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Mudslide, Part 1

Mudslide Part 1
A fictional fetish story
by Deepmud

Relentless rain poured down, shrouding the once-idyllic gorge in a gloomy cloak. A treacherous mudslide had blocked the essential highway, isolating the village from the outside world.

Felix, a handsome young local Austrian firefighter in his upper 20ies, had arrived on the scene with his team. As they laboured ceaselessly to remove the debris, the urgency of the situation intensified with each passing minute.

In the midst of the turmoil and wreckage, he stood, his uniform marred by stains and his waders coated with mud. Despite the perilous surroundings, the sight of danger only ignited an unyielding passion within him. His helmet shielded him from the rain, but the steady stream of sweat that was dripping down his brows was just as relentless. Felix's vigilant gaze swept across the area, meticulously cataloguing each hazard as he navigated the debris with precision. His acute instincts proved invaluable, enabling him to anticipate the actions of those around him. Amidst the cacophony of voices among his fellow firefighters, vital information about the positioning of rocks seamlessly melded into a harmonious symphony of collective effort. The percussion of their tools striking the earth added a foreboding rhythm to the symphony. Amidst the chaos, a palpable fellowship lingered among them, forging a bond that transcended the tumultuous scene.

A surge of adrenaline coursed through Felix as he waded through the cold mud, feeling its embrace. It didn't bother him; secretly, he relished it. The thrill of sinking deep into it and the challenge of freeing himself from it ignited the fire of his passion. Therefore, he was often found high up on the hill where one could see the extent of the landslide. His duties included surveying the terrain and locating obstacles, which would require the use of heavy machinery, which was expected to arrive in the next day or two. Given the unusual high number of mudslides in the Styria that had to be cleared, his assessments were of utmost importance to sustain the momentum of the response teams.

Gazing around, Felix observed the local firefighters toiling in the muck below, labouring to clear fallen trees and debris. Their grunts and occasional curses melded seamlessly with the high-pitched whine of chainsaws and the rhythmic patter of raindrops cascading onto the thick bed of mud stretched before Felix. Down there, they worked in unison, forging a chain of support as they confronted the wrath of nature together.

As Felix looked down at his soaked, mud-stained uniform, he realized that these harsh conditions were eliciting an arousal between his legs. He had to constantly play with his semi-hard cock with his hands, which were covered in dirty work gloves, as soon as he hit a deeper spot in the mud that swallowed his boots almost till the top. Every now and then members of the local firefighter team would hear a „shit!” or a „Fuck!” from his direction and usually a delighted moan followed, but noticeably quieter. Unfortunately, he couldn't jerk off here, even though the conditions were just perfect for his mud and rubber fetish.

Covered in a mixture of sweat and mud, Felix seized a momentary respite to regain his breath. He then made his way towards a cluster of firefighters assembled at the opposite edge of the landslide. Coming closer, his attention was drawn to a towering figure – broad-shouldered, brawny, with unruly brown hair peeking out from beneath the firefighter helmet. Intrigued by the unfamiliar face within their ranks, Felix approached to satisfy his curiosity and learn more about this stranger.
The individual was attired in light blue jeans tucked into muddy rubber boots that reached up to the crotch and a once-white tee, now drenched by a combination of rain, mud, and perspiration – much like Felix himself. The man appeared to be of a similar age, deeply engrossed in the task at hand, paying no heed to Felix's approach. His focus remained unwavering as he received instructions from the overseeing squad leader of another response team, delivered in broken English, leading Felix to conclude that the guy was not a local resident.

Felix found himself captivated by the striking blue hue of the stranger's eyes, momentarily holding his gaze. As he approached to the group, Felix took the initiative to introduce himself, offering a firm handshake. Preferring to gauge the situation discreetly, he chose to start the conversation in German, aiming to conceal the fact that he had overheard the exchange between the man and the officer-in-charge.

„Griass di, i bin der Felix.“ he greeted, a faint smile gracing his lips. „Wos fuehrt di denn do rauss? G‘haerst Du zu den Feuerwehrler aus Graz?“
The stranger offered an excusing smile. „I'm sorry, I am afraid I don't understand much except for ‘Grus Dish’.“

„Oh!“ Felix exclaimed, conveying his assumption that the man was a local. He feigned a moment's contemplation before smoothly switching to perfect English, saying, „Well, then again, I'm Felix. I was trying to figure out if you were one of the firefighters from Graz, but now I can see that's not the case. Your fancy attire gave it away – the firefighter's helmet, tee, jeans, and hip boots. You’re American, aren’t you?“

Daniel hesitated for a moment, feeling slightly awkward in this unfamiliar situation. „I'm Daniel,“ he responded, clasping Felix's hand in return. There was an undeniable captivating about the young Austrian firefighter. His strength and confidence resonated clearly, even amidst the muck and rain. „Tá, I am from the US visiting. I came here to assist with the recovery efforts after the mudslide,“ he explained, pausing briefly as he searched for the right words. „This place is usually so peaceful, but now...“ His voice trailed off, as if he were lost in contemplation.

Felix scrutinized Daniel intently, his gaze narrowing slightly. He couldn't shake the sensation that there was more to the American than met the eye. He couldn't help but he was drawn to Daniel's unbridled masculinity and the effortless manner in which he navigated through the demanding conditions. There was an undeniable magnetism to his presence.

As Felix continued to observe Daniel, he noticed how the rainwater trickled down his helmet that he had obviously borrowed next to the boots Felix assumed, leaving behind rivulets of water that followed the contours of his muscular frame. The way his strong hands gripped the shovel with precision left Felix with a sudden urge to touch him. He wondered what it would feel like to feel those powerful hands on his body. A flash of heat coursed through Felix's veins, causing his heart to race. He couldn't help but notice the bulge in Daniel's soaking wet jeans, especially the massive muscular thighs that were covered by the big waders Daniel wore. His heart raced as he imagined the power hidden beneath the fabric. As Daniel went on to explain that he had been traveling Europe by bus and wanted to lend a helping hand, Felix couldn't help but feel a growing admiration for the courageous man standing before him.

Felix's unwavering gaze remained locked on Daniel. „You know,“ he remarked, nodding in admiration, „that's truly courageous of you. It takes real guts to dive into situations like these.“ A subtle blush graced Daniel's cheeks as he responded with a modest, sheepish smile.

„Thank you,“ Daniel replied, his voice tinged with humility. „It just seemed like the only choice at the moment.“ His gaze swept across the disaster-stricken landscape, bearing witness to the profound havoc Mother Nature had wrought.

