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Mud Play

Guys playing in the mud

Down to the shoulders

A video from a few months ago. Didn't plan to film, so I improvised with my phone.The YouTube editor doesn't seem to work as I would like, but well, I still went with its editing.Hope you enjoy.

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Muddy in blue mx gear

This was a nice muddy brook side mud, but the water was a bit too cold to clean yourself. So I had to walk all muddy to my car and a had a nice chat with a local farmer. No comment about my condition though. May be motocross guys are supposed to be dirty.

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Muddy in red mx gear

I like motocross gear even clean, but muddy it's really something, I think. I loaded this in youtube, but their admin may find it too much. There in my channel is some more muddy, messy and pissed vidoes in various gear.

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New toy

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Carabinieri riding boots

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Moto Police

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Wader suit in mud

Last Sunday was a really rainy day. During an earlier walk I found this muddy spot, and this was the perfect day to go there in my Ocean wader suit and have some fun. I'm not super happy with how the video ended up, but it was difficult to use my camera with both rain and mud. A good reason to start looking for a waterproof camera ;) I did some rolling around in the mud after this video, but couldn't really get any decent footage of that. Maybe next time.

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Floundering in bottomless clay

The mud got thicker deeper and stickier but never solid....

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Kieswerk Gotha - ideal mudplace for videos.

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Hunters and army pants 2

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