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What is Mudfactor? and Referrals?

Mudfactor is a measure of the amount you contribute to the site community.

The higher your mudfactor the higher up the list of users your name appears, this rewards users who contribute to the community by making their profile more visible. The mud factor is used in various places around the site to add weighting to list views which include users or their profiles.

You can increase your mudfactor by posting in the forums, uploading images, creating social ad links, commenting, uploading videos, and more. But note that you will lose mudfactor points if your posts are rejected (this almost never happens!) this stops users from posting irrelevant content to the site just to increase their point total. Points awarded for each post, creating one new post with several images attached will earn the same as creating one post with just one image. It's better to use attachments just for video files, and upload one image per post, so that you earn points per image, this also allows users to comment and vote on each image.

You can also lose mudfactor points if your posts regularly require retitling, you upload large amounts of images that require sorting through and deleting (removing duplicates), persistent uploading of untitled images, repeated comments that add nothing to the conversation thread, flaming, images off topic, images that don't meet the standards listed on the upload page, copyright infringement, etc

The star rating system is also used as a factor on the site, so someone who uploaded lots of images which are rated with one star may not be higher up the list than someone who has uploaded just a few images to which other users award four or five stars.

Another way to increase your mudfactor is to refer new users to the site using the referral url in your profile. You earn points for each referred new active user i.e a user who joins and uses the site after they follow you link. as a bonus you also get a proportion of the points that they earn when they post. Account IPs and Cookies are logged, so don't bother cheating the system by signing up again yourself, the scripts are watching you :)

You can see a list of users with the highest mudfactor

As administrator I cannot gain points, it would be unfair, i'd have more than anyone else

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