His eyes wandered back to Felix, and he offered a half-smile. „It's nice to meet someone who understands my motivation.“

Felix found himself growing increasingly aware of Daniel's presence beside him. The subtle scent of his sweat with the smell of rain and mud, creating an intoxicating aroma that only intensified the feelings brewing inside him. He grew an aching hardon in his firefighter pants that Felix tried to hide by covering it with his hands that held a shovel. „Ho! Ho! Ho!“ Daniel exclaimed with a broad grin who realized of what was going on. „You really seem to enjoy these kinds of dangerous situations!“ Daniel teased with a playful tone, his warm brown eyes glinting with amusement.

Felix laughed. „I wouldn't say I enjoy them, but I definitely appreciate the adrenaline rush they provide.“ He gestured towards the mudslide.

„Hey, Daniel!“ the commander's voice rang out, commanding attention. „Our response team is on the move. Will you be joining us?“

„Absolutely!“ Daniel shouted back in affirmation. Then, he turned to Felix, a warm smile on his face. „It's been a pleasure meeting you, but I've got to catch up with the group, or I might end up completely disoriented around here.“ Daniel had to nearly shout to be heard over the deafening roar of chainsaws that had just sprung to life, even though he was standing just inches away from Felix.
Felix's heart sank, but he knew he had to accept the situation. He nodded solemnly, and they clasped hands once more. With a final glance, he turned and rejoined his local firefighter team that was working further down cutting a giant tree into chunks.

Meanwhile, Daniel seamlessly integrated into the group ascending the mountain. Felix's gaze lingered on the fading figure of Daniel in the rain, a part of him secretly yearning for more time in his company. Nonetheless, he understood the gravity of their respective duties and the need to stay focused.

Amidst the unforgiving environment, Felix and his team pressed on with unwavering resolve. They forged ahead through the hazardous terrain, facing numerous obstacles. Felix, with his expertise, deftly guided the team through the muck and mire, providing invaluable assistance to his fellow firefighters. His team members acknowledged his expertise with appreciative nods. In the midst of the chaos, Daniel's face would occasionally drift into Felix's thoughts, causing his heart to momentarily quicken its beat. Despite their unwavering efforts, the weather continued to deteriorate, casting an ever more ominous pall over the scene. The sky, as if in defiance, unleashed torrents of rain that intensified, transforming the already challenging terrain into a perilous quagmire.

The group operated in sync, contending with the unyielding elements while simultaneously battling the persistent landslide. As the hours wore on, signs of weariness began to manifest in their movements. Exhaustion crept in, tugging at their resolve. Felix, his brow knit in focused determination, maintained a vigilant watch over the surroundings, acutely aware of potential threats looming around them. His keen eyes never wavered, ever-ready to detect any peril that might jeopardize the team.

While scrutinizing the challenging terrain ahead, his gaze fixated on a figure further up the hill, immobilized and unable to move. It was Daniel. From this distance, it was evident he was in a bad state. After ensuring the safety of his team, Felix broke away from the group, driven by an unwavering determination to reach the American guy and ensure his well-being. The path leading to him was fraught with obstacles—towering rocks, treacherous pools of mud, and slick surfaces. It was evident that reaching Daniel would be a formidable undertaking.

Despite the inherent risks, Felix's motivation was clear; he was driven by a deep desire to safeguard the attractive fella he had encountered earlier. As he moved cautiously across the treacherous terrain, he remembered their brief conversation. The memory served as a source of inspiration and drove him forward despite the danger.

Upon Felix's arrival at Daniel's side, the precariousness of the situation became abundantly clear. Daniel found himself trapped up to his thighs in unyielding mud, his demeanour marked by palpable panic and disorientation. Beads of sweat traced a meandering path down his face beneath the shelter of his fireman's helmet, causing his skin to gleam in the subdued, dim light.

Extending his hand, Felix gently rested it on Daniel's shoulder, offering a reassuring touch. „Don't worry, I'm here,“ he said, his deep voice carrying both empathy and resolve. Daniel met Felix's gaze with eyes filled with profound relief. „Thank heavens you came,“ he whispered, his voice quivering with emotion. „I was starting to think I'd be stuck here forever.“

Felix's grin widened, a reassuring glint in his eyes. „You're in good hands, my friend. We'll have you out of this in no time.“ He quickly surveyed the predicament, mentally formulating the optimal strategy to free Daniel from the stubborn grip of the mud.

Daniel's explanation tumbled out, a mixture of frustration and humour lacing his words. „I only wanted to take a breather – ok, I wanted to take a piss, but the more I struggled, the deeper I sank. I must have lost track of my team in the process. And here I am, stuck as you see.“ He let out a frustrated sigh. „This mud is like quicksand, solid as concrete. I wouldn't mind the suction effect in different circumstances, but definitely not in a rain-soaked situation like this. I'm guessing my boots are wedged beneath this tree trunk.“ Daniel explained, his efforts to free his leg from the mud growing more desperate. Anxiety etched across his face, he added, „Ohh, ar an diabhal! And it's getting darker by the minute.“

Felix cast a concerned gaze upward at the looming storm clouds. It was undeniable; the encroaching gloominess seemed to be descending upon them with unprecedented speed.

„Stay focused,“ Felix urged. „I'll hold you around your chest. I'm going pull you out of this shit. Is that okay with you?“

„Fuck tá! Anything to get me out of this,“ Daniel exclaimed with determination.

Felix steadied himself, gripping Daniel's waist firmly. „Alright, here we go. On three, ready? One, two, three!“ With a surge of power, Felix managed to pull Daniel a little, but his legs remained firmly stuck in the unforgiving mud. Daniel continued to swear, but the language was unrecognized by Felix. „Ar stró!” Felix couldn't help but notice the sheer exhaustion etched into Daniel's form. His muscles quivered beneath his skin, a testament to the immense effort required to maintain his upright stance. A fierce desire welled up in Felix to wrap his arms around Daniel, offering solace from the relentless cold and rain.

Seizing the moment, Felix assessed their options. „It looks like I'll have to dig you out,“ he declared. „I'll start with my hands before I use the shovel.“ He glanced at Daniel with a hopeful suggestion, „You can lend a hand too if you still have the strength.“ Felix's deep concern for Daniel's well-being resonated clearly in his voice.

With a determined nod, Daniel mustered the strength required to forge ahead. „Alright, tá! Let's do this,“ he affirmed.

Felix knelt beside Daniel, his hands sinking into the muddy morass. Side by side, they initiated their rescue mission, slowly but steadily weakening the tenacious hold the mud had on Daniel's leg. Their fingers delved into the saturated earth, their efforts growing more strenuous with each passing minute. As they struggled, the rain continued to pour down upon them, further drenching their already soaked clothes. Felix gloves touched Daniel's jeans feeling the tight muscles of the American. He seized the upper part of Daniel's hip boots and tugged with all his might, but Daniel's legs remained frustratingly immobile. His gloves suddenly lost the grip on the muddy rubber boots and bounced against Daniels fly. Felix felt the heat radiating of Daniel's member and balls. Daniel needed to grunt in pain.

