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One of the all time greats!

I wasn't expecting a lot, I have to admit.

The recent dry weather had resulted in 2 pairs of knee holes with 2 humps in the middle of my mud pit. After some mud pit maintenance in July when I had deepened it, I thought that the little residual water wouldn't do much to soften the yellowish brown clay.

However, I hadn't reckoned for what was underneath. Basically the mud was still soft underneath and as I put my knees in the holes my knees sunk further so that my perineum was down to the top of one of the humps. A couple of days ago I was able to exploit the hump to the full and cum in my mud-plastered 1966 style Levis just from rocking backwards and forwards.

The second time in a pair of 1955 Levis was more difficult. I had put some JLube powder inside but it didn't make a lot of difference (except afterwards to make a horrendous sticky mess, which when dried stuck to my hairs so that removing it was like a waxing). After rocking backwards and forwards for a while but unable to get the right stimulation, I gave up and emerged plastered from the mud pit with a lump of clay in my hands.

I moved to a more secluded spot, placed my muddy plastered jeans arse on the last pair of mud soaked jeans and massaged the fly of my jeans with the wet clay until interupted by the explosion within.

So today, I thought I would be pretty well spent. I had a very faded but loose pair of 1933 Levis on. They were already covered in dry mud in places. I rubbed them with the still wet slimy Jlube from the inside of one of the other pairs. I decided to have another go with no great expectations.

There had been a bit of rain in the night. It had helped to fill the knee holes and has softened the humps. The water in the knee holes soon turned to liquid mud as I rocked backwards and forwards, the top of the hump sliding against my perineum. I lubricated the contact areas between my jeans and the mud to the right of my fly and in my groin with water from the knee holes in front and made more liquid mud. I could see that the bulge was blue denim on the top and yellow brown clay below. The liquid mud plopped up as I rocked forward providing yet more lubrication between the denim and the mud. As the rocking continued the sensations in my cock and in my perineum intensified. I became oblivious to the outside world. It just went on and on. One of the all-time greats!


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