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Unexpected Saturday Night Muck Bath

This story is related to the three photos I recently posted in the "muddy places/farm" area.


It was Saturday night in mid October and I'd got a few nights free to go out and get very muddy/mucky. A couple of nights before, I'd gone out on a wonderfully wet and mucky visit to the local pigs farms, getting home in a very messy state around 3:30am. So after a day to recover and to sort out my gear, I thought I'd go out a bit earlier, on a more low-key trip out.

Thinking of places that were away from farms and buildings, I had noticed a couple of weeks earlier, a large pile of muck that had been dumped on a field muckpad just a few miles from me and within easy cycling distance. I had the idea the muck had come from a nearby farm that had a few pigs, not one of the big pig farms that I'd visited earlier, but enough to have a big heap build up over the year that needed moving off-site. While the heap was next to a farmhouse access track, it was still well away from the nearby road and any buildings. I'd been past a few days earlier and the muck looked dark and still moist, and with the rain we'd had the previous day, it would not have dried out much. This might be a good spot for a bit of late evening, easy and secluded muck wallowing...

I'd just cleaned up my wetsuit from the epic pig farm visit and it was still wet, so I decided to just wear some junk clothes with my old PVC waterproofs and wellies. I'd keep warm in these and depending on what I'd find, I'd just get it all mucky, without hopefully getting too cold. I'd bin the junk clothes that got too mucky and just clean up the stuff that was easy and I really wanted to keep. This seemed like a good plan to me.

It was 11pm by the time I was ready to go out. The outside temp was showing 10degC and was a bit colder than the previous trip out, but it was dry. There was a bit of cloud cover, although it looked like it was going to be a clear night later on. There was slight breeze, but nothing that would make cycling there and back too hard work. I was travelling light, no backpack with dry extra clothes and such, only my warm wooly balaclava for being at the site and my compact binos, in case I needed to scope out anything in the moonlight.

Being a Saturday night, I'd expect a few more people to be out late, but I only had a few cars pass me on the bigger roads and once I was on the single-track lanes, it was completely quiet. I'd turned my bike lights off earlier on the lane, so my eyes got better used to the dark. As I got near to the farm track that lead up to the muck heap, I slowed down and had a good look around, just to see if there were any signs of activity in the nearby tracks, or fields. All looked very quiet and as it was now approaching 11:30pm, I'd hoped any late evening dog walkers would be safely home. I cycled past the track entrance and a few hundred yards up the road, just to be certain it was empty. No parked up cars with the lights off either. Turning round, I rode back to a gap in the hedge, which was on the right side of the field where the muck heap was dumped. The plan was to go down the right side hedge line, then cut left at the bottom of the field towards the heap. This way, I'd keep away from the farm track and have the boundary hedge for cover, if I needed it. I've been reminded lately about how it feels being in the middle of an open field when some lights suddenly come on!

I could see quite a distance up the lane and a few hundred yards back from where I had come and all was clear. I hopped off the bike, through the gap in the hedge and briskly walked down the hedge line till I got to a fair sized tree, which looked good for stashing my bike under. Off with the hi-viz vest, stashing it in my cycling hat and under the bike, for safe keeping. Taking a moment to have a look and listen to my surroundings, all was still and quiet. Being alone in dark, quiet countryside always stirs a sense of anticipation and subtle excitement, as it marks the beginning of another, hopefully, wonderfully mucky adventure. While the hazy moonlight was enough to see my immediate surroundings, the muck heap was invisible in the dark and gloomy tree-filled distance. The field had been ploughed and harrowed, so was level and even, although sticky from the earlier rain. Walking down to the bottom and left across the field was relatively easy going, so I had opportunity to look around and make sure I was not going to walk into anything, or anyone unexpected.

Once I got to the heap, it was very neatly and steeply piled up, about 30 foot across and 10 feet high. Whoever piled this up, could operate a bucket. Wandering around the outside, I could see it was still wet from all the rain, but there was not much soft stuff with any depth on the ground to really play in. Giving the muck a bit of a squash with my hands and having a sniff, it certainly smelt like muck that had been stored for a while. Climbing up on top, I found the middle was a big hollow, like a volcano crater and about 5-ish foot deep. This looked like a great spot to have a play, as I was completely hidden from the nearby farm track and sheltered from the chill of the wind. This could be a very nice spot to have a relaxing wallow. Now I was right in the heap, the muck was not particularly stinky, like the fresh stuff at the pig farms, so my guess that it was from an established heap was probably right. I had a stomp around the hollow to try and find a nice soft spot to play in. Most of it was quite firm, if still dark and wet, but one place, in the biggest bit of the hollow felt promising. Getting stuck in, I pulled off some of the firmer top layer with my hands and with some treading in, I soon sank up to the tops of my wellies in soft and what seemed like warm muck. And it felt like I could easily sink much deeper. This looked very interesting...