„Uh, sorry man. I did not mean...“ offered Felix as excuse.

Before Felix could elaborate further, Daniel spoke again. „I'd really enjoy the hit, just not under these circumstances,“ he explained with a grin. Felix couldn't help but notice that the bulge in Daniel's wet jeans grew a bit larger.

Daniel appeared to find a peculiar comfort in his predicament, despite the challenges it posed. He admitted, „It's strange, but I do feel an odd sense of safety with you here.“ Felix's smile grew warmer at Daniel's words, appreciating the connection forged amidst their dire circumstances. „Thank you,“ he replied reassuringly. „I'll get you out of this, no doubt about it.“

Their continued efforts took a toll on their fingers although covered in work gloves, which had become raw from the unrelenting friction against the stubborn earth.

With determination, Felix finally put his shovel to good use, excavating the mud surrounding Daniel's leg. This allowed Daniel to begin manoeuvring his leg, freeing his mud-caked rubber boots from the tenacious clutches of the tree roots that had ensnared his toes.

Although the process was time-consuming, Felix's relentless effort ultimately paid off. He successfully liberated Daniel from the mud's grip, gently placing him on stable ground, safe from the treacherous mire. Relieved, Daniel rested against the fallen tree, attempting to massage his aching leg muscles, a task made all the more challenging by the thick rubber of his boots. The relentless rain persisted, shrouding their surroundings in a watery veil, accentuating the ever-present danger lurking in the vicinity.

Felix took a moment to assess their surroundings, scanning for any signs of impending danger. Satisfied that no immediate threats loomed, he turned back to Daniel, his warm smile offering reassurance.

„That wasn't too bad, considering the circumstances, was it?“ Felix inquired.

Daniel managed a weak laugh, his breath still coming in ragged gasps. „Not bad at all, considering,“ he agreed, his voice strained.

As Felix remained vigilant, he couldn't help but notice the way Daniel's gaze roamed over him, as if magnetically drawn. Covered in mud and glistening with sweat from their strenuous efforts, Felix possessed an undeniable appeal – perhaps even more so because of it. There was a magnetic quality to this strong, silent figure with a confident yet gentle demeanour that Daniel found irresistibly captivating.

As the sun finally began to peek through the dissipating clouds, its first rays illuminated the dishevelled landscape. Felix and Daniel stood side by side, their gaze sweeping across the devastation wrought by the relentless storm. In every direction, toppled trees littered the land, while mud and debris marred once-pristine hillsides.

With the weather taking a turn for the better, the relentless rain had subsided, and the skies were slowly clearing.

Daniel's comrades had been searching for him, and they had congregated at the base of the mudflow. Upon spotting Daniel and Felix together, they gestured towards the two figures. The response lead, cupping his hands into a makeshift megaphone, hollered up at them, „Braucht's an Unterstuetzung oda kriagt's des a so runter?“ (Do you need assistance or are able to handle it by yourself). Felix signalled to the assembled group that they could handle the situation themselves.

„Think you can walk?“ Felix inquired cautiously. „You can lean on me, wrap your arm around my neck, and use the shovel as a temporary crutch with your other hand,“ he suggested.

„Tá,“ Daniel replied with determination, „let's give it a shot!“

Daniel nodded in agreement, relying heavily on Felix's support. He gingerly wrapped one arm around Felix's neck while using the other to stabilize himself with the aid of the shovel. Felix bent slightly, effortlessly bearing Daniel's weight on his broad shoulders. His strength and unwavering confidence only deepened Daniel's admiration for him.

Together, they embarked on the slow and strenuous descent down the muddy hill.

„Jeez, these boots are massive! What size are you?“ Felix inquired with curiosity. Daniel burst out in laugher. „What size I am? ... My feet? Or something else?“

Felix's cheeks tinged with a blush beneath his helmet.

„Well, you do seem like you'd fill a pair of size 12's just right,“ he admitted, pausing before offering a sheepish grin. „You're probably wondering why I mentioned that, huh?“

Daniel laughed once more, seemingly unfazed by Felix's comment. „Tá, I wear size 12, just like you, I guess,“ he said, grinning broadly beneath his own helmet. „Looks like we both have big feet. Does this turn you on?“ Daniel asked, glancing down at Felix's crotch area, only partially hidden by his loose pants.

The firefighter skilfully shifted the conversation, attempting to conceal his apparent embarrassment. „How about we head over to the camp the firefighters have set up and grab a bite to eat?“ Felix suggested. „Here, have my jacket! You must have been freezing when you got trapped in the mud. Go ahead, remove that soaked shirt.“

„That sounds good, actually, both aspects. Though, I have to warn you, I might turn your jacket into a sweaty mess and possibly get it all dirty,“ Daniel replied with a playful grin. „That's alright. My jacket isn't completely dry either, but the windbreaker should certainly help keep you drier,“ Felix replied.

Jack inquired with concern, „And you? Won't you be cold?“

Felix chuckled gently. „Hey, I'm Austrian! And on top of that, I'm a firefighter. I'm right at home here - I know exactly what I'm doing, alright? Besides, you need the warmth more than I do.“

„Alright, count me in,“ Daniel agreed, his playful grin was still present. „And how about we freshen up a bit while we're at it? Just a quick wash for our faces and hands, sound good?“

Felix’s eyes reflecting a hint of fondness. „Sounds like a plan.“

As they approached the campsite, the bond between the two men continued to flourish. Felix provided unwavering support, assisting Daniel in navigating the perilous terrain. Daniel's arm clung steadfastly around Felix's neck, his fingers gripping the once white tee of the Austrian's firefighter. Felix was aware of Daniel's sweaty armpits and greedily inhaled his scent. Meanwhile, Felix bore the weight of the American with ease, skilfully steering him through the quagmire of mud and across the treacherous stones.

Their boots bore the weight of the clinging mud, making each step a struggle.

Eventually, they arrived at the campsite where the response team of Graz had established an interim base. It consisted of a small collection of tents, tarpaulins, and equipment, all nestled amidst the disarray left in the wake of the storm.

As they neared the camp, Daniel's attention was drawn to a group of firefighters diligently tending to the repair of nearby structures and organizing their tools. Felix introduced himself and relayed the circumstances in which Daniel had found himself earlier. The firefighters were swift to offer their assistance, but Daniel politely declined.

„My feet got trapped beneath a tree trunk. Luckily, these are steel toe caps,“ he explained, gesturing to his boots. Felix translated: „Der Bua hot sei Schuah untan Erdapfereingwurzn festghaengt und hot si nimma auskemma kinna.“

„Na dann is er sicher froh g'wesn, dass grad ainer von uns'n Leit ihn da rausgholt hat.“ (Well, he was surely happy that one of our folks got him out of there.)

