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A muddy discovery

Tonight I found an amazing mud spot. a place to clean up after as well so it was perfect! I had a decent secluded spot so I slipped into my wetsuit and pulled don my rubber riding boots and finally the arm length heavy rubber gloves.
Making my way to the muddy spot I though it looked so good! I trod carefully onto the first part! That was when I got a shock! I was instantly thigh deep! It was so deep and wet! I carefully lowered myself into the muck and began rolling round in it. All the time being carefull not to go too deep as it was I could tell seriously deep and being on my own didnt want to risk it. By now I was absolutely rock hard and all I could do was rub my muddy rubber gloves hands all over my muddy self. I was absolutely caked from neck down in thick black mud. I managed to get onto former ground and removed my boots reaching ove into the muck. I grabbed handfuls of mud and started fill ny riding boots to the brim with it. Carefully I plunged my feet into the boots. Mud pouring down the sides and squelching away. I lowered myself back into the muck again. Rolling onto my front I was able to get a spot int he mud which was just firm enough on the edge but still soft which I was thrusting away into. I could feel my cock about explode and when it did I was in absolute heaven. I had managed to get mud all over my head and face in the process and I was completely plastered but happy! Luckily being so close a massive pond I was able to wash down dry myself and had back to the car very happy and smiling away! I'll be back next time but in my rescue drysuit and gas mask to really get in the mud. Definitely would be good for some company on the next visit!

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