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Ever had that happen to you? Discrimination

Hi Folks,

I wonder if you had over the years had the same happen to you? It's now almost a year since the last incident happened on any site I regulary visit. But still it shakes me a bit, not that I am scared, more enraged by what transpired.

Most of you know I am a German guy, who is into Deep mudding, and Messing up gear, so this site wasn't the real issue, or causing Problems, but since I didn't know how react propperly I did something Pretty stupid, and came to realize since then - how stupid it really was. Instead of Fighting back against People who would try to ruin my fun (and the fun of everyone else on our different sites), I decided to give in to an Impulse of Frustration, Anger and Wrath. I deleted all my Videos, Pictures and stories I wrote, and actually thought there would be some Backlash against those who not only offended me, but the majority of the whole Muddy Scene. Yes Pretty stupid for a guy 50 years old and also Pretty manipulative. I couldn't talk About it for quite some time, firstly out of shame (getting insulted in the way some of us were did this to me) and embarassment (my own fault, I was the one overreacting, though I was warned by good Friends) I needed a lot of time getting clear with the issues.

Now I wonder, how many of you have been discriminated. Not just those Things commonly were considered discrimination (a pal was discriminated because he was overweight) but also discrimiation that is less obvious like naked mudder vs the Geared Folks, or Waders and Chestwaders vs the Deep Sinkers who love to mess up their gear thoroughly, Manure vs pure mudders (I actually use both, and I like both equally well, but I had Friends who shied away from slurry and manure - but they at least didn't yell bloody hell).

Over the past years I had to take note of differences, for example that most of us are Pretty open minded, and mix Pretty well, but that also there is a Pretty verbose minority that exclusively Singles out geared mudders, becomes offensive and argumentative, if their Special kink isn't followed by all those People who create stuff, and of Course become insulting, if their act is uncovered. I am co-admin on a page that caters to the Deep sinking stuff, including the Things that still appear to be a Pretty big sub-culture (yeah, you guess it, actually there are a lot of People who like to sink in slurry and manure) and I actually had to remove two persons, who did a lot of offensive stuff, and who also caused celebrated members to remove their stuff. This Damage now is mostly repaired, it took time, and it took some Pretty strong decissions, like banning People from the Network.

Anyway, Long Story short, how many of you were discriminated in one way or another over the past? If you had such experiences I would love to hear your Story, and how you resolved it.


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