„Jetzt schauma, dass ma wos zum Essen findn, und vorher wollen wir uns no die Haend waschn.“ (Now, we'll look for something to eat, and before that, we want to wash our hands.)

„Do Druebn. Do is a Waschraum und ihr findets was zum Essen do druebn.“ (Over there. There's a washroom, and you'll find something to eat there.) The firefighter pointed first one way, then the other.

„Merci, Dir!” (thank you).

Having freshened up their hands and faces, they proceeded to the heart of the campground, where a group of firefighters was busily preparing food in a portable kitchen. The delightful aroma of sizzling sausages and freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, beckoning the two weary young men.

„Looks like we've got a chance to warm up and fill our bellies,“ Felix remarked, expressing gratitude with a nod towards the group of firefighters serving food. Daniel couldn't agree more, his stomach giving an audible growl in response. „Indeed, it's been a long day. Fortunately, it's still somewhat warm.“

They accepted the offered food and drinks, then headed to a set of benches and tables that were partly occupied by fellow firefighters.

After stowing their shovels in a bin at the entrance, they both removed their helmets.

Taking a moment, they found themselves appreciating each other's rugged appearance. Both looked weary and dirtied from the mud and the day's toil. Daniel turned to Felix, curious about how frequently these kinds of catastrophes occurred.

Felix explained that the frequency of such catastrophes depended on various factors, including weather conditions and the nature of the terrain. Sometimes the forest floor could be hard and slippery, while at other times it might be soft and manageable. In the winter, it could be frozen or buried under snow, raising the risk of avalanches. However, what truly mattered was maintaining focus and being attuned to the surroundings.

Daniel nodded in agreement, reflecting on the significance of always remaining vigilant in their environment.

As they sat across from each other, Felix couldn't help but notice Daniel in his mud-caked waders, his legs spread wide. He had a marvellous view of the expanse of Daniel's wet jeans. He stretched out his feet and his rubber boots touched Felix's under the table. Neither Felix nor Daniel made any effort to shift their legs. They exchanged glances as they savoured their sandwiches. Daniel playfully wiped some of the mud from his boots onto Felix's already mud-caked waders, unable to contain a mischievous grin.

He enjoyed watching Felix visibly enjoying the movements of his rubber boots. Their legs continued to touch each other, sending a wave of pleasure through their bodies.

Felix's gaze flickered between Daniel's face and his crotch, a mix of desire and curiosity evident in his eyes. Felix wanted nothing more to touch Daniel's thigh just to see what it felt like. It was a temptation he found difficult to resist.

However, Daniel was the one who advanced things further. He lifted one of his dirty boots of the ground and forced his heel onto the bench between Felix's legs. Felix found himself compelled to widen the gap between his legs just to make enough room for Daniel’s bulky boots. The sole pressed onto Felix's fly, Daniel started to gently massage Felix's cock under his uniform. Daniel grinned mischievously at Felix, who couldn't hide his excitement.

Felix's cheeks flushed and he could no longer fully control his emotions and let out a soft moan that spoke volumes.

„Is it this you want?“ asked Daniel. His voice had a teasing edge to it, one that Felix found impossible to resist. The intensity of their gaze deepened, the connection between them palpable.
Felix swallowed hard, his heart racing as he contemplated giving in to the magnetic force pulling him closer to Daniel. He grabbed Daniel's rubber boot and pressed the sole stronger onto his hardening member. Finally, he broke the silence, his voice hoarse with emotion. „Yes... yes, this is exactly what I want.“

Daniel smiled, his eyes shining with excitement. „That's what I want, too.“ His hands disappeared under the table, grabbed one of Felix's hip boots, lifted it and pressed the boot onto his own fly. Then he gently ran one hand up and down the slimy boot, imitating jerk-off motions.“

„You like showing off your dirty boots, don’t you?” Daniel inquired with a teasing grin.

„I guess you've figured out I am turned on by rubber boots.“

„Not just rubber boots... Raunchy rubber boots, am I right?“

„Yeah, pretty much“ Felix admitted with another sigh, feeling exposed. A lingering silence filled the air for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, he broke it with a sense of vulnerability in his voice, „So, what's our next move? Would you like to head back to your place?“ Felix asked nervously, not wanting Daniel to leave.

„Níl, not really. I could give the landlord a call to let them know I won't be back tonight. Would you like me to do that?“ Daniel inquired, his tone a mix of seriousness and playfulness. Felix's eyes revealed his uncertainty, his hesitation plainly written on his face.

„Yes, you should definitely give him a call. I've got a spot at my place where you'll feel right at home,“ Felix suggested.

Daniel made the call to the guesthouse, explaining the situation and ensuring everything was settled. Afterward, they left the camp, retrieved their helmets and shovels, and began their walk toward Felix's home. They opted not to use the walkway alongside the road, instead cutting across the fields.

„Tell me, Daniel, what do you do for a living?“ Felix inquired.

„I work on a farm back home in Minnesota,“ Daniel replied, sweeping his hand to encompass the surrounding landscape. „It's quite a different life compared to yours. I take care of crops, livestock, and maintain the machinery. It's honest, hard work, but I love it.“

Felix nodded, impressed by Daniel's humble description of his occupation. „It sounds like you're very skilled and knowledgeable about farming.“

Daniel smiled modestly. „I guess so. It's something I've grown up with, so it comes naturally to me. Plus, I enjoy being outdoors and working with nature.“ As they strolled through the fields, their conversation shifted toward their families and interests. Felix expressed his fondness for hiking and exploring the nearby mountains, while Daniel talked about his love for photography, capturing the essence of rural America. They exchanged tales from their childhoods and aspirations for the future.

„I'll share some of the pictures I've stored on my cell phone. It'll give you a much better glimpse,“ Daniel said in a conspiratorial tone.

As they walked side by side, enjoying the last warm rays of the sun on their damp clothes and bodies, Daniel reached for his mobile and began sharing some of his photos.

„Your photos truly capture the essence of rural America,“ Felix remarked.

Daniel grinned, genuinely pleased by Felix's compliment. „Thank you. It's always a joy to share these moments with others.“

„Have you got any pictures showing the farm you work on?“ Felix inquired.

Daniel smiled and nodded, navigating to another album on his phone. „These are pictures from my family's farm in Minnesota. My mum and dad are originally from Ireland and bought the farm approximately 30 years ago when the migrated from a village near Clifden… uh, that is in Ireland, I don’t think that you would recognize it.“

„That explains a lot!”

„What do you mean?” asked Daniel.

„While you were stuck up on that mountain, you uttered something I couldn't comprehend. Was that... Irish?“

„Tá! I guess so.”

„Say something in Irish. I would like to hear its sound!”

