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News, latest site update info and discussion about mudboyuk.com.

Private Messages

If you send a message make sure you have your profile set to receive private messages back:

My Account>Account Settings>Private message settings.Tick to allow private messages.
Steve: can it not be set so that people on your buddy list can always send you private messages?

Favourite Posts of '09

There have been some really hot posts on the site this year!

So what were your favourite posts of 2009. I have a couple of definite favourites, but I'd hate to skew the vote. Suggest something by adding a comment and include the URL of what you think is 'the filthiest'.

Edit: POSTS guys - POSTS, not users...

Someone has already mentioned the one I would vote for :) oooh yeah.

New Profile Fields

New profile fields have been added, make sure your profile is up to date. The more fields you complete the more your profile appears when it matches those of other users searching for guys with similar interests or in the same area.

Don't forget to upload a profile picture (in My account > edit > Account settings) without it your profile won't be seen in listings of site content.

This site is designed for interaction, the more you participate the more features become available.

Site Down 3rd to 16 May 2008

So what happend?

It's good to be back!

It's great to see the members area back online - looks like there's a lot activity already.  Thanks for all the good work!

Now to do some catching up ;)




More Spammers

New users now need to be approved before they have access to the site, a shame, but required after several spam accounts were created.

The Spam Episode

So Jessica sent about 300 of us a message, shes been blocked, and at the moment i can't see an easy way to delete here message from your in boxes.... so there she is. If spam via internal private messages gets to be a problem I can either limit the number of messages a user can send in one 24 hour period, or moderate all new users. Neither of these will stop someone from spamming, just reduce it. I plan to implement a 'report spam' function in the next site update.

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