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Where did my comment go?

Comments posted on the site a rarely deleted due to them being inappropriate, You would get a private message from mudboy if that was the case, so if a comment you posted has not appeared on the site or has "disappeared" it's more likely that:

1) The comment is still pending moderation (usually done within 24 hours, and instant some users)

2) Your comment was not in English - it's not possible for comments written in another language to be moderated, comments need to be checked to confirm they fit within the site usage guidelines, typical rejection reasons would be explicit sexual metrical, or vilification of other site members.

3) Someone else deleted a comment/or post and your comment was in response to that post: here are a couple of examples:

User A adds a new forum thread. Users B and C flame, User A gets fed up and deletes his account, or user A decides the forum post was something they did not want to post (heat of the moment) and they delete the forum thread that they posted. On deletion the thread and all comments from all users to that thread are deleted.

User A adds a comment to the thread, Users B and C reply directly to that comment. Later user A deletes their comment, comments in reply to that thread from users B and C are deleted. This can happen anywhere down the comment hierarchy e.g. replies to replies and responses from others.

The same two options also apply to admin moderating a post e.g. user A posts something not acceptable on the site, and before that post is deleted you, user B add a comment. The post gets deleted, user A is given a slap on the wrist from admi, but User B hears nothing about the post and their reply being deleted.

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