Daniel thought for a second and said „Tá mé tóghte agat. B'fhéidir go bhfuil sé sin grá ar an gcéad amharc.” (I feel drawn to you. Perhaps this is love at first sight).

Felix inquired, „How do you say this in English?“

Daniel responded in a hushed tone, „That, my friend, is my little secret.“

Felix needed to laugh, „Bastard. No, I can do better: Du bist des Beste, wos ma je passiert is, du liaba Bengel.“ (you are the best what ever happened to me, you naughty boy). He then leaned in closer, his eyes captivated by the image of a majestic red barn surrounded by lush wheat fields. „It looks absolutely breathtaking,“ he murmured, feeling a twinge of envy for the vast, open spaces Daniel grew up with.

„It is,“ Daniel agreed, a hint of nostalgia in his voice. „But these days, I spend more time indoors working with machinery than being outside.“

Felix nodded in understanding, his sympathy for Daniel's longing evident. „It sounds like you cherish those experiences deeply.“

Daniel nodded, his expression a mix of nostalgia and hope. „It's a reminder of my roots, of who I am. I think I'd go crazy without it.“

„I understand, but hold on a sec! Do you always wear hip boots while operating the machinery?“ Felix asked, clearly surprised. Daniel couldn't help but grin. „I thought you would have figured it out by now. I practically live in rubber boots. I rarely wear any other footwear.“

„Really? You're kidding, aren't you?“ Felix eyes grew wide.

„Níl, these waders are mine. I just borrowed the helmet from the fire department.“ Daniel replied.


Daniel chuckled, a trace of pride in his voice. „I suppose you could say that. They're like a second skin to me.“

Felix glanced down at Daniel's boots, still caked in mud from their earlier rescue mission. „What about when you need to go somewhere?“

Daniel shrugged. „Occasionally, I'll wear regular shoes when I'm in town, but even then, I make sure to keep my boots nearby. They just feel right.“

Felix shook his head, genuinely impressed by Daniel's unwavering dedication to his wading boots.

„That's true commitment!“ he exclaimed.

Daniel grinned, his eyes sparkling with amusement. „Absolutely. I wouldn't have it any other way. And back home,“ he added with a devilish grin, „I even have two pairs that are constantly covered in cow shit.“

As night began to fall, the path leading to Felix's house came into view. Perched on a slope near the woods, Felix's home was a cozy mountain cabin. Daniel was taken with the simple, rustic charm of the place. They stepped inside, allowing the door to slam shut behind them. The house was immaculate and brimming with personal touches.

„Oh! I'm liking what I see, but what's the plan for these dirty clothes and boots?“ Daniel inquired.

„Follow me, I've got a mudroom,“ Felix replied.

Daniel trailed after Felix, navigating the dimly lit hallway until they entered a chamber. It was stocked with an assortment of tools, equipment, and some pictures along the walls.

„Wow! Shit! Take a look at this! You've got an entire collection of rubber boots and waders here. This place is starting to feel like home already. Damn, some of them are seriously filthy,“ Daniel exclaimed, his eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Felix guided him toward a row of waders, highlighting the distinctive stains and dirt ingrained on their surfaces. „They saw some action during our recent rescue mission,“ he explained.

Daniel scrutinized the waders closely, marvelling at the array of substances clinging to them. „You've got quite a collection here,“ he commented, running his fingers across the surface of a particularly muddy pair. Felix grinned mischievously. „These ones are for something other than work, more for pleasure,“ he confessed.

Daniel raised an eyebrow in surprise. „Pleasure?“ he asked sceptically. Felix nodded, a playful smile on his lips. „I enjoy getting them dirty in the nearby sandpit,“ he admitted, revealing a part of himself he hadn't shared before. That's how I express my fetish, and it turns me on.“

Daniel pondered this revelation for a moment, then shrugged casually.

„If it makes you happy, then it's fine by me,“ he said with an easygoing attitude.

Felix felt a sense of relief wash over him, grateful for Daniel's understanding. „I really appreciate that, Daniel. I've never shared this with anyone before. You seem quite intrigued by these,“ Felix remarked, breaking the silence. Daniel's face flushed slightly, a soft blush tinging his cheeks as he met Felix's gaze.

„It's just... well, they seem incredibly durable and practical,“ Daniel began, his voice trailing off slightly. But he didn't leave it at that. „And I think I understand why you keep them in this condition,“ he added with a knowing look.

Felix blushed, pleasantly surprised by Daniel's understanding. „You do?“

Daniel nodded knowingly. „I mean, I remember when I first explored the mud flats near my farm. I got thoroughly messy in my rubber boots, and my father teased me about it.“ He chuckled softly, reminiscing about the past.

„It made me feel so alive, so connected to the earth and its raw power. It was liberating.“ Felix nodded, sharing in the sentiment. „I completely understand that feeling, Daniel. It's exactly how I feel when I'm waist-deep in quicksand, wearing these boots.“

Daniel paused, processing the shared connection between them. „And you feel aroused by it?“ He asked carefully. Felix nodded. „Yes, indeed. It's a unique sensation – a mixture of thrill, excitement, and intimacy with the environment. „I've never experienced quicksand, I don't know that feeling,” said Daniel, a little disappointed.

„Well, if you ever want to experience quicksand, I can teach you how to handle it. We could even check it out together if you're interested,“ Felix suggested with a playful wink, catching Daniel off guard.

„No shit? I'd love that. Fuck, I am growing a boner already!“

Without hesitation, Felix agreed to take Daniel to the gravel pit where he enjoyed getting his boots dirty and indulging in his unusual fetish. The anticipation hung heavy in the air between them.
Daniel's curiosity had been piqued since hearing about Felix's secret fetish, and the idea of experiencing quicksand together excited him deeply. Despite the potential danger, Daniel couldn't help but feel drawn to this unexpected adventure, his appetite for thrills and novel experiences pushing him forward.

The gravel pit was nestled deep within the heart of the forest, shielded from prying eyes by towering trees and dense foliage.

As darkness descended upon the forest, the pale moon cast a cold glow over the gravel pit, exposing the patches of quicksand concealed within the uneven terrain.

They arrived in Felix's old Defender. The vehicle was grimy on the outside and equally dirty on the inside. Felix parked his vehicle at the edge of the area, providing Daniel with a comprehensive view of the entire pit.

„Fuck! That looks promising!“ exclaimed Daniel.

His heart raced with anticipation, the adrenaline surging through his veins, making him feel more alive than ever. „How do you usually ... handle quicksand?“ he asked cautiously, eager to understand the process.

