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Etiquette at muddy locations

So I visited a popular spot today, and around the edge laid some biker gear (obviously has 'been in') ditto a wetsuit, numerous drinks bottles half full of water - of the type people bring to wash off with - as well as some abandoned wellies with duck tape around them that matched some duck taped leggings. Just that - no lorry tyres or any of the usual other shit that gets washed up. Just things I'd immediately associate with mudders.

Now, I don't know if these were left by anyone on here - and it's arguable that they could just have been washed up from the other side of the world - but FFS can we please make an effort to not give the mudding community a bad name! Take a look on social media and see the many images of sea creatures who've died, normally with plastic or other rubbish strangling them. Many of the places we visit are next to nature reserves or other 'sensitive' places where the wrong kind of attention could wreck it for everyone. 
End of rant. My visit was fun, BTW.