I hadn't really thought about this situation and not wanting to lose my wellies, I took them off along with my socks, waterproof trousers and joggers. Now naked from the waist down, I'd try to sink as far as I could and see where the mood took me. Getting "stuck" in deep mud, or muck has always been a great turn-on for me, as it's something that I did from my earliest days, when just thinking about it gave me a hard-on. And the feeling of warm muck squishing between my toes would be very nice... Lowering myself in and having a further tread around, I suddenly sank through the soft muck and into a void of really warm mucky water and touched down on the hard muckpad below, now with muck up to my waist - wow! The layer of soft muck around my middle was certainly warm, but the watery stuff below was really warm! Not being able to resist, I had a wiggle about, enjoying the sensation of the warm muck moving around my cock, balls and arse. Pushing my hand down, I had a little stroke of my now hardening cock. Actually, I better stop this, as I could get carried away and I think there is much more I could do here. Lowering myself in a bit further and having a feel around with my feet, the watery void ran under the surrounding muck in front and to the sides. The two foot, or so of "muck crater" floor I sank through must be floating on this warm watery stuff? What if I can mix in the top firmer stuff in to the warm watery layer below and make myself a secluded, warm and deep muck bath? An opportunity such as this is a pretty rare thing! It was not what I had considered for tonight, or planned for, but I think I'll strip off completely naked and see what fun I can have. I'd done a wallow without my wetsuit a couple of months earlier, but I still had latex swim socks and plimsoles on. This would be completely naked and barefoot, and it had been over ten years since I had done something similar. Having a quick look over the rim of the muck crater, the surrounding fields, track and road were dark and quiet. Time to get naked and in the muck! While I was sheltered from the breeze, once my clothes were off, I could feel the chill of the night, but I was also feeling the excitement of what perhaps was to come.

Having placed my clothes nearby, where I could easily find them and getting out my old digital camera, just on the chance I would try and take a photo, I was ready. I lowered myself back in to the small muck hole and up to my waist. The warmth of the floating muck layer and warmer watery stuff below was now very noticeable on my chilled skin. Just from my brief treading in, there was about a foot of very soft muck floating on three foot of watery stuff, but the sides of the more solid muck I had dug through were higher still. I needed to make the hole bigger by pulling in the surrounding firmer layer and mixing it all up with the watery stuff below. Over the next twenty minutes, or so, I dug into the surrounding firmer muck with my bare hands, making the hole to the size of a small bath and also filling up the hole I was sunk in. Once I had enough room to sink down and get my legs properly under, I could feel the void extended even further in front of me. The a big part of the "muck crater" floor here must be floating on top of a large watery void?? Pushing my toes under and into the bottom of firmer floating muck layer, I mixed it in and to a thick consistency, that I could float and wallow around in. The hard work done and now floating in a bath of lovely warm thick muck, the feeling on my body, the smell and the vision of muck all around me, filled my senses almost to overload. Pushing my feet and hands deep in to the thicker floating muck layer had got me very turned on, perhaps like it would if I was "trapped" in deep, thick, sucking muck... Looking up at the dark and starry night's sky, from my own private world of muck and nothing else, I stroked my now very hard cock. Pushing my feet and free hand in to the thick, warm muck, I fantasized that the surrounding area of muck might slowly slide in to the crater and properly trap me in neck deep muck! Laying there feeling "trapped" with just my head above the surface, I wiggled myself down further, letting the muck ooze in to my hair, so just my face was above. This wonderfully sensual experience was just a bit too much for me to control myself and I came with a blinding orgasm, pumping spurts of cum in to the deep, warm, muck that my entire body was held in!

Laying there in the fading afterglow, not being able to hear anything other than the pumping of blood in my ears, I wondered how long I could lay here before having to get out? After a while, the surface of the muck was cooling and I could feel the chill of the night on my mucky wet hair. I pulled my legs and arm out of the thick muck and pushed myself back up so my feet were on the ground below. Well, I hadn't planned on getting this mucky tonight, but I probably couldn't have got much more if I tried. I had brought my old digital camera tonight with the idea that I might take a photo while I was here. Taking a pic of where I am now would make a great photo, but I'd have to try to balance the camera in the muck to take a timer photo and I'm so covered, that I don't think it would be possible? And while I am in the bottom of this crater and fairly secluded, I've no idea what's going on around me, and the flash would likely light up the top of the muck heap. Not wanting to risk it, I'd perhaps take a pic once I was out, dressed and could see all was clear... Hauling myself out, I was completely black and running with globs of muck as it plopped back down in to the hole beneath me. I could certainly feel the chill of the night, as the breeze now caught me. Scraping as much of the muck off with my hands, I was less thickly covered, but I could see in the moonlight, still streaked in black muck. Now getting very chilly, I pulled on my hoodie, joggers, waterproof, socks and finally wellies. I was now warming up, but had that still wet with muck feeling under my clothes. Having another look over the muck crater wall, I could see a car driving away down the lane that I had come in on. There are still people around this late.. Now that it was all clear, I got the camera and tried to take a pic of myself standing astride the muck bath hole. I wasn't sure if the camera had focused in the dark and after a couple of presses, while I wasn't really concentrating on where it was pointing, the exposure pre-flash went off, then the main flash and it pretty much blinded me. Great - time to leave I think. I didn't bother trying to cover up my digging, as I can't imagine anyone would see up here, so I climbed over the crater wall and slid down the side, without ending up on my face.

Being mindful that I'd just lit up the sky with the camera flash, I didn't hang around at the muckpad and headed away from there along the back of the field. It was a quick walk back to the place where I had stashed my bike and taking my watch out of my pocket, it showed the time was a little before 1:20am. I had spent a fair time there. Pausing to take in my surrounding, before I headed on to the road, I could see the earlier clouds had cleared and it was certainly was a clear and bright starry night. The ride home should be less than a half an hour and with some time scrubbing in the bath and shower, I should get to bed for around 3am. So much for an earlier night out. The ride home was nice and quiet, but it was certainly a bit of a slog after another late night out. Least I was now nice and warm.

While I've checked out plenty of heaps that didn't deliver much in the way of good muck, this one certainly did deliver! I guess you never know what you might find in a field near you...


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