Felix walked toward the edge of the pit. „First, I make sure to secure my Land Rover so it doesn't get stuck in the mud but remains close enough for me to use it to pull myself out,“ he explained, pointing to the heavily loaded vehicle. „You see, there's a winch attached to the front of the rover.“

„I usually use the steel rope as a safety line, but sometimes, when I'm feeling bold enough, I remove it and intentionally step into the quicksand. The experience is unlike anything else. The unpredictability, the sheer force of nature holding me captive – it's exhilarating,“ Felix explained, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

Daniel's pulse quickened, his heart beating faster with anticipation. „Wow, it sounds intense. I've never experienced anything like that.“

„Trust me, it's worth it. Come on, let's get you started.” They swiftly bounded back into the Land Rover, its engine humming to life, and Felix drove the vehicle into the rugged gravel pit below.

„I'll wait here, and you walk towards the group of trees over there,” Felix said after they got out of the Defender. „The moonlight is strong. You're in for quite an experience tonight,“ Felix said, his voice trembling.

„I'm already feeling something,“ said Daniel and touched his crotch, slightly rubbing it. Then he began walking cautiously, his wet jeans and dirty waders making each step a deliberate effort. When he was about halfway to the designated spot, he turned back to Felix.

„It's just sand, all firm and not dangerous at all,“ Daniel exclaimed with confidence.

„Just wait for it. Stay exactly where you are!“ Felix replied firmly.

The sand beneath Daniel's massive waders began to change its surface. He felt the ground shift beneath him. The surface remained intact, not cracking, or swallowing him, but forming a gradual dent under his boots.

„Shit! What's happening?“ Daniel's eyes widened in shock, his heart pounding against his ribcage. The mixture of fear and excitement gripped him tightly, sending his adrenaline levels skyrocketing.

„Calm down, Daniel. Stay still,“ Felix instructed, his voice a blend of concern and determination. „Remember, you're not alone. I'll be right here if you need me.“ Felix's voice remained steady, even as anxiety surged through his body. Daniel nodded, determined to regain his composure. Sweat trickled down his brow, and his heart thumped loudly in his chest. With a deep breath, he forced himself to stay calm, focusing intently on the shifting ground beneath him.

As seconds turned into minutes, the once solid ground became increasingly muddy, unstable and wet. It still supported Daniel's weight, but the growing bulge of sand beneath his feet suggested an impending burst.

Daniel frantically struggled to halt his sinking, but it was futile. He continued to sink deeper and deeper into the sandy depression, his knees disappearing from Felix’s view. In a state of panic, he lifted one leg in an attempt to find solid ground and escape the dent that had formed around him. However, as he shifted his weight, the sand beneath him split open, trapping him up to his thighs in the unrelenting grasp of the quicksand.

As the ground around him continued to yield, a surge of panic welled up within Daniel. He understood that his survival now rested entirely on Felix's expertise and rescue skills. The realization sent a shiver of fear down his spine, but at the same time, it ignited a primal trust in his companion.

Sensing Daniel's growing anxiety, Felix swiftly reassured him, his voice steady and confident, „Don't worry, I've got this situation under control. Focus on your breathing, and try to embrace the experience. You won't drown in this, I promise.“ Despite his words of assurance, Felix concealed the inner turmoil he felt.

„Damn, Felix, this is... incredible,“ Daniel exclaimed. „The pressure on my boots is intense, much more than mud or cow shit.“ „Yeah, it is!“ Felix responded with enthusiasm. „It's not for everyone, but it's undeniably addictive!“

As the pressure continued to mount, the world seemed to slow down around Daniel. His boots sank deeper, and he couldn't help but be mesmerized by the intensity of this newfound experience.

Despite the danger, he found himself drawn to the thrill, his heart pounding with adrenaline.
Feeling the cold night air on his skin, Daniel suddenly realized how vulnerable he was in this unfamiliar environment.


„Yeah!? What is it?“

„I think I need to get my boner out. Is that okay with you?” Daniel asked full of lust.

„I do not expect anything less, my friend! I already said you should enjoy yourself and this comes with it!“ Felix yelled over the pit.

As Daniel released his erection, the adrenaline rushing through his veins heightened his senses. The cool night air caressed his exposed skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

The thrill of being trapped in the quicksand only intensified as Daniel grew more accustomed to the situation. Felix stood watch, his heart pounding with a mix of anxiety and excitement, captivated by the sight of his new friend sinking deeper into the pit.

Daniel gave in to his excitement and started jerking off. „Shit, Felix! That feels so fucking awesome!“ He grunted with pleasure. „Do you like what you see?“ Daniel shouted, „I am a naughty boy, aren’t I?“

Felix laughed and an appreciative grin spread across his face. „Honestly, it turns me on. You really look great, especially in such a precarious situation. Can I come over to you? I’d like to watch.”

Their banter echoed through the silent woods. Daniel's breathing grew heavier while he nodded, his excitement reaching fever pitch. Before approaching Daniel, he ignited the Land Rover's engine and inched it a bit closer. Upon re-parking the vehicle, he deliberately left the headlights on, casting a full and revealing illumination upon Daniel.

„Felix, this feels so... intense!“ he confessed, gasping considerably. Felix cautiously followed Daniel's trail, stepping gingerly across the shifting sands. „Be cautious, my friend,“ Daniel warned, concern evident in his voice. „The pit might claim you as well.“

„Rubbish, I'm well-versed in this,“ Felix replied confidently. „This is my realm, after all.“ He paused, stopping about five feet in front of Daniel, positioning his legs wide to distribute his weight evenly on the sand. The tops of Daniel's boots had almost vanished into the ground.

„Would you mind if I accompanied you while you jerk off?” Felix suggested, his eyes full of pure lust.

„You're pretty bold, aren't you?“ Daniel grinned with excitement.

Felix unzipped his pants and pulled out his boner. The sight made Daniel shudder. He reared up like a stallion, grunting and he tightening his grip on his hard rod, causing his massive thighs to sink faster into the quicksand and the solid mud began to grip his testicles. He moaned loudly. „Shit! Sweet!“ The quicksand is eating my balls. Do you see that, Felix?”

„Yes. I can see it. Fuck! That looks awesome!“ Felix exclaimed while stroking his member. „Damned, Daniel. Your body is so fucking hot and you’re not afraid to show it.”

Daniel, sweating profusely and breathing heavily, smiled smugly. „I told you, didn’t I? There’s no denying that I love living on the edge!”

They both continued to slowly move their hands back and forth over their cocks. Their moans were a constant sound heard in the pit.

Daniel began to lose sensation in his feet as the quicksand relentlessly devoured him. The pressure was intense, but it only heightened the excitement they both shared. Felix remained steadfast; his gaze locked on Daniel as he descended deeper into the mud. Daniel stole a glance at his companion, finding unwavering determination in Felix's eyes.

Felix’s body remained almost motionless besides his hands rubbing his member, only subtle depressions formed beneath his rubber boots because he stood with his legs spread wide on the quicksand.

