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mud fun tnite

had a rare free night, so planned to get muddy, drove to car park, bike out back of car, cycled out to my spot, in my gear , pvc boiler suit and green thigh waders with trackies and hoodies over top , got to spot, just dark, took hoody and trackies off, hood up and off i went exploring . found perfect spot, little gully with clay like mud ,walked back n forth n churned it up was calf hight,  stomped about abit till it was liquid mud then dropped to knees , all this aboyt 100ft from a road! but in gully so unseen

  rolled about, slipping sliding, standing up, then falling on purpouse, then sat on bum legs in front n moved them about then i took a wader off and half filled with mud n put it back on ,spewed out everywere!

 then i got on all 4s, and let go the biggest longest piss ive had i ages, filled inside of suit and run into mud filled waders, what a lovely warm feeling|  by this time i was coverd head to toe apart from face, waders full, suit heavy, i then rolled about again then lay on my back, bit mound of mud in my crotch and rubbed myself thru my suit to orgasm, near screamed!sunk into mud looking at stars cumming outdoors!!

   i got up, coverd in mud waders full back to my bag, stripped suit n waders off and tshirt, put spare wellies on, new tshirt, and hoody and trackies on over, then put my suit n gear into bin bag, got bag n gear together n cycled off to river, emptyed bin bag n rinsed gear off, into back pack, cycled to car, drove home very happy and satisfied, long over due that mud fun!

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