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Post or link about boots/gear or gear that you are selling (ebay listing etc). This topic is for boots or other clothing that you are selling, or items you have seen for sale that you think other members might be interested in

John Deere overalls

Put two pairs of overalls on eBay for sale take a look 

Muddy bike airmax 90 midwinters for sale

Message me for more info


My Hunter Wellies

My Hunter Balmoral Wellies are for sale , 

Size 12 , Neoprene lined , Very warm and comfortable , eBay seller ID giggerty 

Football/Rugby boots

Hey all,
Just wanted to scope out interest.
I have a few pairs of footy/rugby boots around but I do like variety and don't have too much space to fill with mudding gear, haha.
Would anyone be interested (when I get around to getting pics etc) in footy or rugby boots around size 10/11, say for £10 plus postage?  (Although I can only really post to mainland UK) I probably have a couple of pairs to shift and don't really want to bin them if others could get them back in the mud!

low cost workgear

Loads of boiler suits and other gear for sale at good prices on ebay from gbrtextiles. I got the name of the company wrong in an earlier posting which may or may not have been posted by now. Sorry!

cheap workgear on ebay

Worth checking out gbrworkgear on ebay which is closing down.Loads of stuff at good prices

Boiler suits/Overalls

Does nobody use boiler suits anymore? Would love to hear some stories about you and boilersuits if anybody has anything to share? 

Giggerty Profiles Online

For other pics , I have more profiles available :

Instagram : GiggertyGear

Tumblr : GiggertyWorkGear

Recon : Giggerty

Ebay : Giggerty (items added regularly)



barefoot in boots

How many of you guys like to go barefoot in your mud boots?
I like to go barefoot in many different kinds of boots but sometimes socks just are needed to prevent wearing into the skin.
in winter I like to go out and shovel snow nude under my carhart thermal outerwear and barefoot in my insulated boots...it is a dirty little secret that is titillating!
I just wonder how many of you guys do the same kind of things?
NudeSTUDinMUD aka Michael

Boiler Suit

Are the Boilersuits starting to come out now that it's winter? I  would love to see some more of you go out in them and post some pictures to share with us.  Ideal for winter muddying. I just wish I could find mud to dirty them.

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