„You’re doing great, Daniel,” Felix encouraged with a groan.

„Almost there…” Daniel gasped.

„Shit! Felix. I'm getting really close! Argh. I'm coming!“ Daniel shouted. „Ahhh, tá! Tá! Oh God, yes!” His voice echoed through the darkness, echoing off the trees. Felix gave a sharp grunt in response. The powerful discharge shook Daniel to his core and left him leaning backwards in the quicksand. He shot hot streams of sperm high into the air. „Tá! Argh!” His eyes flashed with triumph as he watched his seed squirting right in front of Felix's rubber boots. The final shot struck Felix's boots eventually, splattering white slime onto them.

Felix let go of his member, which was juicing precum uncontrollably. „Yes, damn it! What a huge load!” He squatted down and scooped up most of Daniel’s cum and spread it on his pants. He let out a deep grunt.

„Shit, man! Don't you want to cum?“ „Fuck yeah, but you're already trapped deep in that shit. I think I'll get you out with the winch first. Otherwise, it gets more difficult. Wait here!“

Daniel couldn't help but break into a grin, knowing that his current predicament left him with few alternatives. As Felix turned his attention away, he embarked on a cautious journey across the perilous terrain while stuffing his stiff member back into his pants, closing the distance to the waiting truck. The resonant whir of the winch filled Daniel's ears as Felix skilfully unravelled the sturdy steel rope. The feeble glow from the Defender's headlights played tricks with the shadows, creating an eerie ambiance around them.

„Do you have enough confidence in the safety of this setup? I am going to secure the rope around your chest.“ Felix inquired when he returned pulling the steal rope behind him. He offered his weathered jacket to provide a protective layer between the line and Daniel's skin. „If you're ready, I will pull you out. Just give me the signal.“

Daniel nodded in affirmation. „Absolutely, I have complete trust in you.“

With precision, Felix secured the rope securely around Daniel's chest. „Try to lean forward a little as soon as you feel the tug from the rope. Unfortunately, it will be a bit tricky.“

He returned to the Land Rover and started the winch.

The rope slowly began to wind up. It wrapped itself tightly around Daniel's chest. Daniel gasped instinctively. He grabbed the steel cable with all his strength to hold it in position. He felt the material of the jacket rub under his armpits as it moved partially toward his axels. Despite the mounting agony in his back, Daniel gritted his teeth, determined to stifle his pain.

As the rope steadily drew him nearer to safety, he summoned every ounce of strength he possessed. Daniel, though fatigued and throbbing with discomfort, fixed his gaze on Felix, who stood next to his Defender observing Daniel being pulled from the quicksand.

Felix stopped the winch as Daniel was freed from the pit and lay on the sandy ground. Daniel was panting heavily, his face covered in sweat. He raised his head and their eyes met and he managed a weak smile. „Thanks for bailing me out.“

Felix came returned and smiled, extending a helping hand to lift Daniel to his feet. „No problem, buddy. Anytime.“

Daniel managed to get up and he moved closer to Felix and gave him a kiss on his neck.

Felix noticed Daniel eyeing him with a mixture of desire and gratitude. Daniel wanted to return the favor. Daniel's fingers found the fly and Felix's cock sprang to attention inside his work pants. Daniel felt the heat of Felix’s genitals thru the fabric.
„Uh, Felix – I guess your balls must be pretty full by now. Shouldn’t you be milked…?” Daniel asked hesitantly, unsure whether he had crossed a line.

„What do you have in mind?“ Felix asked as Daniel slowly moved behind him. „Well,” Daniel began, pressing his body against Felix. His right arm moved from behind and found Felix’s fly again. Daniels voice became merely a whisper „The way I see it we are in present danger as our boots are standing close together on quicksand, so we don't have that much time before we are going to get absorbed into the ground, do we?” There was a short pause in which Felix's heart was pounding almost audibly in Felix's chest. Daniel continued, „My feet are about to burn but since you have developed a nice hard on, you're unlikely up to the job. You won’t be able to put out the fire in my smelly waders with your pee, but your white fire extinguishing foam could be a start, firefighter. I think that amount could be just enough for saving one leg.“ Daniel said as he ran his left hand over Felix's butt to his sack and both hands tested its weight by lifting his balls up and letting them sink down again. Felix moaned softly and with pleasure.

Daniel unzipped Felix's pants and reached for his erect cock, stroking it gently and pulling it out. He slowly moved his hand back and forth, gently masturbating Felix's penis. Daniel leaned in close, his words a hushed secret meant just for Felix's ears. „Hey firefighter, can you confirm if I need to operate the pump of yours in this way to make the foam shoot out of the hose? Am I doing it right?“

Felix closed his eyes and felt the warmth of Daniel's touch and the pressure of his palm against his hardness and continue to moan. „Fuck… Yeah, you’re doing good” is all that he could whisper. He welcomed the weight of the robust, somewhat inflexible rubber waders, convinced that his knees were on the verge of giving out. A low growl escaped Felix's throat as Daniels pressure against his butt tightened. He threw his head back, letting loose with a long, drawn-out moan. It was the most arousing sound Daniel had ever heard.

„Do you feel the quicksand moving underneath our size-12’s?“ he susurrated, pressing his crotch even harder against Felix. „Can you feel my filthy waders rubbing against yours?“ moaned Daniel into Felix's ears. „Can you feel my dick touching that tight ass of yours?“ Daniel teased, moving his hips in rhythm with his hand. Felix groaned loudly, his muscles tensing beneath Daniel's touch. His heart raced, its beat syncing with the cadence of their shared lust. Daniel wrapped his free arm around Felix, holding him tightly. He buried his face in Felix’s hair, moving erotically. He squeezed his lover's muscular form, drawing Felix closer to the edge of satisfaction. Then he took a deep smell of Felix armpits. „Shit! You stink, but yet so irresistible”. Daniel grunted lustfully.

„Shit Felix, I really want your load in my wader. Help me, please!“ Daniel whimpered in mock desperation.

„Oh fuck, Daniel,“ Felix breathed.

„Let's do this,“ Daniel whispered hoarsely.

Felix turned, facing Daniel. Felix continued to jerk-off his dick close to Daniels thighs and aiming at the top of one of the hip boots. His breathing grew heavier, and his muscles tensed as he neared the point of no return. Daniel, sensing the urgency in Felix's movements touched his torso and squeezed his nipples. „Cum for me, Felix,“ Daniel whispered seductively. „Let it all out inside my rubber boot. Put out the fire!“

Felix groaned, his entire body trembling with anticipation. With one final thrust, Felix released his pent-up tension, shooting his load directly into the boot. Daniel held his friend tight so that Felix couldn't move and allowed his sperm to gush in spurts down his jeans disappearing into the tall rubber boot.

