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Updates & Site News

News, latest site update info and discussion about mudboyuk.com.

Mud wrestle...

Any rough lads in Cheshire / Gtr Manchester area up for a meet /play wrestling in mud? Quarry, riggers, ovvies, hi-viz..

Black Gold TV series

On UK TV - channels ITV4 & ITV+1 from 20:00 & 21:00 each Tuesday is a series about West Texas oil rigs, called Black Gold.  On there you can watch excellent US dudes getting saturated in liquid mud as they work the oil drilling rigs - jeans and rigger mudding par excellence - get to that record button as soon as you can :)  And a good driller can earn $ 100,000 a year, getting soaked in liquid mud - wow - work heaven :)

muddy meets, liverpool or manchester

Hi muddy meets in Liverpool or Manchester for bank holidays Monday, need to try out my new hunter black adjustable, any body up for it???

Quarry mud

Great location: 6 miles out of Ashbourne on the A515 road to Buxton. (Derbyshire) Derelict quarry at Biggin. I shall be there as usual, lads ... 

shropshire 18

shropshire 18

Love mud and slurry up for some fun with a buddy, dont know any places around here can travel in w midlands thanks guys - message me

Mud or slurry fun :D


HEY im 18 love mud and slurry and all sorts, looking for a buddy to have some fun with in it, need to keep it in W midlands dont know many places - message me

Multi Image Upload

We're currently trialing some changes to the image upload system on the site, and feedback from members is appreciated.

The upload system now uses a flash plugin to allow multiple images to be uploaded in a batch. Hopefully the process is reasonably straight forward, just make sure that you click on "next step" after images have finished uploading, a second screen allows you to title your images.

August 2011 Updates

The site has undergone some major updates under the bonnet

The upgrade which has been overdue for some time, was brought on by the site becoming two large for the current hosting (it was suspended but the hosting company) this tipped my hand into moving the site to a new server and updating it to the latest version of the software on which it runs. It took somewhat longer than planned! and after a lot of trying to wrestle data from old database schemas into new ones we have a new site:


New content is added by users all the time, check out the image and video galleries

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Below is a summary of the MAJOR site updates by site admin (mudboy):

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mudboyuk.com is provided free of charge to it's members, and in being so needs the support it's user community provides.

The site needs a constant flow of new members or it will gradually fizzle out and die. To help promote the site each member is provided with a referral link, you can access your own link in your 'my account' page. You can post this link on other profile sites or message boards of interest to like minded guys. If a new user joins after following your link then your mudfactor increases!

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