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Feedback Please!

I would love to have more feedback about my photos (if you have enough time of course)

1 I would like to know whether I am on the right wavelength in the sense of giving people what they like looking at

a Am I doing the right thing cropping out the background to maximise the amount of detail of the subject

b Which photos are preferred: Slightly dirty, half dirties, completely covered in dirt etc

c Would types of dirt other than mud / cow manure be desirable

d Which color of overalls would be desired? (OK A lot of people are going to say hi-viz here, I'm not into hi viz and have given away such as I had, but I shall see about getting hold of some more if required) How about black overalls? Red? are 2-piece ovies preferred to boiler suits? How about jeans / tee shirt combinations? Jeans / bare top? Armpit photos? whatever?

2 I would like to know what sort of photos I should upload more of

3 It would turn me on :)

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