At last, the young firefighter succumbed, collapsing onto his knees right in front of Daniel.
Daniel, too, descended to his knees and gently cradled his weary companion's head with a single hand. „Well done,“ he said with a hint of humour. „Tá, I believe you managed to extinguish the fire inside one of my boots with your white gunk.“ Daniel caressed Felix’s cheek, a tender smile on his lips. He approached Felix and he gave him a gentle kiss. When the young man opened his mouth slightly, Daniel pushed his tongue between Felix's teeth and his initially hesitant kiss became an intense one. „You taste like victory, my local firefighter.“ Felix chuckled quietly, his eyes sparkling with amusement and appreciation. „And you taste like adventure, American.”

„I believe it's imperative that we proceed cautiously,“ Daniel remarked, „for fear that the sand beneath us might collapse, engulfing us both.“

„Damn, you're right!“ Felix exclaimed, his awareness of the danger sharpening. „I let my focus slip. You really threw me off.“

With deliberate and measured steps, they rose from their positions, almost as if they were reluctant to sever the enchanting connection they shared. Daniel draped a protective arm over Felix's shoulders and guided him toward the Defender, their movements imbued with a sense of cautious determination.

„You know at home... I sometime sink my waders into the septic tank underneath the cowshed when nobody is around.“ Daniel admitted. „But this time, I was able to fill them with something much more precious.“ Felix smiled, his eyes twinkling with amusement. „So, you prefer filling your waders with Austrian firefighter sperm instead of cow manure?“ Daniel laughed, his cheeks turning slightly red. „Something like that, yes.“

They reached the truck, and Daniel made his way into the cab. As he settled into his seat, he stole a glance at Felix, who was hopping into the driver's seat. „Let's make our way back to the cabin.“

During the drive back, Felix posed a question. „How many pairs of waders do you own?“

Daniel chuckled. „Not that many, just six to be precise. Two of them reek of manure – those are my workhorses.“ „Isn't it quite risky to get into the tank?“ „Absolutely, I always wear respiratory protection when I want to immerse myself in slurry. I've got a stash of used masks from the surplus shop in town,“ Daniel explained with a shrug. Felix couldn't help but tease, a mischievous smirk on his face. „You know, you should consider wearing those boots more often; they seem great for the skin.“ Daniel chuckled his cheeks tinted with a hint of embarrassment. „You might be onto something,“ he admitted, joining in on the banter. Their laughter filled the cabin for a moment, followed by a comfortable silence as they both gazed out the window, captivated by the enchanting Austrian night unfolding before them. Daniel's eyes wandered to the moonlit, snow-capped peaks and the vast stretch of greenery below, a profound sense of contentment washing over him.

„I reckon I've got a soft spot for quicksand, too. Seems I like anything I can sink my boots into,“ Daniel remarked. Felix's eyes twinkled with mischief as he responded, „You know what, Daniel? I've got an idea. Why don't we spend the night in the mudroom? We could stay in our grubby clothes and boots. I've got a fireplace in there that I use for drying laundry,“ Felix explained. „So, it doesn't even get too chilly in there.“ „And what if nature calls?“ Daniel inquired. Felix grinned, suggesting a solution, „Well, I've got plenty of waders hanging on the wall that can serve as your toilet.“

Daniel's face lit up with excitement, and he nodded enthusiastically. „Sweet!“ he exclaimed. „This sounds like a fun adventure.“

After parking the truck, they stepped out into the night. The air was infused with the fragrance of pine trees and the remnants of earlier rainfall. Daniel and Felix ventured into the darkness, their mucky boots crunching against the earth, the sound echoing through the stillness of the night.

Felix unlocked the door, instantly bathing the interior in light with a casual flick of the switch. „You remember the path to the mudroom. I'll grab us some drinks to quench our thirst,“ he proposed.

„Sounds good. Let's make ourselves comfortable,“ Daniel agreed. Felix tended to the stove in the mudroom, and before long, a delightful warmth began to envelop the cozy space.

As they sipped their drinks, Daniel couldn't help but appreciate the thoughtful notion of spending the night in their boots and well-worn pants. It felt like a perfect match for their adventurous souls. His gaze wandered around the room, taking in the mountain landscape pictures gracing the walls. Rustic furniture added to the ambiance, and, naturally, his eyes were drawn to the wall where Felix kept his waders, accompanied by an assortment of wellies below. In the corner, the fireplace crackled, sending flickering shadows dancing throughout the room.

Felix had arranged an aged inflatable sleeping pad, surrounded by a plethora of weathered jackets and pants, in a bid to fashion a makeshift, yet inviting, sleeping area. Both peeled off their sweaty tees, leaving their pants and boots on, and settled onto a rustic wooden bench situated beside the comforting warmth of the oven, relishing the rhythmic crackling of the wood.

Several minutes drifted by, their weary limbs unmoving. After a minute, Daniel said, „can I take your offer and piss in one of your boots?“ while standing up. „Which one do you want me to take?”

„Feel free to pick any of the caked ones. I don't particularly care if they end up getting wet inside,“ Felix replied nonchalantly. Daniel walked over to the opposite wall and stroked one of the filthy wading boots, then unzipped his pants and stuck his member into the boot and began to piss. „This feels right.“ he said excitedly. „I just hope the rubber strap that hang the boot from the hook can handle the extra weight.“

After he finished, he turned to Felix, his cock and balls hanging down. However, the initially flaccid cock became increasingly stiff and grew. „Shit man! I think I'm going to have to sleep without jeans tonight after all. My permanent boner would kill me otherwise. What about you? Just wading boots? No pants or socks?“

„Sounds even better!“ Felix exclaimed with enthusiasm as he started to lower the shaft of his boots. „Would you mind helping me take them off? My socks are quite damp, and I'm struggling to extricate myself from these wet boots,“ he requested politely. „We'll need to lend each other a hand; my feet and rubber boots aren't faring much better,“ Daniel conceded. The two took off each other's heavy boots and got rid of their pants and socks. They then laboriously slipped back in and pulled the shafts back up. „Shit, looks hot, doesn't it?“ said Daniel. „Yeah,“ Felix agreed, his penis also increasing in size again.

„Should we get some rest? It's late, and we'll need an early start again tomorrow. After all, there's work to be done...“ Felix proposed as he settled onto the weathered sleeping pad. „I'm not sure I can sleep with my cock coming to rest against the crack of your ass. What if my cock suddenly sinks in there and gets stuck?“ „Well, then I'd say you slowly pull it somewhat out and then push it in again even deeper - until you produce lubrication. This will allow you to pull your cock all the way out in the end.“ Felix said, giving his professional opinion.

„Damn, that sounds like a great plan!“ Daniel exclaimed with excitement.

To be continued...


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