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I owe you...

an Explanation.

First and foremost, I was utterly frustrated as I tried to delete a couple of Pictures that had some slight... well, let's say they weren't that sharp and totally unsightly. I tried to delete them, but somehow it didn't work. That futile try was in octobre last year, I only saw one way to get rid of those Pictures... deleting my whole account. Oddly that worked, but it also excluded me to participation.

I got a new PC recently, oddly now even the Batch upload works smooth - so probably it wasn't an issue with the Website that caused the Trouble and Frustration but my older PC... well, who could have known.

Since the new PC is working quite smoothly, I will try to upload some of my Pictures and Videos Piece by Piece - a lot of them will just get their you-tube link. I'll try to only get those with my face on them publizised here only.

I am a bit more active now too, having been mudding for some days already. And I have again fun in doing so... some deep sinks are already planned, some in the estuary, some in the bog, I also have found a Buddy with Access to farmyards and who also knows some People with prominent Videos online too, so it's quite possible that I might appear featured in other People Videos too.

I also have a new cam... my old one has a lot of issues, I still use it, but only because it now can be slopped up without a lot of remorse... The new cam will come to Action only if my Buddy is with me, to make Videos and Pictures... or I make Pictures of my mate.

Recently I also made contact to some local buds, I never thought there were more than just the three of us around here, but there are much more...

So yeah, I am actually quite sloppy with posting at the Moment, because I want to have more contact to the other guys around too...

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