mud, also manure and so on,,,
other hobby is scuba diving,
gay sex, dirty sex...

Mud location and friends near são paulo sp

Hello friends,

I am living in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil.

I would like to meet mud friends and mud places nearby.

Anyone close to or able to indicate places of clay?


Anything going?

Has anyone got anything going in Australia? maybe something in Sydney?

Wine country

Been up to the Hunter Valley this past weekend,

quite a few areas of mud after the weather.  Wasn't able to play,Someones gotta get a farm or something up there, it's an ideal place

Intrepid Mud

I got muddy last Sunday, awfully good fun.  Have you noticed that when you leave it quite a while, it feels like a huge build-up and then release?

something different...

Anyone else noticed this thing they're selling now? 

Kinetic Sand.
looks like dry sand, but will hold its shape, unless some force breaks or squishes it. Thoughts?

Locations Part 2 (Aus.)

I was out and about today and went exploring one of the football parks. Found out there was a huge mangrove area behind it.

Careel Bay, Avalon, Palm Beach area.


Weather might be a good idea here. Its raining right now

low tide, high tide

Just a handy little website for those in Oz.

Useful for all those tidal mud spots.

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